Monday, July 30, 2007

New specs

I got a new specs, cost me RM299 the original price but this is under promotion, so it's RM269, but I bought lenses too, so I got a further 10% discount and in the end I paid RM221 for the specs. My power remains at 200 left and 150 right. Phew! Thought it increased dramatically but it didn't. What a relief. Ah! I wanted to get the rimless one but it's so fragile, and I have to be very careful. So ... umm I picked this. There is no charge for the lenses of the specs, it comes at one price, there is no additional charges.

Optical 88, The Curve

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Geneve 1

Haha, anyway ... it's a trip time again, since I don't know what to blog about now.

Yeah, not anywhere else, but Geneva or you call it Geneve in French OR .. Genf in German, so yeah ;) But, these pics were not taken at the city centre or the downtown as well the new town of Geneva, but further off. There are lesser people here, quieter and calmer. These pics were not taken by me, with my cam whatsoever. But, by Jack, a friend of Tina's who is also from IHTTI.

Church, do not wish the mass is conducted in English, it's in French =.=

It's really quiet here ... unlike the place I stayed and worked, like PACKED and CROWDED

Fountain I guess, very cooling, just lie down beside there and you can fall asleep

what do I call this then? Anything or something, as you wish

The flags of Switzerland's cantons, the German parts' flags are really simple while the French parts are more complicated


I sense some disease is gonna attack me, the lazy-to-update-blog syndrome. It hits me each time I blog for a lot for one period of time, and the day when I did not update, it will continue to occur for days later and the mood has to come back, or else ... I will be forever be like that. Sometimes, there are tons of things to update, but I'm just pure lazy. There is no cure, there is no prevention, it just happens.

A story about taking LRT
I actually dislike taking LRT. Firstly, it isn't near my house, the nearest is Taman Bahagia. Finnne ... nevermind. The noise that it makes is so noisy that when people talk to each other, they are practically shouting at each other though they sit near to each other. The announcement is not nice, I prefer SBB so much more. LRT sounds like they are rushing and the tone is just not right but in SBB, they appear to be calm and cool. The seats are not comfy at all, it's so HARD!!! No cushion for me.

This is something I could not accept. I was taking LRT that day, a record ... first in ... one and a half years ago :o This guy ... he stinks like o.O dammitttt okieeeeee and I couldn not change place as it was so packed. Fine, then when I wanted to get off from the LRT, some monkeys come rushing in. Sometimes I wonder, why am I taking the same thing with barbarians. They seriously are o.O

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Transformers - 3rd time

Yesterday, it was such a busy day, I did not sleep well for sure, and being busy the whole day is so not fun, but the outcome was fantastic. What I did in the morning is something that I don't have to blog about, and in the afternoon is something I just MUST blog about.

See .... first time was with Kylie, second time was with Calvin, and now the third time with Snail. What about it? Yesss, Transformers again .... HAHA! Yeah I know it's already the 3rd time and in fact, I don't really mind if you ask me to watch the 4th time. I'm just so in love with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee is just sooooo cutee .. there is more to meets the eye :o mojo the dog reminds me of mojojojo aka Jojo. Haiz, anyway ... I guess my movie marathon is over, my life will be shut down from Wednesday onwards hehe, no weekends, no mamak, no er .. life? But, it's not the end of the world haha.

So, I am posting this up ...

Whoever complains that I did not ask them out for yamcha kindly do not complain anymore, as I will be in Murni tomorrow, Saturday, 9/10pm onwards with Kylie and Snail for sure and SP and Meow might join, . Don't say I didn't ask =.= and maybe Sunday I'll be there too, not sure. This will be my last yamcha as I will not have time for it anymore after this week.

