Tuesday, April 7, 2015

At That Age

Those my age and not married yet, I am sure many of them are already worried. "Oh no, I am already at that age, I must get married." What mentality is that?

But, why? I asked "isn't that too soon, and this is like Fast and Furious" told me "I am at that age." Omg, are we at the 20th century or what. I do feel that way.

Recently, someone, another one, told me that. "I am at that age." There are no other things to say apparently. So, you are speeding things up, and so conveniently someone appeared in front of you, and so, you jump in the bandwagon just because you are "at that age."

Initially, it was "no, I don't feel that way towards him" 1 week later, it was an opposite response. I do not wanna know. Then, the conversations are all about him thereafter. How boring. Oh my life, why is it surrounded by them.

Then, the talk about marriage. REALLY?! Okay, understood "at that age" totally got it. Please proceed and do not bother me. When being teased "very bad okay" HELLO?! What now? I'm bad? Humans like that, please leave me alone.

It's all about "that age." That's all I am hearing. Can we really know anyone in less than 6 months with very rare meetings. I wonder. It's all about "the age, that age, the age." OKay, I think I am getting irritated.

"I wanna have kids." I think I am the last person you wanna talk to about that. Okay fine "please get married because you are the age. Otherwise, I will feel burdened."

I know, this is not the only one. There are many out there who act that way, just because they have hit that age. So, if there's anyone out there, just anyone, good enough, okay time to talk about marriage. I find this whole stuff very creepy. They get so desperate, they get so whatever, they just get married to whoever. Are you sure? "He seems nice and I'm comfortable." OMG I FEEL LIKE DYING. Goodbye, go away.


Coupe said...

Marriage is merely a tax scheme. It was designed to employ lawyers and judges from all the universities who got a 2.0 GPA, and who would otherwise be a burden to society.

Find love, shack-up, and throw the bum out when he/she stops bathing.

Panda said...

Hahaa a tax scheme