Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 2: Huahin, Thailand

We had to go to bed early because we have to be up to catch the minivan to Huahin the next day.

We had to take BTS over to nearby Victory Monument from Ratchawitee Hospital. We felt that taking the minivan is the most convenient way. It's 200 THB to Huahin and no reservations needed. Unlike a bus, tickets have to be booked at the bus station beforehand and it costs 160 THB and it takes a longer time to arrive.

Generally, it's 2.5 hours to 3. Yeah I think it took us 3 hours. Knowing Bangkok and its rowdy traffic jam, so put in more time for that.

When we were told that it's a very long way from the place we were dropped off to the hotel we booked, we didn't believe them. We didn't. We thought, we can walk. We did, and it didn't seem like we were going to arrive, at all. Finally, we arrived at the hotel, drenched in sweat, and we collapsed from exhaustion and dehydration. That doesn't mean that we can stay long in the hotel room, we had to keep going to maximize the time we had.

That's the super hot burning weather. It's a surprise I didn't get home black.

We have all heard about Santorini Park in Greece. What do you do if you can't travel all the way to Greece? We go to the one in Thailand haha. It's really out of the way, far far away. So, we had to pay the cab fare and it's not cheap. Not at all. I can't remember how much and since we were already there, might as well right.

This is nice where it's shaded at this part. At least, we can breathe without the sun.

Ferris wheel again!

So, you wanna fly?

Playing with the monopod haha.

There were restaurants and cafes there too. We stopped by at this place that served desert. Yums.

It wasn't any fancy dinner but it was definitely a great one. Beer time! After the beer time, it's good to sleep. Sweet sweet dream. Hehe.

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