Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 2: Global Village, Dubai

After the comatose, we got ready to get going again. It doesn't end just like that right.

We headed over to Global Village. A little bit about the place. It runs only during winter, from November to March. I was THAT lucky, managed to be there as that was the last few days before it closes for the season. It's a huge place, get ready for some walks. It displays a little bit of culture of every country and every nationality. It's a definite successful project to attract tourists and locals alike. Apart from that, there are fountains, performances both dancing and singing, and fireworks too.

The face after comatose. Jang jang jang! Oh and we took the shuttle bus from Union station and it's about 30 minutes travel time or more, depending on traffic. Another way, is from Al Ghubaiba station. I think we tried that first but couldn't find any bus station there. 

That's the first country at the entrance, took a picture with Habibi. Maximizing opportunity with the camels. Without a doubt, that's the homeland, UAE. They closed that early! Right after we reached, took pics, we saw them closing o.O

If I were to give a conclusion, Africa is the most interesting compared to the others. They were selling things that represent Africa, and there was a guy who dresses up in African's traditional costume taking pictures with tourists, along with African music.

Turkey was alright too. They were selling a lot of Turkish things as well as Turkish delights.

There comes my country, which is very disappointing. Whatever they were selling is not a Malaysian thing. They were selling clothes, phone casings? Mops? Oh except for the biscuits. Our country is so small that we had to combine with Singapore.

UK was not impressive either. They had only this backdrop. Other than that, there wasn't anything.

That's the dancing performance I mentioned earlier in the post. Yay!

We walked, walked and walked and still, we didn't cover every little corner. We were beat already.

If you have not taken any food, not to worry. There are so many food stalls around, and restaurants, you will not go hungry.

Oh and Egypt. The pavilion is nice, it is their famous pyramid.

Of course, there are many many more countries and it's not that I can include all in a post. But, these are the highlights. South-east-asians were just not accurate.

For 15 AED, I think it's worth a visit at least once. There are people who really love the place that they visit every single year. I guess, once is enough for me. It is open til 12AM on their normal weekdays (Saturday til Wednesday) and Thursday, Friday & Public holidays til 1AM.

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