Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Learn to zip

We have met different people from different background throughout our entire lives. There are people who are there for some time, some not, and some are just there.

There are people whom you really wish from the bottom of the heart to stop talking so much, or stop talking altogether. It's impossible as a third party to stop what they say, when they talk, and what bull shit that comes out.

For some reason, they can really talk from the time they open their eyes to the time they close their eyes. I am not sure if I am amused with them, or I am so disgusted with it. Why don't they be teachers then, right? They can talk all day long and the students wouldn't stop you. According to a survey done, a woman speaks about 20,000 words a day. I believe I do not have 20,000. A guy I know, I strongly believe, he has 40,000 words at least. He talks that much that it comes to a point everyone is so irritated.

If you love listening to crappy stuff, maybe he's the perfect person. I do not know why do I deal with these kind in my life. It may not be a daily basis kinda thing, but it's frustrating. It's like an allergy. Like, ewwww.

God, help me. My tolerance cannot go any deeper. It's so bad for my blood pressure. Oh my lifespan. What I cannot take it is, people who love bragging though they are bad with it. Please. How can someone be like that? WHY?! And, I just have to meet them. WHY!

You will realize there are certain things you don't change, whether you're much younger, or you got older. This, is something I have not changed over the years. Tolerance towards people who brag has a tolerance of 0.001 out of 10. I am taught to be humble and I still live with that til today.

Learn to shut up maybe. Yucks.

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