Sunday, September 30, 2012

Birthday Celebration Part 1

Here we come.It's the time of the year again to celebrate someone's birthday. Nothing too much, nothing too lil', it's just nice. It's just once a year I get the chance to live a lavish life like this. It's not too much to ask for, right? We did not plan any fancy thing, just the two of us, and re-live the moment of joy.

Hey yo you, long time no see, how much changes over the past year, gosh

Damn you too, I miss you both. I used to see you every single day til I am so sick of you and now that I am far away, I miss you haha

Tadaa ... this is taken from the beautiful 25th floor

The buildings that surround us

Saturday, September 29, 2012


I don't know how many freaking times this year alone I have been taking medication. Over and over again. One day, I will just collapse with drug overdose. It's not just once or twice, but I don't know, it's uncountable. One after another and it's so annoying.

So yeah ... all these drug that enters my body, make sure that it's effective, or else all my effort has been wasted, the torment of swallowing it. Seriously, each time ... ahhhh ... help! Though I have been given a MC, but I went ahead to work.

Hey you body, you better get well by Monday night, I'm honestly very annoyed already.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Discover Korea & H&M

If you were in Farenheit 88 last week, you would have known that they were having a Discover Korea week at the concourse area. They sell Korean stuff, the standard ones are instant noodles, beverages, seaweed and this time, they have make up too.

Tadaaa.... in Hangeul

This is Lee Hyorin, a Korean model-actress among the others that she has been. Oh I bought a blue eye liner from them.

Jang jang ... Discover Korea

To be really honest, I feel that Hanbok, Korea's traditional attire is the most comfortable of all the others that I know. Cheongsam, Kimono .. and etc. I still find myself being very much attracted to a Hanbok more than any others. First, it's comfortable, second, it's easy to wear. You might say that Cheongsam is easy to wear. It isn't as easy because the zip is right behind you, what if I have a pair of short hands? Second thing, it's tight, so you gotta struggle to wear it. Third, it's so uncomfortable, you can't breathe normally because it's just too tight. Cheongsam is meant to be tight so you can't get anything looser.

Yeah, on the very same day on last Saturday, it was the opening of H&M. How much I loved H&M. But, that doesn't mean that I will queue up with all the lunatic people just to get into the shop. It's not something I enjoy doing. I actually hate crowded area because it gets me annoyed. But, well, I'll put up with it to a certain extent. The shop is still gonna be there after a few months. After all the hype is over, then it's MY time to conquer it. When I was in Switzerland, H&M is one of those brand that I will frequently go because one .. it's CHEAP, and when they have offers, they go DIRT CHEAP. I know it will not be the same here. However, from the advertisements, I can accept the price range. Not something beyond my purchasing power. haha.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

When Age Is Just NOT A Number

People say, age is just a number. It's like saying, a jail is just a room.

Personally, I feel your age reflects how you should act. There's a phrase saying that you become wiser as you age. So, people have a lil' more expectations when you are older.

You may look like you're a matured woman, but, deep down you have the mentality of a 10 year old kid. That is sickening. I have learned something new. I should not expect too much even though people might be 30, 40 or even 50. They still act like a kid, all competing among each other who is the best actress. Why not I'll give the medal and trophy to all of you, not to worry, everyone has one.

Stop acting so childish, stop being so immature, and the most important, stop being dramatic. That is despiteful. Being emotional is one thing, being dramatic is another. I believe that when you're much younger, you have all rights in the world to be emotional until you reach a certain age. Once you have reached a certain age, even you are emotional, I call that insecurity in whatever your issues are. That becomes painfully stupid and annoying. The fact that you go public with that kind of emotions, omigod, that is really what a pathetic freak does.

Please okay woman, honestly speaking, it's very unattractive of you to do such things. You gotta know that you give negative vibe to be doing such things all the freaking time. At all cost, I'm not asking you to pretend, but please be more discreet about it. Don't go public with every lil things that happen because it's a turn-off and people eventually feel disgusted. You will then realize as time passes, one after another start walking away from you because you keep on giving out the negative aura that eventually affects them.