p/s: i got a new specs ... woof

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy 22nd Birthday, Snail

Look at the date today, it's already the 25th of July. Remember this date, 25th .. exactly 2 more months will be my birthday, oh god so fast. Look at the TicketFactory at my header, literally 2 months. Last year's birthday wasn't anything grand or things like that but it was great and meaningful nevertheless. A surprise but not so surprise party as I kind of expected it, and er ... hehe Giant sang me Peter Pan's songssssssss with his wife (guitar) ... like so damn sweet okie!! 25th September is so soon, probably too soon. So few Librans around :s Am is one day before me, the same goes to Syifa and er ... Jennifer the same as me, as well as omg .. what's his name ... Khalid (dont ask me bout the name, a new found name after F5 -_-) and etc haha. This year, I think I wanna sleep at home :D

So right now, forget about my upcoming birthday first, coz the main subject isn't me, but a beloved creature called Snail aka Siput aka Escargot aka Schnecke :D heehee ....

Yesterday, July 24th was Snail's birthday and he had officially turned 22. Before elaborating, let us all sing a very happy birthday song for him first okie

Happy Birthday to you
You are born in a shell
Happy Birthday to Schnecke (replace it with any forms of languages)
Happy Birthday to you

Eee ya eee ya oh~

So yeah ... we went for Swensen's ... just the three of us, Snail, Claire and myself. It's Tuesday okay. They have 50% off for the earthquakes on Tuesdays. We took regular earthquakes which consist of 8 scoops. 8 only o.O but anyway .. it's enough but not enough haha

The ice-cream

The humans and the unique creature :D

After finishing, it was not enough, stomach was not satisfied yet, and considering the both of them anti-Murni ... so .. we headed to Murni!!!! HAHA! Yay I lurve Murni. Murni, my 2nd home :D The more they hate it, the more we have to go there!!!

Meme =.=

I got tagged by Jojoyuki

10 Things I Hate!!

  • Food I hate : Disgusting food

  • Fruit I hate : er .. ?

  • Veggies I hate : Majority of the veggies .. my biggest enemy XD

  • Celebrities/People that I hate : Those w/o attitude, stucked up and those who forget about the roots, plus degrading the own nationality and country in front of foreigners and those who fake the accent and don't carry it well which makes them look so stupid, and pretend to be so god damn happening like the so-called in-crowd ... it feels so d'uh

  • Event/Situation/Incident that I hate : anything bad, negative and etc

  • TV shows/movies that I hate : Horror movies, ghost .. eeesh

  • Music I hate : Techno bleh

  • Household chores that I hate : alles

  • Things that you hate around the world : war war war, stupid things, disaster

  • Things that you hate about yourself : bum, blur case, sleepy head :D

The Face Behind The Blog

This was in 2004 when IHTTI organized a Green Day trip to Basel's Zoo during my Higher Dip there.

This was taken last year during our all Malaysian trip to Geneva kaka .. :p

Oops this was never disclosed before hehe ... just before I went for the part time job under Fondue House in Luzern

I think this is the most boring part, the intro. I'm 22 and turning 23 this year, live in KL, 2nd in the family, one elder brother and 2 non-human siblings (my dogs). Then er ... went to school yada yada ... then to KDU yada again, further up to IHTTI until Higher Dip and thought of quitting but Uncle Chua and everyone else advised me to go for Degree and so I was still keeping in contact with Crabbie so yada yada I went to IMI and continue to yada away. Final year in secondary went for same dancing classes, and found that I have a passion for it and yada again. Got into swimming during primary and yada yada haha. Did some slavery work during my college days for internships. I don't get paid so I consider that as free labour and slavery work. During internships, learned everything from operation to management and yada yada. Okie enough of that, it's so boring. Then, when I was doing degree, for the sake of the experience, I stayed on for another half a year and yada yada, suffered like hell in the beginning, both physically and mentally as it is very physically demanding and eventually it became something mental. But, in the end, I love that place. I hate it yet I love it.

