Friday, February 6, 2015

Europe: Rhein Valley Day 1 Part 3

So, it was a continuation. Right after the cruise, we were brought to this shop. Just 10 minutes walk and we arrived at this small town area there along the river.

What else? Hehe. It's the wine tasting time! And, the next question is, what wine is Germany known for? It's the Riesling of course. Though as a whole, that's what Germany is known for, but the Rhine Valley called Rheingau, is very distinctive for its quality and this is where the German fine reds are produced here.

The different types of wine available at the shelf. They actually ship wines worldwide. Maybe not worldwide as per se, but many countries. They ship to USA/Canada, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Norway, and Switzerland. Of course with a charge. Nothing comes free.

That's the town area. Many shops are available, at least enough to get the days by. If you turn right at the junction, it will lead you to something called Klettersteig. It is like some ropes and you climb through a fixed route. Just like mountain climbing, with a slightly different concept.

Visiting other countries which put dogs as their family members! How cool is that? The furry friends. Generally, dogs in Germany behave very very well. These can be shown by the owners bringing their pet dogs to almost everywhere like the bookstores, department stores, trains and etc. Ah, this dog's name is Gina. She's so so adorable and lovable!

Then, the group picture after dinner.

That night, we stayed at Rheinlust. It's a very nice place if you are in Rhein Valley. 10 minutes away from the shops and you can see the nice view, out from your hotel room. Sunset, sunrise. Incredible!

That's the end of our Germany trip! So we say, Auf wiedersehen Deutshland!

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