Thursday, February 5, 2015

Europe: Rhein Valley Day 1 Part 2

We finally got up to the cruise. Feel the wind. Just feel it. You should feel the chill down your spine. You can't get it in a tropical country.

This is what tourists like doing, to go on a river cruise. You get to see many things along the river. You don't need to walk, just sit and see, and enjoy the breeze and of course, snap pictures.

On the cruise, beverages are sold there, both alcohol and non-alcohol. Announcements will be made when you are able to purchase it. They can't be selling it to you just 5 minutes before we stop, right?

I will believe that this cruise will be no different from other cruises. A standard cruise lasts about 45 minutes.

We departed from Burgenfahrt to Ruedesheim. Earliest leaves at 10:30 AM and the latest at 5:15 PM.  Tickets priced at 18 EUR for adults and 8 EUR for children. Children's age differs from one place to another. So, please check.

That's the ladies haha

Well, the wind was blowing away and it got chilly, the sun was going down, and I was feeling cold. Yet, I didn't wanna go down. How often do I get this, right?

Many European countries' architectures are influenced by Romans, Gothics and many others. For all the different ages and eras, you can see how the buildings are designed. This I think it's Gothic? Usually, it isn't just one influence, but many had come and go and it shows in the buildings. Like footsteps.

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