Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day 6: Al-Habab Desert Safari, UAE

Right. Procrastination kicks in. It's not a surprise. We were picked up by the driver late noon to go to the Al-Habab Desert Safari, quite a distance from our hotel. There were few other guys in the jeep.

Yeap, all the 4WD. That's the beginning of the dune bashing. It's an experience. A wonderful one. Something very different from other holidays. If there is a highlight of my Dubai trip, it's the dune bashing. The driver I must say, is damn skillful. Knocked my head few times, and I am still mentally okay.

Then, we stopped at wherever we were to take pictures.

You get 4WD stuck in the sand. It's very common. There's this rope in every of their 4WD to help the others. Awesomeness.

After we bash around, we arrived. Tadaaa. That's the Arabian night. Food were served. Had nice food. We did henna. Before the place was packed with tourists like us haha.

That's the camel. My first encounter with a camel. OMG SO CUTE!

There were dancing too! I don't know what's the first dance called. The guy were spinning spinning and spinning at the same spot for like half an hour. He must be really damn that fit. It's insane.

Then, there comes the belly dancing. Probably, I have seen better ones, so I am not that impressed. It's good, I enjoyed it, but not impressed. I watch the belly dancing girls from the other studio every year. Probably that's the reason.

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