I love blogging for the sake of blogging, internet surfing, hanging around, hate the sun, love the snow, eating good food, eat drink yada yada. I don't even know ... anything and whatsoever it hardly matters hehe. I'm a typical Libran, so I am very indecisive ... when I can't decide something, I will say that I am a libran kaka. I love ice-cream, I love chocies, I love cakes, I love watches, I love ... whatever.

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p/s: it's not a must to do this MEME ... as you wish :D

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finit 6

Umm .. I was asked to go exercise, either jogging or swimming. I hate jogging when I have to do it alone, and I don't mind swimming if it's alone. A plus point is that, I forgot that my mom has a membership card to the Kiara Club, which means I can go swimming :o only if I am hardworking okie :D hehe

I know that this has been going on and on and on, but I have no choice, there's so much to blog about, there are so many pictures with the extent of laziness, procastination and there are things to blog about about what's happening here in M'sia.

This is my sous chef. One crazy chef. Everyday, he will ask if I love him. =.= and everyday he will say he loves me -_- even though I say I don't. Then, he stand next to me, just to touch my hand .. and I'm like .. what are you doing =.= then on the day I finished, he gave me a kiss on my forehead .. zzz .... then on my cheeks the next time he saw me :S then the 3 kisses greetings cheek to cheek everytime -_- he lives not far away from me and yah once he tried to kid people that he can have 10 wives LOL .. like .. dont lie :D I know it okie :p

This is the guy I call Lapin aka Rabbit alongside Tina. A typical French guy lolz ... literal translation from French to English when he speaks to us haha .. but I can understand phew~ that makes him really cute LOL

Courtesy of my departure, this 2 can still take pix together, no arguments haha, all in peace. Yeah this guy, he cannot take the stress. He shouts each time he's under pressure. Yeah .. even though you're already busy. As I said, trainees or interns are robots there :p but then, he shouts or not, it doesn't make a difference as we already tried our best. That's the reason also both of them argued :o

Since he loves asses so much, I grant him his wish. Usually, he just has to whack my butt and I do not know why =.= and when you whack him back, he said "i love it, darling" -__-

Monday, July 23, 2007

HY, the fisherman

He was my ex-classmate. We were classmates until early 2004 until he met into a serious accident that put him unconscious.

What happened then was ... he wanted to protect his gf who was at the passenger seat and so ... he went into the divider. As a result, coma for him. He sacrificed his life for her :o

It has been 3 years over since the accident happened. He was fighting all the way, all the way from that day. Since then, he showed no signs. However, once awhile, he did move his fingers a little.

It was tragic, seriously tragical for everyone in my class. It's just something we could not believe. He's so young and this accident practically hit his friend's (that had been with him since secondary until college) face like an explosion, for JC has a phobia of driving then.

Yesterday, I had a phone call ... and he took his last breath at 9.30 am. He lost the battle. It's heartbreaking, it's tragic, it's disastrous. He has a bright future in front of him, and this has to happen. Nobody expected this. Probably, this is a good way too, to end all his sufferings. It wasn't easy for him, both himself and his family. The accident was fatal.

HY, rest in peace, I'm sure you will have a better and happier life

Sunday, July 22, 2007

SIng "lame, lame, lame"

tell me why ... ain't nothing but a .. zzzz ....

Let's talk about how lame can a person be.

He sent me a message in Friendster, not "a" but .. tons of them and all of them are left unanswered.
He talks about his life, nothing but his life.
He reports to me what he did on this this day, how he felt and stuff like that.
I have it at least once a week.
Though I dont bother to answer, he still keep sending it to me
He's just lame
The end

-______- sweat okie .. just sweat.

Nothing much, it feels so nice today because it practically rain the whole day, fualamak ... only if there's snow falling down from the sky

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm losing weight :(

Add another person to the list of people that I have met. Yeah, we (Kylie, Snail and me) met up with Gong Gong in Murni yesterday. We were there close to 6 hours o.O wah lau eh!

