Monday, May 18, 2015

UK: Liverpool & The Birthplace of William Shakespeare

That was it, a night in Liverpool and we left the next day. It was a very quick stop. Well, there's nothing much to do there anyway. Before we left, we did a bit of a bus tour before we leave the city.

This is Radio City in Liverpool, an independent local radio station tuning at 96.7 FM and the first song they played here was Stevie Wonder's You Are The Sunshine Of My Life.

Then, to St George's Hall where they act as concert halls and law courts too. In this hall, there's an organ here built in 1855.

Liverpool Cathedral is the Church of England Cathedral of Diocese of Liverpool and is the seat of Bishop of Liverpool. This Anglican Cathedral is one of the two in this city. The organ here is the largest pipe organ built.

Moving on next is to the house of John Lennon where he lived when he was 2 up til 22 with his aunt. This house has been conserved and was bought over by Yoko, his wife as a remembrance.

There's actually a little history in a lane called Penny Lane. If you don't know yet, check out the song by the Beatles. It's a song written by Paul McCartney credited to the partnership of McCartney-Lennon. It was a street name where both of name would meet and take a bus ride down town.

The next, we took a drive down to Stratford. This is your place if you are into literature. To be precise, William Shakespeare.

Welcome to the world of the man who wrote 38 plays, William Shakespeare. That's where he lived and even until he got married.

I'm sure we somehow have come across his works. I did, back in school and just not sure how to appreciate literature back then. Perhaps, I got better now, still not very much though. His house is actually now opened to public like a museum, with an entrance fee. Look into the life of the man behind all those plays and books.

The design of the houses are so familiar, just like what I see in Genting. haha.

 As we walked further away, we got to Stratford upon avon, with beautiful lake and swans.

That's where I got tricked. I thought they were really caught in this position for the longest time, and then I was told, it's a chair he's sitting on, but we don't see it as it's in his pants. I'm that noob tourist, haha.

Tadaaa, it is almost time for our coach to arrive. Let's pose while we waited for Andy.

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