Friday, April 17, 2015

UK: Edinburgh Day 1 Part 1

The next stop from York was Edinburgh. As we hear, it's one of the most difficult accents around. We were there for a few days, it was easy enough to get through. I believe it's as long as they don't use slangs, it's fine? haha.

This is the sign that we have reached the border of England Scotland. Look at those sheeps. They are so cute! Oh this is called the Hadrian's Wall I think. The weather was so cold I couldn't go down to take the picture of the border that reads "Scotland." It was freezing, during summer. Haha.

This is Jedburgh. It's a court setup and the more troublesome and lower classes were executed without trials. Damn! Classes exist eons ago and until today, it's being practiced. Sadly.

This is it, Edinburgh! It's the Grassmarket. This is where public execution was held. One of the popular story that was told was about a lady Margaret Dickson, who was hanged here for murdering her illegitimate baby right after birth. How bizarre, she didn't die. They couldn't punish her a second time as the law did not pass as "hang until dead." The law changed with an additional word "until dead" and she was nicknamed half-hangit Maggie and there's even a pub named after her. Oh not to forget, the last man that was hanged here was a man called James Andrews on February 4th, 1784 for a robbery. If only robbery has that punishment today, things wouldn't be as how it is now.

Who don't know the sequels of Harry Potter? J.K. Rowling actually got inspired here at this small quiet cafe and wrote all her books here.

This is a very inspiring and touching story of a Skye Terrier, Bobby Greyfriars, who sat at his masters' grave for 14 long years! Can you imagine that? The loyalty of a dog is priceless!

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