Omg! I'm losing weight again, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I was 51 there, and when I came back, I was 49 and now very close to 48 ... cannottttt!!! Noooooooooooo ... this cannot happen!!!! If I know, then I should have eaten even more there ... eat eat eat til 55kgs, then come back .... lose til 50 kgs, perfecto! Regret! Hehe ... But then, it's impossible to gain weight during in-training =.= ish

Few months time, there's no more meat at my cheeks if I keep loosing*booohooooooo* then I cannot be called chubby anymoreeeeeee .... mamamamiaaaaaa, then I will not be as healthy anymore, booohooooooo

Friday, July 20, 2007

Paris 4

Do you know what does it mean by retarded hair? Retarded hair is a combination of the sucky weather called humid in addition with the already existed dry hair, which can also be called as frizzy. This retarded hair cannot be cured and it will follow you wherever you go. Thus, I am one of the patient or victim of retarded hair that I have endured for decades now -_-

Okie, finally I have done something = rebonding. That is the one and only solution to it. People frequently ask if I have curled my hair or something, like no??? -_- I like the end result but I hate and I despise the process. At the moment when he was doing it, I so feel like killing myself right there and then, it was worse than hell. Going through the torture for 3 hours, geez! That's the worst that I have been through, yeah the worst. Getting an injection is even better, going to a surgery room is even better. As a result of the whole process, I felt freaking drained. Like damn putain okie.

Anyway, enough of retarded hair, let's go on with Paris and this is gonna be my last post for it. I lurve this ... the last memory that we had before we left Paris and the best of it is ... we never expected it at all. It was something very spectacular, and beyong our imagination :o woah!

There were 3 guys there and we saw so many people surrounding this place. So, being the kiasu ones, we don't wanna be left out. We took a look as well. Woah breakdance .. this guy, in blue was the one always breakdancing but ... he's such a turn off, then there's another guy, in white, well .. he's better but ... not that good either. Just so-so la-la or you call it comme ci comme ca in French.

Then, I saw this guy, he was just practising himself there and it instantly caught my attention. From then, I so wanted him to perform and stop breakdancing himself. His style alone can already portray that he's way much better than the other 2.

Yeahhh breakdance siut

Chun sial

Na rak-nye
Tres mignon

That's it, so conclusion. Even though I did not have the chance to take pics with the characters of Disney, but this one made it up. We ended our Paris trip with a blast. Yes, a real blast. Nothing could have been better. Oh I love Paris now coz of this HAHA! :D

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Law and movies

I got this from a forwarded email
80% of M'sians going to UK to study law?

UK Immigration Officer: Purpose of visit?
Visitor: I'm here to study law, sir.
Officer: You know, you must have a lot of lawyers in Malaysia .
Visitor: Why do you say that?
Officer: Well, i've been here for a good twenty years, and I'd say 80% of Malaysians I see here say they're here to read law.
Visitor: Oh, really? That's really something i never knew. Hard to believe in fact.
Officer: Just you watch, then. You just stand here until the next Malaysian comes along, and I'll bet he's here to read law.

*Visitor waits for 5 mins, Ah Chong from Malaysia comes to immigration counter*

Officer: Mr. Ah Chong, purpose of visit?
Ah Chong: Study lorr...

I have not watched any movies this week :(

First: Transformers
Second: Die Hard
Third: Helikopter Harry Potter
Forth: Transformers

Needless to say, I lurveee Transformers the most, like .. the most. I have never watched any movies twice in a cinema before in my entire life and this got to be the first ever movie that I have watched TWICE! The robots were just awesome, better than awesome in fact! Die Hard is kind of ridiculous if you watch it, as the hero can just go on and on and on fighting, as if he has 12 lives :s =.= but anyway it's not too bad, just a human version of Transformers, undoubtedly, not as good of course. Harry Potter was the greatest disappointment of all. I don't really follow the whole series of Harry Potter. I managed to watch the one before this from Gift's laptop and it was great. Who knows this time ... :s like .. what is it all about -_- I don't even know, so not worth for the midnight movie :s anyways.... that's about it. I heard that the books are so much better but heck, I dont read the books, not even one of them, and not even LOTR haha :D so I don't care ;)

