Thursday, February 5, 2015

Green-eyed Granny

I wonder, why is my life so dramatic. It's not only these days, but it has always been very dramatic. It's not only drama, but I think I am a weirdo magnet too. I have always been teased with that. Sighs. Why, tell me why.

I was at a wedding few months ago, and with just that few hours we were there, so many things happened. I am very sure I didn't do anything. Or, is my existence so powerful? Haha. How could it be, right?

The moment the trio arrived at the table, we were starred and glared, from up to down and down to up. That look at that pair of eyes were so irritating that you feel like slapping that specimen. It has been such a long long time I've not felt that way. We were innocent saying hi to the people we have not seen in awhile. It's only normal that you say hi to people you have not been keeping in touch often. As a friend, as a girl friend, as a whatever you wanna be, stay out, you ass.

Just because you are supposed to be someone's girlfriend, it doesn't serve you a right to stare at us. Remember granny, jealousy kills every relationship. You can freaking bang your head there til it bleeds non stop. You moron. Who cares even if you are the girlfriend. Continue being that and you will be ditched. I'm sorry but, we have known each other for 7.5 years. Granny, wake up. We don't care if you sulk the whole night. It only makes you unhappy and we will still laugh away. Hehe.

Beneath a happy wedding that has 2 hearts united as one, is a very dramatic dinner table. Haha.

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