Thursday, June 25, 2015

UK: Bath & Stonehenge

After we left Cardiffthe day after,  we went to Bath and Stonehenge before crossing the English Channel.

That's the Red Crescent. Maybe, justice is not done through pictures.

This is Jane Austen's exhibition in a street called the Gay Street which she's an English romantic novelist and has the most widely read novels in English literature.

The town in Bath. Ignore that face.

Bath Abbey

Canal again

Then, it was another few hours drive over to Stonehenge. This is actually in the UNESCO World Heritage back in 1986. Even after having visited the monument, I don't see it why.

It's a monument in the middle of nowhere. It's a prehistoric monument. I don't get the whole idea of this. It was some solar, some sunrise, and when you stand at a certain spot, you see something. In conclusion, I don't get this whole thing. I don't know how to appreciate things like that. Give me the mountains anytime haha.

So, the distance of the entrance and where the Stonehenge actually is quite a distance away. You need to take this ride there.

In the end, I enjoyed seeing this more. Haha.

My Euro & UK trip has come to the end. We have gone back to Morden, London and just that few more days, I flew back to the reality, KL. It was a great trip, despite missing out to meet some I wanted to. There will be another chance, maybe not so soon, but there will be another time. It was amazing and what I like about traveling, it's the experience that comes with it.

I don't travel just because I wanna see things and all that, but the most important part? Really, it's that experience that cannot be bought. I love to see from the architecture of the buildings, to the people, and how people live and all that. Of course, the history of the place too. Not to forget, going back to the place I once was for studies, it was really great except, I didn't get to go to Luzern. It's too bad, but who knows, next time.

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