Sunday, May 10, 2015

Being rude is a crime, learn to say "Hello"

The longer I live, the worse people are. More uneducated and uncivilized they become. It come to a point there's no more humanity.

I have encountered this many years ago, probably 11 - 12 years ago. Certain things don't change. I was so irritated back then, and if the same happens now, I will just be the same, an equal irritation, if not worse.

There are some things that you don't have to be told. It's human's basic manners. If you hang out with that person, regardless how close you are with each other, you cannot leave being courteous aside.

Back then, it was a female, came to the car, sat like a queen, without a word of greeting. She does not know that I am not ali (driver). haha. I did what I do best.

Fast forward, same stuff happened. This time, a guy, came to the car, and didn't greet, not a word. Well, despite doing them a favor, it's only common you say hi. I am not expecting like a formal greeting, but hey, hi, what's up, is that so difficult to do?

The difference now and then is ... I got more pissed now. Why? Being 30s and not know etiquette? I do not tolerate, considering I am doing a favor already, not asking anything in return. The other difference now is, I had to teach this person what basic manners is. OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS DUDE? I gave him 5 secs, and he didn't say a word. Automatically, I exploded. HELLO ARE YOU DUMB? Therefore, I told him that when you enter someone's car, it's only polite and courteous that you greet that person that pick you up and do not be rude by just sitting like as if that person owes you. What I got as a reply? A sarcastic hello. I was on the verge of throwing him out from my car. But, patience pays off, right? I was brought up to be kind and nice. The reason I held on.

Then, thinking, he learned and it is instilled in his damn brain. Apparently, I was wrong. He came in the second time, and it was well forgotten. I swore by myself that it was the last time I was picking him up. There's no more a next time. Why? I had to be cool like that. Haha. 

Do you expect to be taught manners at this darn age? Hell no and in particular if you're older. Stop the crap and start learning manners. It's way too late to start learning but late is better than never.

The people around him may not have an issue with this, but I am really very particular. He should even thank me for teaching him manners. Who in the world would actually teach him, an older person manners? Ass.

Wait! Send yourself back to school please.

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