Monday, April 20, 2015

UK: Edinburgh Day 2 Part 1

We were given a free and easy day in Edinburgh the next day to explore ourselves. Since it's a free day, we slept in a bit more, rather than getting up at 6 or 7. We need a rest, or at least me haha.

It's a Victorian style gothic, named Scott Monument, after the author Sir Scott Walter. There's a statue of him inside the monument. You will be able to see a panorama view from the monument itself.

The church of Scotland. Oh the blue sky. Something I really love seeing.

Finally, we arrived here, the Edinburgh Castle! It is built on a volcanic rock and it dominates the skyline of this city.

The popular highland dress! It's so different from other countries. I am always very amused by their traditional outfit. The designs are characterized by tartan.

This is very British, the telephone booth!

The view of Edinburgh from the Castle of Edinburgh

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