Monday, April 13, 2015

UK: York

It was just a little a half day self-tour in Cambridge and we headed over to York.

Depending on which way you take, by average, I guess it's about 3 hours, a little over or a little lesser. I was sleeping, so ... haha.

This is Micklegate. It means great street. Apparently, this place is famous for the clubs and bars.

Apart from Micklegate, I guess this is the other attraction that York has. It's York Minster, instead of West Minster in London. As one can probably tell, it's a cathedral and it's one of the largest of its kind in Nothern Europe. All these cathedrals usually have bells, clock chimes and an organ. 

Then, there it is Constantine the Great, proclaimed the Roman Emperor.

His recognition of the civil liberties of his Christian subjects, and his own conversion to the faith, established the religious foundations of Western Christendom. As a summary, he is a figure in history of Christianity.

This is an old street here in York, called The Shambles. It has over-hanging timber-framed buildings. This street is like open-air slaughterhouse in the past.

From Micklegate's wall, I took this picture of the railway station. Standing up high, taking the small town.

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