Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pilatus Part 1

I think I am getting slower and slower in blogging haha ... blogging crisis :p

Anyhow, it's time for an update ... about Pilatus, but I am only going to blog about PIlatus itself in the next entry, not this.

All the boats ....

This house looks like a human face

Apa nie? What's this?

Just something we passed by

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pilatus, here I come

Pilatus ... here I come

Umm ... so ... I went to Pilatus with Goh, it's a must-go place for all IMI students coz it's only one and a half hour there from Kastanienbaum, if dont go ... kill myself better considering the 6 months I was there, I didnt go AND that is the first ever place that one should go if he/she studies in IMI. Finally ... I went. That's why I followed Yu Wen back to Zuerich from Genf on Thursday nite, and on Friday very early in the morning, I left Zuerich for Luzern as I met Goh there.

We have not met each other since January or something and first word he told me was ... you are not as cute as before =.= Chiew ... I dont wanna be known as cute too, coz cute is just a nicer way to say than chubby, isnt it haha ... I told him, it's alright, keep it that way :p anyway, he lost weight too ... well he's on a diet plan but not me, I am eating more and more each day that's why I dont believe him hehe XD he's just for salad and diet food only -_- how to survive :s

There's one good news and bad news for me. He said it's almost around 50 CH to Pilatus .... o.O and then good news is that his hotel had this voucher and that we can get like 17 CH per person :o coooool. Off we go ...

This is taken from the boat ... or ship .. erm no .. they call it boat here ... haha wth restaurant inside of it ... reallly nice, good for vacation

IMI Kastanienbaum must be somewhere behind me hehe

Wow so green so nice ..

This is one of the stops, but we did not get down here

This sea is so calm

Quite sunny actually ...

Note: With this boat, we can actually take it from Luzern town back to IMI in Kastanienbaum, some people did that before but I did nto haha

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bye Bye zooh

It's the first ever time I felt so sleepy at work. It wasnt busy at all as it was raining the whole day and it's just SWEET! Tina came looking for me at 3pm together with Jack and Vicky as they wanted to go to the old town and I have just been there like 2 days ago o.O This week is the week I walked the most haha and it's so damn high up =.= We even went up to the church to see the whole Geneva, nice! But, I have to suffer later, legs felt like breaking again, like when Goh came, just that this time is worse hehe. Today, my manager gave me a surprise by asking me to do closing tomorrow =.=

Anyway, this is the entry that I will close my zoo trip. Who knows that Jack went there last week, like so coincidence, and when I went to the lion monumen in Luzern, he told me he went there like 2 weeks ago o.O

Faster took pix before those kids came down

Na rak .. mignon ...

Sea lion, look as if it just woke up

Apa ni .. c'est que ... was ist das?

And then headed to the exit

While in the tram waiting for it to depart ....


And finish it off with a scandal :p

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Apa apa aja

When I had finished my lunch today and wasnt time to start work yet, I was squatting behind the bar, resting my head and my hands on something where they put empty wine bottles and there comes a guy, I dont know him, but he comes to deliver stuff only. Then, I heard he and one of the stewards talking. He asked if I am from China -_- and the steward told him that I am from Malaysia and and ... so he started talking to me like some dumbo coz I dont understand what the devil he said, even if I understand I pretend I dont.

He: When is your off day?
Me: Erm Thursday and Friday
He: Let's go out for a drink
Me: Erm .. I'm going to Luzern coming back on Friday
He: What is your phone number then
Me: Why do you want it?
He: To call you, to message you
Me: Erm, dont have to
He: We work together, so let's just go and have a drink
Me: *sarcastic smile* [since when we work together]
He: You are pretty that's why I wanna know you
Me: *another sarcastic smile* dont need

Whatever =.= and another steward asked me for my number again, this is the 5th month he's asking and I always refuse to give :D

Anyway ... umm .. zoo again hehe

Leopard .. look at the paws :o

It stated "in order to save energy, I sleep a lot. About 15 hours per day" =.= babi betul

