Monday, May 4, 2015

Truth to be told

I was just browsing through websites and articles and I found this, the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I think it affects many people.

Though it may seem like a social and cultural problem, it's still a mental disorder. Self-love is important, but having it til the extent of NPD is too extreme.

We need to face reality, but those with NPD overestimates their own capabilities and has excessive needs for affirmation as well as admiration. They are self-absorbed, self-centered, vain, selfish and everything is about them.

Probably, they are just an insecure bunch of people deep down. Look at the people around you, whether they are your friends or not. I am sure there are names that automatically pop into your head, or at least one. I know I have.

It's tiring and draining to have people like that. Like, why so self-absorbed? Even people are just being friendly on a surface level, they tend to think that everyone is in love with him/her. Really?! Honestly, there are many people out there who are better in every aspect, so why would people choose you, right? Think it logically. But again, they will think they are all that great, and on top of the world from physical attributes to their whatever it is.

Humans are generally nice and kind. Even though you are really ugly, you will be told you looked nice.  When you look lame, people will say you look great. I'm not sure if they are just trying to be polite, or they are trying not to hurt you with the truth. Either one, I guess a person with NPD should be happy having people as such around them. Likewise, you think you looked really cool or good looking, which of course not, they wouldn't tell you.  Or, you think that you are really good in whatever shit stuff when you're not, people don't really wanna break the honesty with you too. It's not a complaint, I am just impressed.

I pity them. At the same time, I cannot be the same as the others. I cannot lie to you, I cannot lie to myself as it's against my conscience. I need the truth to be out if I am being asked. When you're caught in that situation, all your human nature wears off. You will no longer pity them. You will feel really frustrated with them, their attitude, behavior and all that comes with them. Annoying, yes. Ignore? Please. Leave me alone, out of my sight if one is able. I beg you. Haha.

P/S: Do not try too hard to fit in, we are not in high school.

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