Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 3-5: Huahin & BKK, Thailand

We spent only a night in Huahin. Probably, if we were to be back, we should have stayed nearer to the beach, like way nearer. Apart from the beach, there's nothing.

Somehow, we were actually looking for lunch. As we walked blindly, we reached to this place, nearby the beach. Damn.

And, our lunch. Felt so good.

That was the view for lunch, and the sound of the waves.

It took us longer than expected to arrive back to Bangkok. As you know, Bangkok and its traffic condition comes hand in hand. It was 3 hour plus cramped in the minivan as it was full.

There, we went to Chatuchak the next day. The famous Chatuchak street. I honestly didn't really like it there, and I prefer the Platinum mall. Maybe, it's the heat that drove me crazy. Yes, the coconut jelly. That was refreshing. Favorite spot for tourists like us.

Since we were there, we called our friends out. Our used-to-be neighbor, Jojo and of course Am. It was 8 years ago since we all studied together. OMG. But, I have met Jojo once or twice before in between this in KL. Yeap, our Thai teacher. haha. It's sad that we couldn't meet the others. Maybe next time.

Then, this was our dinner on the last night. I guess? It was great! Street food haha. Had massage twice in these few days, then it's time to go home. There wasn't many pictures in BKK as it's all shopping. When it comes to shopping, the phone may take a rest.

That's in Don Muang airport in Bangkok. Not to forget, that was my airport fashion. hahaha.

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