Monday, April 30, 2007

Vevey Trip 3

omg .... they changed the timing of the schedule ... how? how? mati sial [die] ... usually schedule 3 is from 10-3 and 6.30 to 10.30 .. but for now, it is until 11.30 and for closing shift 11.45-3 and 7-1am ... DIE WEI! How to blog? How? No life!!!! Scheisse! Oh Shade! [Shit, oh what a pity] I rather work like today 1pm-10pm okeh! Nvm ... patient ... tahan je la ... 2 bulan aja lagi. [just be patient, anyhow it's only 2 months left]

Vevey ... eek laeow [again]

Only 30 km/h haha .. imagine if it's KL ... all couldnt be bothered and all pedestrians will end up in hospital

I feel that this is really pretty ;)

The flags ... the middle one is Swiss flag

I like this pic ... I dont know why, but I just like it

my god ... so hottttttt ... dyinggggg ....

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Vevey Trip 2

I'm back from Zuerich ... a place that I feel so much better than here .. partly because I work here :p I didnt even spend 24 hours in Zuerich ... ahha ... yeah and most of the time is spent in Wetzikon ... a nearby town of Zuerich

Anyway, let's continue with Vevey

It was so sunny, it was so hot that I could turn black in just a second under the sun and those buggers can go jogging at 3pm! Wah lau eh!

Flowers that I saw along the way

It's so god damn sunny

This is the lake, the same lake in Montreux and in Geneva, which is called either Geneva Lake of Lake Leman ... this part of the lake here is just so calm, so peaceful, unlike in Geneva .. it's a hotspot for tourists and it's so busy most of the time with activities and stuff that the calmness and peacefulness of the lake has gone

The rocks is just nice, isnt it?

Zuzu zutai at work tomorrow .... :D ciao ciao

Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm not shutting this down

I'm back

Er... didnt I say it clear enough that I was tagged by BengBeng and I am not closing down for real?

do you think I really mean it? My life is dull enough, I wont close it to make my life like a straight line, duller than it already is.

Apparently, nobody got that message o.O Good news is ... I know some of my silent readers, and some that I know nothing of, and dont even know the existence, now I know, so touched o.O

So yup, and I didnt blog for the past few days was due to my tiredness despite I just had one week's vacation. Clear enough?

Anyway, I'll be heading to Zuerich tonight again hehe ... ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shutting down and bye bye

Attention, achtung!!!

I have a very very important announcement to make. Yes, very. After being around in the blogging world since 2006 in Blogspot and July 2005 in Multiply, I have decided that this will come to an end. Yes, you read that right, I am closing down this blog due to my lack of inspiration to blog and the lack of mood.

I'll star working tomorrow and there's absolutely no holidays to me anymore, who knows I might need to work more than expected. Therefore, I will feel tired, exhausted and sort of. Therefore, this is the best time to close down this blog. Why do I choose this time? I dont know, feng shui.

For my dear friends and whoever, I feel really grateful that you take your time and drop by at this blog, even more so, some left comments and it means a lot to me. I'm also thankful for the existence of blog that I got to know more people and I will not forget you, I promise I wont and I will still pay you a visit at your blog. If not, there's still MSN. This blog is so dull, the story is boring, everything seems not right ... but you guys transformed this blog into a bright one. I'm so grateful for that and I will not forget that, ever.

Those who had dropped by anoymously, you know who you are and thanks lots, danke shoen.

It's a pity that its closing down, which means nobody is coming to visit me anymore, my life will be dull, I will miss you all, I will *bohooooo*

There will not be anymore post after this, so ... goodbye everyone, do contact me in MSN if there's anything and it can be reached at

Officially .... closing down.

Today, blogging as ...

Mochii and Michy ;) which means ... it's for real.

But ..

do you think I really mean it? My life is dull enough, I wont close it to make my life like a straight line, duller than it already is.

Yeah, thank you to BengBeng, you are just so sweeettttt. He tagged me ... so sweet of him :D he said want to close down, close down together gether, so I close down too haha

Let's see if these Dedes are shutting down theirs too like kylie, SP, Lober, Iwan, Son

Vevey Trip 1

Okeh, so .... I have one week holiday, got forced to take it. It's good for the time being but bad for long terms. Anyway, since it's a holiday ... obviously, I dont just sit here in my room and do nothing or else I will bang my head against the wall everyday.

I went to Vevey on Monday with Tina, another intern in the restaurant, just the both of us. The duration isnt that long, I think at most also close to an hour only. Anyway, DJ studied there and he told me that it's worth going, so we went. Btw, DJ is another intern there. So ... pada pa padappp ... I'm loving it .. Vevey. We have to change a train in Lausanne though. Lausanne is like a centre point to other small stations like Montreux, Vevey and yada yada yada. Anyway, let's get started.

Welcome to Vevey ... Wilkommen bei Vevey ... Selamat datang ke Vevey and that building on the left is Nestle's building ... but it looks boring, so I didnt take a pic of it

Flowers again ... yeah pretty pretty flowers

A nice scenery, so calm, so quiet, I like ...

