Thursday, May 28, 2015

Late and forever late

I'm not sure if people are thoughtless these days, or they are just lack of senses.

Sure, humans make mistakes. I just don't get it because only people from here make this mistake. This in particular, being punctual.

There are people, that few individuals, and it's always them that are late. Late, late, late and late. It comes to the point where I don't know if I should brush if off or to really address the issue. Again, it's not that I have not. I have done so many times over the last 10 years. What else can I do? Nothing I know. What can I change? I know there is, which is, screw them and tell them that they should just stay where they are and not make it a point to meet up, ever again. That irritates me so much.

I'm not sure if it has something to do with my trainings, my upbringing or other misc stuff. Apparently, I am one in the circle that behaves this way, that highlights punctuality to the max. I must reiterate this, I despise people being late. SO MUCH. I don't get it too, why can't people be on time.

After being late, they have a million excuses why they're late. Traffic jam, dunno whose car breaks down, buy breakfast for someone, this, that and whatever. I mean common, I am not born yesterday. I do not accept stupid reason like that. So, they blame everything out there that can be blamed. Again, do I accept it? Obviously not. You can tell me your neighbor's insurance agent's uncle's far distant relative and what other ancestor stories. I don't buy it, and in particular if I know you long enough, I will jot every single thing down, in my brain. AND .... I remember it. I must say, when it comes to stuff like that, I have BRILLIANT memory.

Then, with them already being late, they don't inform. My lifespan is getting shorter each day. Since when that being late for one hour is acceptable, that it's okay, that people can just let it go because I can't. There's a limit in everything. If you do it all the freaking time, or at most times, please, just shut up. The moment you open your mouth, you seem even more stupid than you already are. Stop explaining, stop blaming. Just admit, and move on.

I am not someone that is patient enough to be waiting for you an entire day and yet still smile to you. Not over my dead body, really.

My plan now is, after 2 months, I will probably dismiss it and tell you, stay out of the way, do whatever you want because I do not need you to be here. I have my time meant for people who respect time, and not those who don't like you.

It's such an easy thing, yet so difficult for some. Or probably impossible. One thing I've learnt, no matter how close you are to me, if you are not punctual, prepare yourself. It might not happen this year, but I'm sure going to put it as the NY's resolution end of this year.

I do not wanna be a broken recorder, to tell people simple stuff like that. You don't even need people telling you common sense like this. So, if you think you're busy, so am I. Just because I know how to juggle my time, that doesn't make you taking advantage of my precious time. Thank you for reading.

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