Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Our country had reached an Independence of 55 years. It supposed to be something we should be proud of, it's a celebration for every Malaysians out there.

BUT, there's a but in everything. As the years go by, I realized that this is not something we need to celebrate any longer. The celebration is dying. People are not celebrating because of Independence, but it's more like a festival instead, and most importantly a public holiday. That's how people are looking at.

If we can't even be united, what is there to celebrate anyway? With all the hard work and effort our forefathers had fought for to become what it is today, how worthwhile was that? Honestly speaking? If people are so unappreciative for what has been done for our sake, why be independent, right?

Even the most basic factor we do not possess, how far and how much more we need to learn to live by. There are so many things that are happening at the current state is showing that we are going to the other direction. Things that supposed to be looked at seriously had been taken off lightly and eventually leaves a major impact on all of us.

I just wish and hope that everyone can finally live in peace. The safety of the people and the unity of all Malaysians. That's what it's important! We live as one! Be united!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Goodbye U Mobile, Hello P1

Ahhh ... finally, I have for once and for all, terminated my broadband service with U Mobile after having 4 years broadband with them. These 4 years had been very painful and torturing.

When they first came out, they were doing okay, and their price was the most competitive of all back then. It was 78 bucks for unlimited usage. It was back then when they were still managing it okay-ly.

As soon as my 2 years contract is over, I wanted to terminate it because they had all sorts of problems with it. Like, not able to connect, all those kind of shit things. When it couldn't connect, I took my modem to them only to learn them teaching me how to un-install and re-install, which I have known it. Excuse me? Are you kidding me, to be teaching all these sort of nonsense? Like as if I don't know. I might not have come from an IT background, but this is BASIC, like the foundation to be a human.

Then, the unlimited usage ended. They didn't even inform, they reduced my plan and the price became 68 bucks, and I was not notified and that's obviously not unlimited. It was just 5 GB. Ridiculous, and the speed feels like dial up service we used to have. I'm serious!

I made a point to just terminate it and sign it with the competitor which is just 69 bucks with better service. 6 GB and slowest it can go down to is 2 MB.

Ooh? Did I mention before that I was just enquiring with U Mobile how long do they need the notification before the actual termination? Apparently, that idiot can't understand simple English just terminated it IMMEDIATELY. Yeah such customer service personnel do exist in such a major outlet like 1 Utama. How shameful.

So they charged me for the entire month, and wow, impressive service they have I must say. They charged til end of the month but they terminate it immediately. How awesome! It's like damn efficient!! I'm impressed. But, when it's time to get them to connect it, it takes a zillion years to do so. So yeah U Mobile, I believe you people are DA BEST in terminating the service!! With such great customer experience that people there don't even understand simple query. WOW! I'm honestly WOW-ed!

Monday, August 27, 2012

My lappie isn't reading my external hard drive

New discovery today. My laptop isn't reading my external hard disk, like what the heck?

It was okay few months back, and years back, and now, it's dying? It still has that same blue light there and the sound is like as if it's trying to read the data, but somehow nothing is showing up on My Computer.

This is seriously bad. So, now, hopefully it works. Even if it's not on my laptop, on other laptop is fine too. But, I have just tried on another laptop and the same happens. I tried changing the cables, yet it isn't working.

I'm having the ultimate level of stress now. I will need to go get it tested with the technical guys. Hopefully, with them changing the casing it's gonna work. Or else, the last resort, I gotta do the data recovery with them.

Please pray hard ..... damn, all my precious pictures are all there, you just gotta be kidding me, right? I need that desperately.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Singapore Trip

It was end of July I went to Singapore. That was my first ever time I've been to Singapore for a visit. Surprisingly, after just almost 28 years. I know it's kinda sad. The only other time I was there was actually a stop over during a cruise trip years back.

This is so-like Genting.

To all gamblers, this is D place for you

And to the non-gamblers. Though it might not seem that way, but it was freaking hot.

Well, KL Wonton me in Singapore? For real?

Yeah, the Malaysian food street ol' style

There are more places I would like to go. Just save that for a future visit, which means, I have more reasons to go.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Ahh ... I'm seeing way too many of these. Leggings are not meant to wear as pants altogether. Only given certain circumstances, then it can be worn as pants, or else, please don't.

You need to bring into the consideration of the quality. Some of it is so freaking thin that you can see through whatever is inside, which means you're showing everything to the world.

Being in this country, it is not very practical to wear really thick ones that is meant for Winter. However, that does not mean that wearing it thin. If you wanna wear leggings, ensure that it is good in quality that it is not sheer enough.

Please also, it cannot be worn as a pants itself WHEN you are wearing a very short top. It's not supposed to be like that. You wanna look sexy but please don't end up otherwise. I have seen so many of them wearing short tops with leggings, oh please God help them, and me, it's a soar to the eyes, honestly.

Leggings in actual fact is an inner wear, so please don't take it as a pants. Furthermore, if it's starting to peel off and it's starting to tear, please for God's sake, get a new one. It's not expensive to begin with. It's freaking ugly to have a not-perfect-leggings. It's either you go all out to look all nice, or just don't wear it at all. Don't be a fashion faux pas.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Schooling Days

I have this account to keep in touch with people you know from school, whether it's primary, secondary, college or uni.

