Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 7: Dubai City Tour, UAE

It was a long break since the last post. This has got to be the last entry already. I had the morning city tour around Dubai that day. It's the only thing I can do left before my flight in the evening that day.

That's Za'abeel Palace or it is also known as Zabeel Palace. You can see many peacocks around here. They walk wherever they want, ignoring vehicles and the humans. Do not knock them or kill them. Consequence is severe.

That's the mosque.

It's weird to have a beach area in a desert, right? Of course, it's man-made. See the Burj Al-Arab there? Great view for sure, but for people like me, I guess, it's better to see it from afar instead of staying there haha.

Next, we went to Atlantis. It's a palm area and it's far from the city. I'm not rich to be traveling with a cab everyday and everywhere.

What else ... it's Dubai's trademark, Burj Khalifa. Just like KL, you can go up, and that's with an entrance fee. I'm not exactly sure how much but it's not cheap.

Quite a shock to me. Before that, I think buildings are just buildings. How far off can a building go? I was wrong. This, is the only country I have seen that has the weirdest buildings. They are very futuristic and I can't figure out what did they build. Just wonder.

Then, went to the airport only to find out, my flight has been delayed. That's no fun.

If one asks, will I return to Dubai? Probably not. Things there are too expensive. Places like that, once is enough. In the first place, Dubai was never my intended vacation. Or, anywhere in the Middle East. It's an eye opener in terms of their cultures and all, and Dubai is already one of the modern developed ones, so I just don't think I'll be going back.


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