Sunday, August 2, 2015

Edited Pictures

I've heard a story from a friend recently, whereby her friend has been active on Tinder, okc and the apps that are similar to that.

Let's get real. Those apps are very physical based. People don't look at your behavior, your attitude, your personality in the first glance. What they look at? Your picture, whatever you decide to show e.g. your face and etc.

Of course, you can photoshop your pictures to be an entirely different person. You can be the bomb in tinder or what not. To be the hot, gorgeous person there. But, how much can you hide? It's only so much.

Then, those guys started asking her out. This is a context of a girl. She found it weird that every guy disappear after the meet up session. The problem lies in her for sure. She photoshopped her picture until her friend could not tell that it's her. From the face to the legs, meaning, improved her skin texture, she became much fairer, looked much younger, she became taller, slimmer and everything else.

When you finally meet a person, people generally will be shocked. Reason, they feel cheated. When they feel cheated, they disappear from your sight. Stop being weird, put up your own pictures without any edit and things will get better. Secondly, don't be desperate. Don't meet every Tom, Dick and Harry. If you choose to do, then don't  blame others for having such weird behavior.

Maybe, these kind of girls should be prohibited from these applications. Instead, the best is to actually go for an arranged marriage and lock her in the house. But again, she's so weird. Her aim is to find anyone as long as she has someone to get married with. Regardless. She even tried finding among her own friends and attempted til the point that the guys are running away from her. OMG? Why are there such human I wonder.

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