Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 5: Dubai, UAE

OMG. Time flies like rocket. Just a blink it's already Day 5. Noooooo~

Again, there are no plans. I figured out to stop by here, the Emirates Mall. It was really close by to SP's place.

This is so nice.

This is part of the Mall of Emirates with 22,500 square meters. Of course, this is man-made indoor ski. With the hot weather in the desert, this is the chance for you to experience the cold weather, and the snow.

Pricing depends on the packages you take. Being an amateur, there are trainers available. If you're a pro, then you can enjoy the 5 slopes of different steepness.

Hehe ... I just have to do this. Thank you, stranger!

In Dubai, the buildings are very interesting with various shapes and designs, unlike the typical shape of a building back home.

Another one

We went for Ladies Night and there is an overview of the Burj Khalifa and the night scene here. Or probably, when the sun slept. Splendid!

It's a nice view of the Financial Hub in Dubai

It starts at 7PM. We get 2 drinks per person. This was in Mint Leaf, all the way from London. Hooray! The cocktails selections were great!

That night when we went, they served Indian food. Imagine, you get this big portion and it's called finger food! Just do bar hopping and you will be bloated. You don't really need to sit down for a proper meal anymore. That's something good in Dubai for the ladies. It's free for ladies night.

We weren't there for too long, as we need to fill in our stomach with this. Uh .. the amount of food we had.
That's us! SP's kingdom. This, I have no idea where was this.

Walked and we headed to this nearby bar. I don't know what bar was this. Haha.

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