The next movie I am really looking forward to is .... my best friend, Ratatouille :D :D :D the little cute rat who can cook, dream big but he's a rat and a chef, who can't cook work together as a team in Paris and become the .... *tang tang tang* omg I can't wait ... 12 August ....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The second Sunday when I was here, I went out with a friend, and a blogger. After a whole day out, we had our dinner in a place called Pizzeria. Sounds very familiar, hehe ... coz Swiss has it too and not to forget, the restaurant beside the restaurant I was working is also Pizzeria o.O That place that we went is new but I do not know how new as it was not there yet when I left more than a year ago.


Hawaiiian .. tasteless

The wall and there are mags too

Settings of the rest, looks kinda classy, and cosy ..

The missing pieces

Ever have a time that you thought you have a complete life, totally satisfied, very contented, everything seems perfect but one fine day when you take a look about your life, you realized something is just not right, some pieces in you is not there, it's gone, it's lost, it's missing and you just have to find that piece back in you.
By the time you realized it, you want to find it back, but you do not know what went wrong. It could be job, lifestyle or even the people surrounding you. Pieces of you is gone and all it needs is just someone to mend it back, someone to fill it but ... where is the person? You wonder ... where? who? how could you reach to that person? All in all ... you can do is to wait, all alone in the dark, in the light, in the rain, in the sunshine.

Emotionless ... waiting

The missing pieces might be done by someone ... and all you have is just memories. Memories that had been with you forever and it will last for eternity.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Paris 3

Eeee ... Paris .. seems like it is taking me forever just to blog about Paris and we were only there like what .. 2 days? Either I am procastinating like shit, or I took too many pix XD

The building.. heh

At the arch :D

Standing before the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Since 1821, this place has been a place of remembrance and meditation.

This is the tunnel we use to cross to the other side of the road, there is no zebra crossing and there is no way you can cross, or maybe I just do not know how to cross the road haha

Finally us ...

BUT ...

this is not the last post of Paris, another one coming up :D

Blee Blee

Heehee ... I went out yesterday, totally unexpected that I will join them. Probably due to the boredom that could cause anxiety and depression at a later stage if I do not get my ass out. It's funny and weird, like .. when people used to tell me to go out when I was in Geneva, I refused, I rather stay in my soulless room, which only filled with stuff and nothing else. Nowadays, I am seriously dying to go out, I can really just die of boredom. Yeah, I met so many that I just do not know who are they o.O I know some previously, I guessed some and some I totally have no idea who are they. I am deeply sorry but the person that I should recognize was Yung Yung but I could not. Lolz ... sorry deh =.=

I was in the bank yesterday and it was such a waste of time going there as I wanted to change from my junior account to the normal one. But, I procrastinated for what ... 5 years now and I have finally gone haha. It was such a waste of time, as they already change it for me =.= Well, the lady asked too if I am interested working in a banking line o.O like .. no? Haha ... totally unexpected HEH =.=

2 more days .... just 2 more days that I will be using the lorry Avanza I am driving now ... which I will then change to Mini Kecik Mouse Kancil on Thursday night. =.= booo~

Editted: New theme ... :p

Monday, July 16, 2007

Finit 5

Finished Part 4 .. and now again .. part 5

Bar ... she was a commis before, and after one year, she was promoted to work at the bar

Stephan, my manager ... haha ... very very very very professional =.= has been working there for 3 years now

Gaton ... chef at the cold dish area :D he loves singing haha :D really cute

This is Carlos, he joined after me... precisely in April and ... he's the best so far, and ... damn ... he's na rak

Ass .. whose ass is this? Who else if it's not Vassil -_-

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I just got into the cinema few days ago .. and I got a call

Guy: Hi can I speak to Michela please *yeah he has the courage to pronounce my name so god damned wrongly*
Me: Who is this
Me: Yes, who is this
Guy: Do you remember me? Working in Equatorial 3-4 years ago, I am Zaman from Bangladesh
Me:*oh shit and stunned from the surprised call*
Me: Hello ... hello *pretended I could not hear and hang up*

The very next day ... I got a sms

Hi, Michale, good morning, how are you? You remember me about 3/4 years ago, I'm Zaman

No morning, and I don't care if I remember you or not, even I do .. it's not important, the most important thing is stop calling me and get lost. Thank you very much, your co-operation is much appreciated.

