Sunday, August 2, 2015

Day 6: JBR Beach, Dubai

I had a great sleep on Day 5. Day 6, there was no plan in the morning and tadaaa.... it was an impromptu again.

SK picked me from Internet City. Then, went to JBR Beach. Ever wonder why there's a beach in a desert? Haha, of course it's man-made.

It's Jumeirah Beach Residence or commonly known as JBR. I love the sand.

This is a very nicely developed place. They have restaurants, hotels, shopping mall, residents, cinema and etc built here. This is a very popular area for Al Fresco dining. On the night of weekends, it's a place where locals flash their sports cars!

It's not a big beach or anything like that. Just 1.7 KM long.

Oh my sunnies. Some may have seen the video or read the article about Starbucks spelling your name incorrectly. It's a way of marketing. This, is the most unique way they have ever written. Ever.

Then, it's time to get back to SP's place. SK dropped me at Internet City then it's about time to prepare for the desert safari tour! Yay!

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