Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 2: Al-Hatta Desert, UAE

So, we are at Day 2 now. It starts with a drive to Al Hatta desert. That's about 1.5 hours drive away.

SP's friend was so nice. He drove us all the way from Al Zayeed street to the place. I mean, so damn nice right?

We couldn't find the place for quad biking. So, we did a pit stop and took pic with the camels first. Mind you, this was before the Mers outbreak. It was still fine back then.

I haven't done the ATV back home. Probably, similar. But, I enjoyed this, except it was too hot. I was burned.

And, SP's bike was hijacked. hahaa. We had to share haha.

So in a desert, these 4W get stuck in the sand and stuff like that, which is very common. They have this rope to pull you out from the sand and you are good to go. How nice.

With all the sweat and energy drained, it's time for our lunch. That's me of course having buffet, in Feast, Sheraton. One thing about Dubai is that, they have the same hotel, like Sheraton, a few of them in the same street. That's how good the hotel business is over there.

Even though I have taken buffet in different countries, this is a whole new level of buffet. It was SO good. There are so many nationalities working in the same hotel, it's amazing. With voucher, it costs 150 per person after buy 1 free 1. Otherwise, it's 300. I've never come across a buffet with alcohol. If opt for alcohol, it's about 400-500 for a brunch buffet and alcoholics can go for that. It's cheaper than drinking per glass outside.

The SPs. Haha. After this session, we had comatose hahaha.

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