Hahha pijakkk ... stepppp

Wolf .. nice pose

;) us

Sorry cannot help it

SOrry the wall is just too nice

So .. the journey continues in the zoo

It wasnt that busy today, but my legs are like dying. At first I didnt know why, it wasnt superbly busy but why. HAH now I know, it's because I took Goh around Geneva, became a tour guide for a few hours. The end result ... legs felt like breaking. It's always nice when it rains, and I better enjoy it until this Wednesday before it starts shining like some idiot at 30 celcius. It's such a long time I have not drank beer[not alcohol] until today when I drank a 50 cl Carlsberg after work today hehe .... damn long okeh ... few years I think

Bear bear sooo cuteeee, like in deep thought

Hinter ... back .. why are they showing us their back =.= mysterious heh

Hehe Simba sleeping upside down

Yeay nobody is around so took pix

Lion .. Simba's wife :D

Everywhere is green, everywhere is trees ...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Zooh-ing time

Eeeee ... raining today, syiok to the max ... man, love it love it and love it :D

Zooh time

killer pose :D

Hot hot weather =.=

Hahahah I thought what was this, then went nearer ... see see look look, wow .. it's alive, it's breathng hahaha ... looks like merajuk sial

So greenish

Peacock ;)

Wooooo ....

Hahah that's all .. and to be continued

Zooh ... we are here

It's time for the zoo's update but I'm gonna make this quick, kinda sleepy, and have to work sigh

Owl ... I was an owl before ... :p

Abu ... Aladdin's pet monkey

Heh ... never seen this before

This is dedicated to all buayas aka crocodiles aka lacoste in the world, This is for you, I like to buaya buaya .. you like to buaya buaya :p

Ey ey it's Froggie ... we all have seen this froggie around every now and then on telly :p

The balance sign ... yeay I'm a Libran :D

I'm off now, Bis morgen ... cheerios

Tiring but fun

I'm back, I'm back from Pilatus and yeah, you read that right, I went to Mt. Pilatus with Goh today haha. So nice and I dont feel like coming back here. Coming back here is like hell. Well, it IS. The journey from yesterday nite til today was a long long story.

First, Yu Wen came to Geneva on Wednesday nite and stayed over at Galih's place and we met up on Thursday, shop shop and I followed her back to Zuerich on Thursday nite. In the train, there are so many annoying incidents happened.

It was crowded, yah train was practically full so we just sat wherever we could find. Coincidently, we sat between these 2 guys. They are seriously retarded ... they were talking French so we couldnt understand but nvm, we spoke Malai and English mix together :D They were so loud, so irritating and thought they are freaking cool. Then, we got pissed, so Yu Wen and I started calling them si bangau gila :D haha .. not like they know. Then, at one point, one of them were saying like we are beautiful and all as if they had never seen Asian before. Think what? I dont understand la now =.= Baka. We were hoping so much that they get down in Lausanne, who knows they really did and what a relief phew! BUT .. not yet. Another 2 guys now at the back started talking damn loud as if he owns the whole train. Torture okehhhh ... okeh last resort ... listen to music.

When we were asleep, I got woken up by the SBB crew saying that the train is reserved and some fellas are coming up in Aarau =.= then I'm like wth. Haiz ... who knows it's the St Gallen Football Club and those guys came up later on and I can only describe them in 2 words ... gila dan mabuk.

Went to Wetzikon, stayed a nite, woke up early in the morning, went to Luzern, met up with Goh, went to Pilatus, came down, travelled around Luzern and finally .... back in Genf. What a tiring day, I asked for it but it's better than sitting here doing nothing and sleep and bum and get chubbier haha. That's all for now, Tschuess!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Let's go to the .. ZOOH

Let's go to the zoo :D hehe .. when was the last time any of you step into the zoo? :D Few weeks, few months, few years, few decades? :D

These fellas are like so pretty .....