Das ist shoen ... this is beautiful ... oh man ... cantik banget

Oh my goddd .... I wanttt .. Vevey

This is what I call as ... beauty .... oh la la ...

When mountainers came

I think I just had the best ever food in the whole wide world. I have a similar picture of it, but not the same.

Yup Indon mee ... but I ate the original one [packaging brown and yellow] this is the best ever food okay!!! Like damn damn damn ... beste!! Oh mi goreng, you are the best.

I feel bad, I really feed bad for Friendster because I have been spending so much time on Facebook, and I mean a lot. I didnt know that Facebook can be so addictive. Like .. BLOODY addictive okie. ---> Buku muka :p

A couple of weeks ago, all the mountainers from the ski resort had finished their training. Yeah, it's only 4 months for them as they close for few months and re-open later on for the summer. Yes, hotels DO close. Even Seehotel in Kastanienbaum close for HOLIDAYS. Anyway, the point is ... Natdanai and Am came down from Brig to Geneve with Gift who's training in Lausanne.

Of all places, again .. found them in ZARA. While the girls came out empty handed, Jojo came out with one jacket ... yes ... again. Long time I have absolutely nothing to say already haha.

Like ages ago since I last had Starbucks, the previous time was ... er ... the last ever time I had before I left for Swiss. AND .. I dont remember when was that as Starbucks was not in my most-wanted-to-go-places list before I left. So Jojo bought me the mocha ... so sweeeeettttt ... my president. He explained drinks in Starbucks to us as he worked in Starbucks before. While all of us are suffering and almost approaching death, he is now enjoying himself in UK =.= and Am had flew back to Thailand this Monday.

Later on, we went to get keys from Mr Purnama and went to his place in Servette.

Then, hang around there and stuff .. thennn ... bye bye ... time for me to work

Am ... ;) she kap baan already, sawadee ka Thailand ... la korn Swiss

and Jojo ... his hair is so da long and I almost couldnt recognize him, luckily I expected that already as he always liked keeping long hair anyways.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Eating in Lausanne

Soon after Moevenpick, we went over to .... Manor, as Am put it "the big Manor" XD

Right after 7pm, we went to Lausanne ... why 7? Gratis .. freeee :D So ... went over to have dinner there in an Asian restaurant called Majong where they have Thai, Chinese, Japanese and so forth. Unfortunately, Bryant had forgotten the way there and then we decided to ask an Asian guy who coincidentally were at the place we were sesated. His accents sounds like Thai ... and very like Arm, like .. super duper like Arm okay. Anyway ... we went ....

There ... we finally reached ;)

The menu

You have to order at the counter, take number and seat and they will then call your number once it's ready. Yup, it's like a self service kind of thing.

I ordered Pat Thai ... ah loi mak mak na ...

Japanese ... hehe sorry I forgot what is it called, jam mee dai na ... Kim ordered this

and beef, which Bryant added chilli in it and ended up sweating like ... :o

Later on, we went back .... bye bye Lausanne :p

Friday, April 20, 2007

Rounding in Genf

Once upon a time, beginning of April, I met my first ever bloggie friend, who was also stuck in a place called Switzerland. Since that she came over to Geneva ... then what else? Meet lar .. chiew

So, here it goes, met in a place called Boky Restaurant. It's a Japanese-Chinese Restaurant but it serves Malaysian specialities as well. You know what time they serve that? At a donkey hour ... 10pm - 2am. Ba jing jing na! SO I didnt have the opportunity to taste their Malaysian menu until today. Btw, it's located one minute from my place ehehe.

Oh btw, I met Kim there and her friend Bryant came along who works with Nadia who was my school mate in IMI who used to hang out in Giant's room. Small world sial!

We ordered more but didnt take pix ... as you know ... hungry wolf came out :D

Later on, Nadia went to work at Beau-Rivage ... aww ... yeah we actually have a pic of 4 of us but ... it was so dark and what you can see is shadow, wasted =.=

Later on, went downtown shop shop shop and here it goes .. again

Stacie, Kim and me ...

Yeay ... ;)

Finally .... glace is ice cream in French

So it's done

Of course, the day did not end here .. there's more .. but lazy to update now .. some other time okeh ...

FINALLY .. I have joined Facebook and my profile is here


Couple of weeks ago, I FINALLY managed to go to this shopping mall in Geneva, the biggest shopping mall in the whole Geneva.

It has been dont-know-how-many-donkey-months I have not stepped my foot into a shopping mall. So ... finally I made it, big achievement woah ... in my dreams. It's not in town or in the city ... you have to take Bus 10 which heads towards the Airport as it's on the way there.

So ... there I went ... got down at the stop called something Balexer(t) .. you can never miss that stop unless you are practically blind coz it's located literally opposite the stop.

This is from the outside, lucky kids ... one school is located also at the opposite of this shopping mall ...

