Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Socially Awkward

There are socially awkward people around. Or even, ourselves, are sometimes caught in this situation too.

Generally, if majority of the time, one feels that way, then most probably they are. I don't know how they feel, or should I say, if people see you as one, and majority of them do, then most probably you are. Some are more serious, and some not so.

We tend to get awkward in some social settings, but that doesn't mean you are a socially awkward person in general terms. Maybe, it's just for that. But, if you are consistently feeling that way all the time, then it's time to get yourself checked.

I have come across one, that I am very much convinced he falls into this category. He comes out as having a weird behavior.

I find this person so weird. With the same type of conversation, one is socially awkward and one is not, it's so difficult to carry on a conversation with the socially awkward person. It's really very difficult, to not get annoyed. Maybe, it's his ways of talking or having a conversation but it's not something acceptable to me.

This person would ask me a question, after he has the response, he will go on and on about explaining the answer you gave. Really, what's the point? Then, why not, ask the question, answer it on behalf, and then explain it too in 10 or 30 minutes. It leaves that other party speechless. The outcome? They probably will just wanna walk out.

Maybe, they should know how to structure their sentences, the questions to ask, so basically the topic of conversations. There's no conversation flow, and it's certain it doesn't flow naturally at all.

If someone tells you that they don't have time to text you or reply you and they only reply important messages, that is sufficient to know the person doesn't want to be communicating with you any longer. If that person seldom responds to your text messages and all are 1-2 worded replies, what does it say? What took you so long? Most importantly, there's no connection. For a normal person, they would have stopped and left. Sometimes, it's entertaining, yet irritating.

First of all, they should know and understand social norms. That's the first. Maybe, self help books and guides may or may not be helpful. I don't know. It's absurd. Take that one step forward, to understand.

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