Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Inconsiderate, tactless neighbor

Some of us are lucky enough to have nice neighbors, or non-existent neighbors. Both are in the same category, they don't bother about you, and life is all good.

If, you have a very inconsiderate, tactless, selfish and self-centered neighbor, there's nothing you can do too. It's very unfortunate of me that I have that kind of neighbor. The whole family, act exactly the same. Rich doesn't mean anything to me. If you have the money, you gotta show it by being courteous, and most importantly, common sense.

Just because you have a freaking auto gate, does that mean that everyone have to tolerate your brainless act? Perhaps, he had forgotten that nobody owes them. Once, I thought he had a pea brain. Now, I am so convinced they are all brainless. Considering that the 2 lanes we have are small and narrow enough, he had to freaking park half of it.

I'm sure they are thoughtless, and maybe, you're going to say it's okay, once or twice is fine. He, or they had been doing that for as long as I know. It's very difficult if your neighbor is a moron and raised an idiotic family.

I really wonder, where have they been that they are so feeble-minded? Bollocks. It's a waste of time trying to tell them stuff like that. I just wish the whole family disappear from my life. I have been suffering for more than a decade. Calling them tosh is just an understatement. Once a wanker, always a wanker.

When someone is educated, we look into all these qualities. Without all of that, you are considered uneducated.

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