Seriously? I don't know why on Earth did I have that account in the very first place because one, I'm not someone who keeps in contact with people particularly from my studying years, two, I don't even intend to live a life from the past.

I still do have a very limited amount of people from my secondary but there was not even one person that I keep in contact from primary. I'm bad in keeping contact. Well, I didn't enjoy school at all. I wanted to get out from school so badly because I hated being there.

Honestly, out of 10 people there, I recognize just one. I can never know and recognize anyone by their looks, so the only way to recognize them is only through name if I still remember or else it's just not meant to be.

I enjoyed uni the most. I dread primary the most, then secondary. There are just too many reasons behind. I don't wish to re-live those dreadful moments. If I were to live those moments again, I would rather die though adulthood sucks too. At least now, I live the way I want and I don't need to live around people competing over absolutely nothing. People don't care how you look or sound like too! Though people around you do comment but it doesn't matter anymore unlike those days. When you are just a bit different from the others, you're classified as a weirdo.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Step Up Revolution & Hantu Gangster

Recently, I have been going out for movies. Well, not recent to be exact, more like it has been an on-going thing. How did I even live without movies before for so many years, made me wonder.

Anyway, the last 2 movies that I watched were Step Up Revolution and our local production movie Hantu Gangster

I was looking really forward for this movie, perhaps, a little too high expectations. I don't simply miss dance movies unless I really don't have the time. This is not a typical dance movie of participating in competitions. Nothing of that sort. The dance was not that many and the story tend to be a little draggy in my opinion. If you have not watched, please don't expect too much. Of course based on personal opinion, but I don't quite like it this time.

This is a must-watch for Malaysians. It's of course a Namewee production. It touches on the issues we have to date, the unity, the racial issues, issues that have always been there but not actually acknowledged. What had causes conflicts, the bitterness and hatred that develop due to the parties with evil intention can cause a fall.

I really love watching local production. Of course, I do need to understand the language as well, so, it's best that it's a mixture of the 3 languages that are so commonly used here. My first local movie that I have watched was Spinning Gasing, then Sepet. The most recent one before this was also a Namewee production - Nasi Lemak. This time is even funnier than that. It's definitely worth watching.

Dede's Birthday Part 2

So ... the dinner arrived. We ordered some Japanese food, and I can't remember much about the food. I can just remember that the portion was way beyond our capability.

Ooh finally our hair color is different in pics haha

It's all nothing but just pics of us

Outside the restaurant

Tadaaa ...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Big Bang Alive Concert in Malaysia

There was an announcement that Big Bang was finally gonna come here for a concert. It was just rumors at first and at a later stage it became official that T.O.P, GD, Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri are coming here for their Alive Tour on October 27th!!!! Wooohoo!

I seriously can't wait and I'm eager and I'm anxious. Ahhh. Then there came a decision making issue, how much should we go for? The most expensive one 688? Or the second which is 588? Or should we just go for 488 or 388? It's a huge dilemma, I've never made such big decision in my life.

There came the day that the ticket is gonna launch, July 28th at 10.30 am in Farenheit 88 while tickets are only going for sale online at Redtix and Ticketcharge at 12pm onwards.

It's impossible to queue up in Farenheit as the crowd was so outrageous. They started queuing at noon from the day before its launch. Due to the overwhelmed response, we only manage to get the ticket priced at 191 bucks.

You can see those pics here that people were camping over there. Though the concert has got to be 3 months later, the tickets are practically sold out. Many were having problems getting the tickets. Server busy, or the outlets with tickets are all sold out.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Pretty Shoes

What will you consider before you buy a pair of shoes? Which will be your focus? The comfort? Or the style/design?

Of course it will be great that both comes into place but as you know our feet have different structures even though we might have the same feet size. It will be excellent if you enjoy the best of both worlds but that's always not the case.

You come to a point that you feel so in dilemma whether to purchase a particular shoe because you really like it, it's really nice and yet it doesn't fit you properly, either a size too big or too small.

There are so many people I know, well, of course girls, will actually go ahead to buy it. That frequently happens. I have yet to meet a guy who is caught in that situation.

In my case, I can't do that. Firstly, my concern is always the comfort, forever and ever is the comfort, the design is secondary. I don't wear heels on normal days, not any other time except very special occasion like weddings, so I guess it is not that applicable. I prefer sneakers. Comfort first, anytime. Secondly, I have very different feet structure, I can't explain it. So unique that it's really difficult to find a good pair of shoes. Once I find a pair which is comfy, I better get it.

There comes to a point, you buy something which is not your size because you feel it's just so pretty and you can't live without that shoes, you put it on, you walk on the streets, and people start laughing. How worthwhile will that be? You walk like some odd woman who has blisters all over and injured some parts of your legs. Instead of the elegant, classy look that you would like to portray, you end up as a laughing subject. Don't be surprised, this is the issue face by many out there, so much for buying shoes which is not their size.

A pair of shoes isn't being just a pair of shoes, it brings your personality out. It's pretty, it's nice does not mean it suits you. Allow it to go to the rightful owner. Force does not have the best endings, and it doesn't bring happiness, instead it's the pain and torment you gotta go through until you decided to just throw it,

I know sometimes it's not your call. You are in desperate need of shoes and you have time constraint. I'm not talking bout those. I'm referring to the ones who have options.