Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 3: Dibba Musandam, Oman

We started Day 3 early. The plan was to go over to Dibba Musandam in Oman for a day cruise tour. More like boat tour. The journey over to Oman is about 5 hours drive. That's a hectic one. Since I didn't have enough sleep the night before, it's my opportunity to just sleep all the way. I couldn't even open my eyes.

We have reached Oman. It's a very quiet, peaceful area and you don't see anyone on the streets at all. I wonder where are all the humans.

 That's us, before getting down

Look at the boats! haha. The weather was good throughout the day.

Of course, you can jump down whenever you want for a swim. It's sooooo salty.

Then, we got into a small boat, we went to this small island here. The donkey is a really sad donkey. He's alone! He doesn't have any friends there :(

This is a proof I was there in Oman haha. We did try to fish and no result. I realized, I just can't do fishing. It's really not my thing haha.

We went for another boat ride, it was nice with the wind blowing us though those people with us were not nice at all. It doesn't harm to be nice. They took us around the area.

That's us. There were supposed to be other activities like kayaking, banana boat and stuff like that but all were canceled due to an accident that happened just days before that.

Yoohoo ... and the sun tells us it's time to go home.

That's the shore. Auction for fishes!

We then had our dinner, and we went home and ... fainted. There's no way we can do anything early the next day, it will be too exhausting. Back to work for those who are working. As for me, time to rest.

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