Wah lao ... even after 4 years -_- and he had left the country .. and my mobile went offline for one year ... and he can still call me -_-

Palapol - Jai Kor

It has been ages since the last time I posted a Thai lyrics here, and here it goes again

ฉันคิดถึงเธอ ฉันคิดถึงเธอ ฉันคิดถึงเธอทั้งคืนทั้งวัน
chun kit teung ter chun kit teung ter chun kit teung ter tung keun tung wun
I miss you, I miss you, I miss you all night and day.

น้ำหอมของเธอ น้ำเสียงของเธอ ท่าทางของเธอตอนสบตาฉัน
nam hom kong ter nam siang kong ter ta taang kong ter dtorn sob dta chun
Your perfume, your voice, the way you looked when I saw you.

ฉันฝันถึงเธอ ฉันเพ้อถึงเธอ ฉันหวังว่าเธอก็เป็นเหมือนกัน
chun fun teung ter chun per teung ter chun wung wa ter gor ben muean gun
I dream about you, I'm crazy about you, and I hope you feel the same way too.

ขอบฟ้าของเรา สายน้ำของเรา กับเพลงของเราแค่ปลอบใจฉัน
korb fa kong rao sai nam kong rao gup pleng kong rao kae blop jai chun
To the edge of our skies, and the course of our seas, with our songs, I feel at ease.

oh dao er-ee yai ler-ee mai roo me krai tee kao huang
The stars don't know who's out there, worrying.

toh lom er-ee tam mai dtong huang ma jang hang hai
Alas! The wind has made it so I don't worry about losing you.

bloi hai ton jon jai ja tor jai kor ja ting bai
Let me try to win you until I'm disappointed and you'll dump me.

jao ja roo ja hen baang mai jai kon tee ror
Do you know and see the heart of a waiting man.

เพราะรักเหลือเกิน เพราะรักถึงรอ ไม่รักไม่รอให้ใจไหวหวั่น
prow ruk luea gern prow ruk teung ror mai ruk mai ror hai jai wai wun
Because I love you too much, enough to wait, no love no waiting and let my heart tremble.

เพราะรักถึงกลัว เพราะรู้ว่าไกล เผื่อเธอพบใครก็อาจลืมฉัน
prow ruk teung glua prow roo wa glai puea ter pop krai gor art leum chun
I love you so much it's scary, because I know you're far away and you might meet someone new and forget me.

Once upon a time

michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
who is there now?
Tina says:
two managers today is Mr. Gael last day after he will go on vacation for two weeks and Gaton the chef in the kitchen he will be on vacation from 20/7 to 15/ kind of sad
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
two managers? who?
Tina says:
Gael and Gerard
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
tell Mr Gael hello ... and enjoy his vacation
Tina says:
he wanna give u a kiss and thank you
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
hahaha ...
Tina says:
do you wanna say sth to him
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
say ... i miss him hehe
Tina says:
he said he miss u too
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
aww ... so sweet hahah
Tina says:
he want to give you kiss
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
Tina says:
he want to see u again haha
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
me tooooooo
Tina says:
do you wanna say anything to Guillaume
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
he's there? :}
Tina says:
yup and gerard or david
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
i dunno hahaha
Tina says:
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
say .. hie
Tina says:
chirstophe just left
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
lapin huh hahah
Tina says:
haha I think he is drunk
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
LOL again?
Tina says:
I miss you a lot

