Monday, May 25, 2015

UK: Cardiff, Wales

Tadaa.... after the last stop, we went quite a distance away to Wales.

Wales, that's wheree Ryan Giggs is from. Voila. Like the football team. haha.

If I am not mistaken, this is Caerphilly Castle, located in the South of Wales, and surrounded by 7 surrounding hills.

Finally, we have arrived to Cardiff. It's the capital and the largest city of Wales. Cardiff is where the major football matches are being held. Damn!

We went to this mall and it was dead. Shops close early over there, unlike Asia.

This is ... Ebenezer Chapel, located at Charles Street. What else does it do? Worship and pray.

I can't believe that it's so peaceful, or did I go at the wrong time? I guess, it's the population. A reported of 350,000 in 2014.

We ended up at the bar, which played live band. It was good. We left early of course.

We need to prepare for an early departure the next day, and I will believe that we are departing back to London the next day.

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