Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bad day

Today is really not a good day, in fact it was just bad. The only good thing about today is I have schedule 3 today 10-3 and 6.30-10.30

Contract not signed, leg pain, hurt my finger again ... yeah again, 3rd finger already haha, dropped so many things today .... seriously .... plates cutleries glasses ... which I usually dont and drunk also not that bad weh .... :s but anyway ... it's a bright day again hehe :D

Today, met 2 anak Malai in this hostel ... and they are from KL too hahahha :D so happy na ... Msian dei ... in SWISS ... geneva ... this hostelll .. wah lau eh

okie that's all this room is closing soon ciao

dedicate BAD DAY by Daniel Powter to myself :p

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back to Malters

I'm working another closing today ... kill me ... ich arbeite heute ... please kill me .. thai laor ....

continue from my previous posts ... so we were in Luzern and changed a train, and here we are back in Malters Bahnhoft ... look to the left ... there's only Migros

uploading is damn annoying, will continue later

Look right, there is Coops ... damn pathetic

This is Swiss' map .. 1]Geneve, it's at the end, only 20 mins drive to France, near eh 2]Lausanne which is frequently mixed up with Luzern 3]Neuchatel, the place I used to study ... for my Higher Diploma .. in Autum 04B 4]Basel, the place I went to visit my friends' relatives = zoo when I was in Neuchatel 5]Bern - the capital city of Swiss and it's colder compared to other cities, of coz not included the mountains haha 6]Brig, this is where Jojo and Amy is training in, I visited there once 7]Thon, I have not been there, they are just weird, naming a city called Thon, which means tuna in German :s 8]Interlaken, a very famous mountain in Swiss - I wanna go ich moechte Interlaken gehen 9]Olten, this is where we always have to change our train in each time to somewhere quite far away like Geneve or Lugano 10]This is paradise - Luzern ... I miss Luzernnn ... IMI ... heaven haha :p 11]Zug - this is where Chris and Phillip from haha ... yeah Yu Wen? :p 12]Zurich - the shopping paradise is here 13]St Gallen - the other end of Swiss and I heard it's beautiful so I wanna go too

So, that's it for Swiss map for now haha

It is really foggy ... what do you see?

Take a look at this ...

Even spider web is frozen

white .... blanc ... weiss .... putih

damn this ... cannot upload again, continue tomorow

Nau kot ..

ok done

Friday, January 26, 2007

No life

I'm off yesterday and today ... nice, great.

And will be working like mad for the next 5 days again until my next off day.

Lucky enough for me, it is not one whole week closing. It's back to schedule 3 on certain days .. schedule 3 was what I got when I first started working, which is from 10-3 and from 6-10.30 ... but I usually go at 6.30 instead, skipping dinner there and I can go later ... so why not :D much much better :)

It has been 3 weeks straight that I did closing ... and maybe it's the other 2 trainees turn to do so. Hopefully. My turn to have a better shift ... hehe dont you think so? Coz seriously ... doing closing means no life. If not work, I'll be sleeping, if not sleeping, I'll be working. No life, seriously no life.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Closing of Davos trip

I'll be working for 2 more days including today, then I have my off days for 2 consecutive days on Thursday and Friday. Ahhhh ... at least I have my off days on one of the busiest days of the week. The day where people just refuse to leave.

Nothing much na .. just some pics here ... everyday rain until siao aka gila aka ba

Feels like in heaven :)

Kap Ban ... Balik ... Go home ... :D

Suai na .. cantikkk .... niceee ... beau ... shoen ...

ma ... hund .. anjing ...

If you wanna come here ... the stop is called .. Davos Dorf

Railway track all in white too ... filled with snow

While waiting for the train to leave for Thalwil ...

Train in Xmas mood haha redddd ...

Really in Xmas mood haha

Ray of light behind the end of the tunnel ... :p that's what they always say

SEEE .... the water is soooooo clearrrrr .... i was in the train na

All snowwww ...

While few stops away from Luzern .. took a fast snap ...

omg .. there's sun :o fab

C'est Bon

I just realize I am getting lazier and lazier each day. Lazy to update blog :p

Not my fault that I do not have time to online because when I am online, I prefer to chat instead ... :D and not to say that my AceBob is all well .. he is sick na

Today ... is the best day of my life the year 2007 so far. He treats me so good, so nice and I am so deeply touched

by ....

My manager ..

because ....

... he let me off at 9pm when I'm supposed to work until 1am ...

ahhhh ...

Not that bad day after all eh

Friday, January 19, 2007

Christmas 2006

I'm trying to blog again, the 2nd time for this post as it was previously all gone due to my automated shutting down AceBob

These 2 reached 1st .. waiting for others with the food and drinks ... representing .. CHINOIS FONDUE

Ready for Xmas .. yoohoo before food :p

Food ... food ... food ... let's startttt :D

Oh la la ... das ist gut

Thailand, Malaysia, China

Lepas makan ... after eating ...

