Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Eyes

People hate others for no apparent reason. At times, they don't reflect their own actions if the blame is on oneself.

What I really mean is, the word, hate. There's a fine line between hate and dislike if one can't differentiate.

Of course, we as humans, we can't please everyone. The same goes to yourself, not everyone can please you. If you don't get along, move on, and be professional if it's work related. Otherwise, be courteous for social matters. At times, you hold grudge, vengeance and what not. Nobody is an angel or a saint. Considering the world is already cruel and stressful, by putting all these unnecessary stuff in, is that really worth the stress? I do understand that when you have many common friends, it's really difficult to break a friendship. If that needs to be done, then it just has to be done. It's not that I am breaking any of those friendship away anyway, this is just a justsaying statement.

Yeah, when people distance themselves from you, one two followed by three four, maybe, just maybe if you are humble enough, you should do some self-reflection on what have you done? Or what could you have done better in certain situations.

Glaring, staring, all of those are not needed. In particular, if you are doing so with the eyes full of hatred, nothing is going to change people's treatment on you. They are still going to continue distancing themselves. Hating people as easy as that? There's really nothing else I can really say except God bless you much. They know, how dangerous it is to talk to people like you. For me personally, I cannot talk to anyone I cannot trust.

As they say, the eyes are one of the utmost sense of a person's body as it reflects his soul. I can see his soul, that's full of hatred and bitterness. For sure, I am nobody to say anything. Having lived for more than 3 decades and still being so bitter on everyone, like, really? Does he need to be admitted to a rehab center? Haha.

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