Thursday, February 12, 2015

Europe: Amsterdam Part 1

After bidding goodbye to Deutschland, we say hello to Amsterdam. This is one of the most confusing country. So yeah, as what we have always known, Netherlands is Holland and vice versa right? In fact, it isn't. It's not the same thing. As a summary, the whole country is called the Netherlands, the people are Dutch, there is actually no such thing as the country Holland, instead there are provinces of North and South Holland. I hope that makes sense. The language is Dutch, which is similar to German or Deutsh. People are often confused with that. In fact, there are words that they share, or similar to each other. For instance, Goedemorgen in Dutch and Guten Morgen in German, means Good Morning in English. So, I believe the Dutch can understand the Germans, somehow and vice versa.

This is where the windmill was born. Eons ago, it was used to mill grain, pump water or both.

This is the land of cycling too. People there love cycling. I should live there!

When we talk about Netherlands, it is associated with clogs. Clogs are used to protect the feet from the heavy labor during the olden days. Now, it has diversified. These days, are used for tap dancing! haha. We used to wear this in the bathroom! I remember :D

That's how it is produced. In has been generations that the clogs are made here. Now, they have machines to expedite the process! But still, clogs are made from scratch here. OMG!

It comes in all shapes, sizes and colors! Oh some people use it for weddings too!

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