Drinking time but not me ... told you I stopped haha ... and I dont feel like drinking hehe

Courtesy of Xmas Day ... hehe I got a red socks I mean ... it was cheap in C&A ... yeah C&A again ... and going to Davos needed a thicker socks so I got this :D

But ... even before the clock strikes 12, I was already asleep as I didnt sleep well the day before. I was busy waking up puking haha. Ciaoz.


Right now, this blog's owner has gone nuts coz down with flu, cold, sore throat and cough until almost die.

It all started from last Sunday when I was working. I knew something was wrong because I felt so tired easily, very extremely exhausted, especially when I went back to work after break. It was that bad until I felt very very dizzy. Luckily for me, Monday was my off day and I had a good rest.

Who knows .. Tuesday onwards .. I was sick. Current status: Still surviving with flu, cold, cough, sore throat ... all at one go.

Happy Birthday

Today, is Friday the 19th of 2007. Exactly one year ago, this blog was created. How time flies, there were so many things happened in just within a year. Sometimes looking back on what you did is just funny, stupid and silly. But, that's how it is.

Looking back on how this blog grows is just a very pleasant feeling to have. What I did in the past year, people I met along the way, old new whatever and wherever broadens my horizon.

Now, I would like to thank everyone who drop by here whoever you are and no matter where you are in the world terima kasih, thank you, merci beaucoup, kamsa hamida, danke shoen, gracias, arigato gozaimasu, kap kun ka ... so formal :o

but anyway .. happpy birthdayyyyyyyy

It's a whole new journey and a whole new adventure, til then ... see you next year at the 2nd birthday :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007


As I cannot upload any pics now .. due to my AceBob again ... so erm I duno

Pla tong ... chan ja raw okie :D

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Sawadee ka.

I'm off today and it is already 10 pm ... soooo fast. Laeow laeow. I feel I didnt do a single thing except moving place. I have checked in, to a youth hostel in the city of Geneve, just 5 minutes [haar] walk from Cornavin. I found that through the net and I took a map that Galih gave me and start looking. Actually, I dont have to because the direction they put on their site is really easy. No, I am not there now, blogging from Galih's place. He's asleep again :s Quite nice place, clean and it's just at Rue de Lausanne ... so convenient unlike the one I saw yesterday quite dodgy when walk at nite coz it's some place quite far in.

Yuppy ... moving today but not every single thing. I dont think I can manage all haha with so many stuff :S It's just ba ... ba ba ba.

50 soldes .... 70 soldes ... shoppinggggg :D but that was last Friday haha yut leh [stop]

Swatch ... yoohoo

Das ist shoen ... :) chai pah?

hahah before and after

There's sun :o omg ... :o

Yeay snow ... :S after that I froze haha ...

Weiss ... white ... blanc ... putih

Mountain :D

work ik laeow proong nee, pla tong mak mak

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Going nuts

I wanna announce something.

I am dying real soon due to the working hours ... mamamia. Supposingly, it's already bad enough if I work 8 and a half hours per day, and no, it is not included break. These past few days, I have been working 9 hours but today ... it's 10 hours and I am so so da tired and ne ai. Who knows that this damn fan is causing problem again! Making so much noise and it will automatically shut down anytime. So .. wish me luck yea, I wanna online okay. That is my only source of entertainment.

Sorry na ... in the middle of chatting, I suddenly go missing. Minta maaf SP, sorry Dan, and entshuldigung pla tong. Haha.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


As you all know, it's just a month away before Valentine's. Time flies, exactly a month ago was my graduation and so many things had changed since then. Everything happened within a month.

Alright so ... Valentine's. For those who dont know what to buy, dont wanna crack your head anymore and stuff, there are couple tees available now.

Personally, I think this makes a good gift. Crack head no more :) worry no more :)

There are 3 sets of tees that you can choose from and mind you, it's a limited edition, so be fast to grab it :) no regrets ;)

or just click on my link, dont have to type the web addy out ;)

Davos trip

I was off on Friday. Lucky enough for me, I dont have to work for the 3 busiest days in the week, considering it is already bad enough for weekdays. Supposingly, the restaurant closes at 12am, but these buggers, they just dont seem to just leave and talk somewhere else. I mean, those who stays there until late nite, as in the very last one to leave are usually those who ... are having serious talk, as in ... talking about problems between them haha. I shouldnt laugh but ... they asked for it. Who asked them to make me work until so damn late -_-

okay anyway ... continue with my Davos trip

This is the restaurant at the 2nd highest ... haha .. I didnt eat here, only drank

Look at it, it's Cola and Orange ... Cola cost a bloody 5.80 CH .... er I think? Can die okay ... it's so damn expensive .. peng na

Like traffic lights .. green and yellow, lack of red, I can be red too haha wearing red shirt inside but I'll freeze to dead

Look at it, it's gonna be WHITE CHRISTMAS for me haha

While waiting for cable car ... took pix ...