Inside view, there are so many shops there, H&M, C&A, Yendi, Claire, Interdiscount, Mobile shop, restaurants, cafe, post office, Credit Suisse, cinemas, and etc ... so convenient! Not to forget that there's a Migros there .... and it's triple M .. not double M ... chun sial .. triple M means it's bigger than the normal Migros [MMM] and I went again few days ago, bought a box of strawberry!!!! 2.60 CH .... nice sial ... damn long since I last tasted strawberry .. yummz!

Finally I have finished the Shopaholic book :D nice nice!! Recommended :D

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Montreux Trip 4

I got back from Zurich like 11 plus earlier and ... I just prefer Zurich over Genf. Umm ... well basically anywhere will do, except for Dulliken I guess? Things are looking good now ... well how can it be bad when I dont have to work, isnt it? I'm already towards the end reading Shopaholic book, just another 50 pages or so only. International Nite is going to be held this Friday and I am not going. Yeah .. since that people I know are not, so what's the point of going really. How fast time flies when it just feels like the previous International Nite happened yesterday. It was just a blink of an eye, the Malaysian corner, the discussion, the preperation, and the day itself with so many people from so many different countries and not forgetting the MAS people who came as VIP guests. Yeah and a few days time will be the next International Nite for IMI already. Sighz.

Anyway ... Montreux ...

I'm not lying, I really went to Montreux

I dedicate this to Moo Moo and "wish him a pleasant journey" quote from the SBB crew [SBB is the train that runs around Swiss like our KTM or LRT or some sort] as he's on the way or going to Milan now for business trip

This is la gare ... and that red thingy below there is the place to buy ticket, every train station or stop has it

This is Bahnhof ... whatever it is called, it means the same .. whether it is Bahnhof, la gare or train station

And up at gleis 1 or voie 1 or platform 1 ... waiting for the train heading towards Genf

And so, this is the closing of it :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Off to Zuerich

I'm off to Zuerich tonight, forget about Geneva for a day and that's the best thing that I could ever asked for, for now.

No Montreux updates and see ya all tomorrow night maybe


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Montreux Trip 3

I'm so sleepy, it's 1am ... I went out the whole day today .. but it was a fun day, amazing and absolutely enjoyable. How I wish it's like this everyday, unfortunately, I can only feel this like once in a lifetime ... haha maybe exaggerating a bit ... but then I rarely feel like this coz most of the time I work and only work.

Anyway ... continue

Yea yea flowers again ... I'm not a fan of flowers but these flowers are really pretty in Montreux

Look at the Alps ... my goddd ... I so feel like going, oh damn!

This is the vineyard ... but Montreux's wine not that famous, unlike the wine of Geneve, Neuchatel, Aigle and etc

Castle is here, but we have to pay to enter, that's why we only stayed outside haha

On the way down and back to the hostel from the castle ...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Montreux Trip 2

It's Sunday and it was so freaking busy, yeah damn bloody freaking busy. For the first 3 hours I was running up and down from the kitchen to the cafe and terrace, after that, tyre punctured, cannot run anymore, slow down ... tired, exhausted like HELL. We managed to close everything only at 12.40am. Wah lau eh! And ... in the afternoon, for the 1st time in my life, I got a tip from a couple. Okeh ... I know it's damn little with only 1Ch .. but it's the thought that counts. She puts it secretly on my palm without anyone looking o.O terima kasih banyak banyak.

Okeh, anyway ... Montreux again ...

Poke your ARSE ...

Give me your guitar .. please?

Seriously, I dont understand and I dont know why is flowers an obsession for them. The whole street is filled with flowers everywhere, one whole stretch okay, and I dont know how long do you need to walk to finish that whole stretch o.O

Oh piano also, I dont play instruments, just for the sake of pic only deh

There's a bit of shed here ... cool

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Montreux Trip 1

I'm back from working like TAHI ... babi tortured me until 1.15am and I had to work at 8am today, that's why almost died XD haha ... next week I have my vacation, damn! Which means ... I cant finish 2 weeks earlier !!!! BABIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII .... I wanna kill him!!!!! But .. one week staying home is just so SAD. But then .. I went to Montreux the other day already and spent on food and accommodation is ... er ... a lot, so .. umm ... dunno ... cant travel .. broke ... sedih sial.

Nevermind .. anyway .. I went to Montreux the other day, dont ask me which day .. but that day kay

Welcome to Montreux

Lake Leman is another name of Lake Geneve ... I know it's Montreux but it's the same lake. It's the largest freshwater lake in Western Europe.

Geez .. look at this swan here ...

All along the streets, there are lots of this kind of things around, partly because the annual Jazz Festival held here and attracts top musicians from around the world

Do you know who is Freddy Mercury? He was born as Farrokh Bulsara on the East African island of Zanzibar. He's one of the greatest rock music performers. Still dunno? He's the lead singer of the band Queen and I'm sure most of you know about it ;) If you dont, go and bang your head against the wall now. Why is his statue in Montreux? Queen acquired the lakeside Mountain Recording Station in 1978 and his stong links with the town continued until his death. He appreciated the kindness and the discretion of the town people and Montreux became a haven for him, a second home and the setting for his final work