I'm not interested in fishes, but these fellas here caught my attention. How so? Coz they were not swimming, all were like stone at one place doing nothing, one will wonder if it is alive or dead o.O

My purpose of coming to the zoo is only for this fellas .... and they are ....

the penguins :D

Dedes and their owner ... haha. Why do I call the penguins dede? It's of one reason. When we went to Italy, I bought a duck soft toy and Yu Wen bought a penguin. I named mine Quack, so not knowing what to name the penguin, she calls it dede instead =.= haha

picture of Dedes

Just a question to ponder here. Have you encountered an incident that occured on you or not on you, whether it's bad or good, and when you wake up the next day, it seems like it's just a dream, because it's so unbelievable? Probably, it's a memorable incident, that when you wake up the next day, you couldnt believe that it's actually happening to you even though everything happened the night before, but then ... you still couldnt believe it's for real and not a dream. Or probably ... something bad happened to you, some tragic incident and it kept repeating in your dreams. It seems so real ... but when you wake up ... you are confused, you dont know if it's just a dream or did it really happen to you.

Umm ...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's all work

Nothing eventful is happening, it's all the same old thing. This post is so gonna be boring because it's all about work.

How's work? It's fine, freaking hot and freaking super duper retardedly busy and we have only 2 commis working. Amazing heh? That's why we became some super commis yesterday haha. I signed out at 1.30am.

It's nice to know that my boss had a talk with one of them to be nice to us, the commis, no more shouting or else he has to go. That's why he treated me super nice today HOHO. HAHA. I'm so happy.

It's 5 months now ... time is going on, passing through, without waiting. As what they always say, time waits for no man. It's too fast ... the clock tick-tocking like some bullet train. By the time you look back, only you realize that time had passed with just a blink of an eye, without you realizing and when you realize it ... you go like .. WOW. It has been 5 years already since left school o.O

On another note, this fella name Idiotic Babi somebody who had studied the same class as me, but not someone I had much contact with from before til now, came MSN-ing me few months back and asked me how's things. Okay fine, tough exhausted and tiring. Then, here comes the devil talking to me ... he sounded as if he knows everything, he sounded as if he has lotsa experience and stuff. Sigh, what I hate the most is .. if you want to ask me how's things, then dont tell me how great or how almighty you are. Thanks lots coz he's too idiotic to be great. He sounded as if he's the only one who got the experience ... scheisse, not only you baka. Anyway, it doesnt really matter coz he is too idiotic haha. Si ketot!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jom, zooh!

He is babi annoying, big, clumsy, slow and most important of all ... retarded :D and cannot be helped anymore, oh schade! [what a pity] tsk tsk

Oh yesterday, there were 2 Thai guests came to the restaurant, sooo happy to know someone who came from somewhere near me. No, they are not my country mates. Haha it feels like as if I met a Malaysian haha but no, they are Thais. Hehe ... sam nuk mak mak [very happy] and I was talking to them close to half an hour :D much more that the time I spent talking to the group of Malaysians who came before quite some time ago hehe ... not on purpose okeh ... and and ... I got tips today, given by one of the waiters, actually it's his ... but he gave it to me :D that amount I can have one scoop of ice cream in Moevenpick or McD's Sundae or one hot dog in Carnavin haha.

We took tram number 6 :D it's the only one which goes to the zoo. The way they pronounced zoo is so damn freaking funny. We pronounce it as zoo Z sound .. but they pronounced it like the chinese way of pronouncing Cho

To all anak malai ... remember RTM? hehe .. yeah saw that in the tram o.O dont pray pray okeh ... RTM o.O but I dont know what did it say, mein Deutsch ist schlecht ... it said like some striking colours something something .. big televisyen advertised something something haha .. people please help? ich verstehe nicht

Geez! Look at the weather! Hot, no? Nearer and nearer to the entrance

Tap water, drink it ... haha .. and walk on further is already the entrance and it's like what ... 16 ch .. bloody hell =.=