Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Europe: Switzerland Day 2 Part 2

Since that I have reached up here, it needs no further introduction. Let the pictures speak by themselves.

Welcome to Jungfraujoch - top of Europe! Woot!

Though it may seem sunny out there, it was actually cold. I mean, snow? Of course. I miss this feeling so so much.

When you're too cold, just get your ass into the building. After warming up, then get out again, play with the snow, look at the clouds, whatever.

Ah took a picture with Großvater (grandfather) or informal, it's opa. Hehe.

This is where I have entered Eispalast. It means ice palace. All the sculptures include vaulted rooms, animals, penguins, birds, people, furniture and a bar. A place for tourists to look at in addition to the mountain.


Yeah!! The Swiss flag! Weee! Before the introduction of the Swiss flag, the people were using cantons flag. General Guillaume Henri Dufour founded this flag. The old cross symbol and colors of the Swiss flag refers to the canton Schwyz in the heart of the conservative central Switzerland. That was when they finally have a national identity. In fact, this is quite a conservative country in comparison with many other developed countries.

That's the Luzern train! OMG I miss Luzern so much, like so so much!

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