Thursday, March 5, 2015

Drama Loves Me

I was out with the #kws last month during CNY. It was the first this year, and it has been quite awhile we haven't stayed out that late. It wasn't really late, just 2AM maybe?

By the time we finished both the movies, it was already 12 ish 1 and we haven't had our dinner.

What made me mad was the fact that when we were in the midst of wefie, one stupid damn idiot came from afar wanting to take our pictures. C'mon! What a disgrace and despicable thing to do. Taking people's picture without their consent? It's a crime if you think about it. Taking one's property is stealing which is a crime. ASK first before doing it. It's not like I'm gonna say yes to any of that. But, be a man, be a human to be upfront of whatever you wanna do.

Then, we headed to McD. This was interesting. We sat, we ate, we talked. Typical. This older looking woman, or in another term, we call her ahjumma (aunty), sat at the next table. As we were laughing and talking, I noticed like there was someone starring and glaring at us. You just can't explain but you know that feeling. When I looked at her, she started scolding us. For obvious reason, we were speaking in English. But, she said that in Chinese. "I know you are talking about me. Don't pretend. Even if you speak in English, don't think that I don't know. If you dare, speak in Chinese, why speak in English." And, she left. We were left blank. Since when we were talking about her, I just didn't know. Aunty, this person here doesn't speak Chinese. Enough said.

My life is dramatic, I know that.

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