Tina says:
hello it s berengere
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
helllo how r u?
Tina says:
and you
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
hahaha good too ....
Tina says:
hello mich c guuillaume
Tina says:
how are you
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
halooo ..... me ... im .. good .. and you enjoyed your vacation?
Tina says:
i m ok i miss you you are so far
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
hahaha ... very far 11.5 hours
Tina says:
your famly is ok
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
Tina says:
dj doesn tmiss you
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
i know but it's okay
Tina says:
kahn is still so stupid and cafe du centre is still so busy
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
aahahaha who is this now
Tina says:
hello it s dejay i miss you you knw what...
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
u sure? haha but i thought ur off on .... thursday n friday ummmmm ... woof woof
Tina says:
ciao bella see you soon i kiss you know what...
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
ciao Guillaume
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
take care ciao ciao
Tina says:
Tina says:
Tina here
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
ok good
Tina says:
4 biere for me tonight haha
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
sweat omg
Tina says:
but they can not see me
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
dont fly ok
I am flying
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
dont drink so much
Tina says:
because I miss so much
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
aww ...
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
2 more weeks okay ... hang on there
Tina says:
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
u take care of yourself ...
Tina says:
I will
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
dont get so mad
Tina says:
eventhough I am piss off everyday
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
if ur mad, eat some ice cubes
Tina says:
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
if not then ... er .... i dunno haha

michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
u take care ya
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
anything sms or email me
Tina says:
see u next day
Tina says:
kiss u
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
okie sure
Tina says:
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
Tina says:
I will
michy - *dede©!* - next mizzion = BAK KUT TEH KLANG says:
i miss uuuuu
Tina says:
see u take care

so ... umm yeah, Tina was online there, then Guillaume pretended to be DJ but I know DJ is always off on Thursday and Friday so it's impossible to be him ... I just knew it and ... what I like the most is he said Kahn is stil stupid hahaha .. and Mr Gael, same old same old hahaha ...

Paris 2

Woof! There is one word to describe my hair now - simply retarded. Seriously retarded. So abnormal that nothing else could describe it. I so do not like it now. I have to spend much much more time now. Previously, just comb a few times and now .. oh gosh, it feels like it takes forever just to comb and it doesn't look nice. Damn! Dang! The only good thing about it is ... it saves so much time on drying now while before it takes like dont-know-how-many-freaking-hours to completely dry.

Oh and yea ... I so hate it when I enter a shop, and that bugger just has to tail me every step I make. I do not have to steal, so stay back. Even if I wanted to buy, I ended up not buying due to this kind of idiotic nuts. I hate it like hell. Why do I have to steal. Why are they so paranoid. Why? Idiotic case! I'm pretty sure that it is nothing unusual here, but I just cannot accept it. Simply retarded, just like my hair. Even if it means that the shop is so damn freaking small. They still wanna tail me. I hate the feeling of being tailed around like I'm gonna steal and run at any point of time. Bugger! Celaka babi is the word. Scheisse is the look of the face. Putain is the .... whateva. Sheesh!

Anyway, Paris I love you, so I came back to you.

This is the famous Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile in Paris. This was our last stop there before heading back to our lovely Swiss. This is the world's largest triumphal arch.

This is the sculptures of the arc. At the bases of the Arc's pillars are four huge relief sculptures, commemorating The Triumph of 1810 (by Cortot); Resistance, and Peace (both by Etex); and The Departure of the Volunteers, more commonly known as La Marseillaise (by François Rude)

There were so many people involved in the war and all of them were engraved here and it can be seen on the walls of the Arc. Engraved around the top of the Arch are the names of major victories won during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods.

This is the admission to enter the Arch. Enjoy your time paying 6.10 Euros to enter and climb 284 stairs or 50 metres. For us, we don't have the time.

SO many dates to be remembered ... this is just one of them, and there are lots more :s

We have done it ... :p

Source: Paris