After awhile ... we went down again .. pai la mountain

Friday, January 12, 2007


เพชรฟ้า ควา

Petfa :S my teacher gave me this name :S

Thursday, January 11, 2007


As you know, I was in Luzern for a few days before coming back to Geneve on Monday night. But, who knows when I was in the train, I met into an insane guy. He's totally screwed up.

These 2 German girls were like screaming, laughing, singing and talking very loudly at the seats next to mine. NOt directly next to but ... the same row. So, I was sleeping there so nicely but got woken up by them. So fine nvm, I tried to sleep again. Then, I heard a guy's voice trying to be friendly. Thus, joined them singing and so I took a peep and slept again. Or at least I pretended. Yeah he talked so much and stuff, so not cool. He's so conradicting, at some point he said they are beautiful at another point he said they are *censored*

Basically I heard the whole convo. He even talked on the phone ... but I suspected that it's not a real phone call but he acted it out. Anyway non of my business haha.

But, it's my business if he talks to me -_- after they got down, I thought I can get some peace. Who knows, it's hell for me instead. He sat opposite of me, and apologized for making noise and stuff while I was asleep or at least he thought so. I said nvm it's okie. Then, he went off.

Who knows that was just the beginning. He came back, apologizing again, said the same thing and so I answered the same. Pla Tong. Real pla tong but I didnt mean it in a cute way of course, more like .. I really mean it that he has a brain of a gold fish haha. Teacher, chai pah?

So anyway, this time he sat there for quite long. Long until I felt that the time pass super damn slow, it was the moment that I felt longer than 9 long working hours. Serious okay. He asked me if I am from Thailand -_- I said Malaysia :S so .. this was the convo .......

he: You from Thailand?
me: no, Malaysia
he: ahhh I like Malay people
me: er... sorry?
he: ohh I like Malaysian people
me: oh
he: Who are you staying with?
me: friends
he: girls?
me: no, guys
he: bf?
me: no
he: do you have a bf?
me: yes [for that moment, I suddenly have haha]
he: did you just drink?
me: no i dont drink [kononnya la ... see i quit haha]
he: did you just take drugs, cocaine
me: i dont do those things
i dunno what happened then ...
he: you have a wonderful smile, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met before
me: :) [like I will believe what you said]
he: it's a shame that you dnt have a bf
me: I said I have ^o)
he: no you said you dont
me: nope, I said ... I have
he: okay

then he found out that I was doing my training there in a restaurant

he: which restaurant do you work as? maybe i will come to eat
me: no it's okay

after much persuasion, he failed to get the name

he: i dont wanna force you to tell me, but really I know every restaurant in Geneve
me: no, it's okie

he went somewhere, came back again -_-

he: please tell me where are you working
me: no, it's okie
he: i know the whole geneve
me: no, it's okie
he: i wont disturb you and whatsoever
me: no it's okie
he: i will just go and eat with my friend, i wont mention your name
me: no, it's okie
he: i think you are lying, you are not working in a restaurant
me: :) [whatever d'uh, do I even care]
he: let's go for a drink in geneve
me: no, it's late and I have to work tomorrow
he: no maybe tomorrow
me: sorry im working

until we reached, he still kept insisting that I lied. Whateva haha. Most of the time, I couldnt understand him. He's from Nepal, he speaks French but anything, it's not important if I understand him or I dont haha.

After we reached Geneve, I turned left and took one big round .. haha .. yes Yu Wen ... again!! :p first time was coz of that retarded guy on the way back from Geneve to Luzern. should be back already heh ... Now it's Brianko. Onii's turn to go back to Msia, so does Clod.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


hey hey hey ... hello ... guess what? I'm off for three straight days. off for 3 days already. This entry was unsuccessfully published. I seriously need a break from Geneve. Therefore, I am going somewhere, well ... somewhere-la. In Switzerland of course.

Before I forget, and I know that this is sooo long away - xmas. I also know that people had bid goodbye to 2006, said hello to 2007, celebrated New Year's Day, made resolutions and started living in 2007, but forgive me, I'm just slow. Talking bout resolutions, I dont really have one and it's the same every year. Living happily is good enough :) dont have to be with the norm - lose weight, despite the fact that I have gained 6 kgs haha but it doesnt matter... for now.

As I have mentioned, we went up to Davos, 4 hours from Luzern. It's courtesy of Christmas Day that we went up there, the training place of my roomie. This place is located very near to Austria.

It was such a coincidence to bump into Ivan in McD's as he already started training, keep in touch ya ;)

finally we are up here at Davos

Half way walking ...

As we were walking walking and walking suddenly I slipped and fell on my butt, holy bull .. pain dehhh

As we were waiting for Goh to ask info, we took pix

and still waiting ...

We were given 3 options, we chose to go to the 2nd ... which they said is the most beautiful - 26 CH

-to be continued i fell asleep so im going out ciao-

up there ... quite hot ne