Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Do Not Wheedle

There are times that you can sympathize on others, and there are times you shouldn't.

It's not to be mean, but this is just to avoid unnecessary dramas. I always believe that if you are sick, always go to the doctor, instead of going over to people wheedling for whatever reason. A grown up should act as a grown up. It's not like others are able to cure you. A doctor is there for a reason.

I am the worst person you should be going to if you're sick, because I am just going to ignore you.

If, you're always being sick, it means one - you're not taking care of yourself. If you know you fall sick easily, then you should be taking extra precautions and not things for granted. Our body is projected differently and some are stronger than the others, some are healthier than the others. If you're born weak, then you should be avoiding a lot of unhealthy stuff and take more nutrients. Avoid alcohol and nicotine and whatever that doesn't benefit your health.

Honestly, week in, week out, it's annoying to get a message / someone goes to you to say, headache today, sinus tomorrow, tonsils the next day, followed by migraine, back pain, leg pain, whatever pain and etc. If you're so sick, it means you're living the wrong way. Stop acting and exaggerating everything. I've been there, I know it. Either that, you are that sick, then do something and stop going to people that cannot cure you.

Maybe, I should be sending the same kind to these people. Then, they know how it feels like. But to me, I wouldn't bother even if you're sick, really. Stop the dramas and live the proper way. You're not a kid.

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