Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Europe: Brugge

This was our last stop, before heading back to London. Which means that it's the end of our Europe Tour.

Brugge is known as "the Venice of the north" as it's one of the canal based cities apart from the earlier city we visited, Amsterdam.

When you look at the buildings and houses, they are mostly medieval architecture based. In fact, that's what you can see around Europe. I am a fan of those buildings. Or at least, this part of Europe.

This is called the Markt. It means Market Square. Previously, cars were allowed to park here causing traffic. Now, people can walk freely, and celebration-friendly and of course, for dogs! The sky is so blue!

Basilica of the Holy Blood is a small scale Roman Catholic church and it has a gothic style appearance. 

The Belfry of Brugge. The bells there announce the time, social events, fire alarms and etc. It had gone through some hardships under the fire, and it was rebuilt and renovated a couple of times.

Time to walk back to the bus, 15 minutes away

Calm and collected stream.

The canal. For the last time.


This had come to an end, of my Europe trip. I will always miss Europe. I love Europe. I do. Europe is my kind of place I wanna go again. Though it's a boring lifestyle, but I love it.

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