Who says age is just a number? It practically reflects your maturity. Most girls/women don't act their age, they think they are kids, they start acting out a scene out from their Taiwanese dramas, then, they get what they want. Yeah, easy, right? It's not wrong to dream :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

생일축하해요 28th Birthday

It's the 25th of September today. 28 years ago I came into this world haha. Time flies, already 28, damn.

Those who had wished me personally, on fb, whatsapp, viber, SMS, calls and those who had put aside your precious time just to celebrate this birthday with me, thank you very much. I have nothing else to wish for but to have you guys.

I used to like really plan for my birthday and that was a bad step. This is just great. No stress, all relaxed, chill out and that's the best I could have asked for. 정말 정말 감사해서 저는 너무 너무 행복해요. 사람이 진짜 사랑해요. ㅋㅋ

Monday, September 24, 2012

Breakaway to Bukit Tinggi Part 4

This is finally the last part of the whole short trip. It isn't a long trip, a pretty short breakway from the city. Perhaps, it's a good idea to just go once. Just like Redang, it's enough to be there just once because the second time is always not as good. Honestly, I have not been to Redang haha. My friend told me to just go once and let's keep the sweetest memory there for the first time. After the kimono session, we left for KL and that's about it.

We can't afford the spa haha, hence, the pic only

And we love the windy walkway here

So, a final one ^^

Friday, September 21, 2012


I was reading some zodiac books for the Rat. It's some Lilian Too's books. Just out of curiosity. I found this really interesting from some sites.

Rat-Rat: Well Suited
Rat-Ox: Happy & Steady
Rat-Tiger: Hot & Cold
Rat-Rabbit: May argue
Rat-Dragon: Suitable Match
Rat-Snake: Volatile Match
Rat-Horse: Poor match
Rat-Sheep: Poor match
Rat-Monkey: Very lively
Rat-Rooster: Need effort
Rat-Dog: Lively Pair
Rat-Pig: Quite charming

I think the rooster one is wrong, because most of the sites mentioned that this pair cannot work out, and don't even think about it. Pig one I have mix opinions in regards of this pair. Some sites mentioned that there will be turbulence, some mentioned it's okay. Tiger is quite a good one for best friends, while for companionship, effort is needed.

Just bear in mind, I find this rather funny. It mentioned that Rat is a flirt, a natural flirt. I'm a Libran. It had also mentioned that Libran is a flirt too? Does this mean I have double dose? Like, WTHHH???!!! NOOOOOO!!!! I'm not! I behave really well okie. My gawd.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Mask Regime

How do you take care of your skin is really important. Some of us are lucky enough to be born with nice beautiful skin and some may not be as lucky that you need to watch your food intake, and really do follow all the akin care regime closely together with facial and all.

I'm one of those that is not discipline enough to really follow the skin care regime on a daily basis. I do it whenever I'm hardworking. When I'm not, you got the answer. I have been to a facial maybe 3 times in total in my entire life and I don't like it at all. I don't like for a fact that I need to go through some torments in a dark room. I'm all tensed up. Furthermore, I don't feel the comfort doing facial and I don't sense the difference to be honest.

Maybe you may not agree with me, but having nice skin affects you personally or professionally.

Many professions that require make up, is not just about following the basic regime. But, you need to take extra good care. I used to apply make up everyday, every single day for work purpose and it isn't a very pleasant feeling. If you don't go for facial, then the other best thing is to put on mask. I do it every week. I have been good this year, putting it more often. Sometimes I'm lazy I skip for that week. At least in comparison to years before or even last year, I have tremendous improvement in my skin. I have also slow down on my alcohol intake which avoids that dehydration every single week.

So yeah mask every week is as important. Say hello to a better skin. In case you don't know already, you're suppose to put on the mask between 15-20 mins. Please adhere to it as if you don't and remain it longer, the mask will eventually absorb the moisture from your skin leaving it dry and dehydrated.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The turn-off PDA

I always have a really hard time accepting people who express their feelings publicly, in other words PDA.

I'm totally not a fan of all these kind of things. When you look around you, there are this one type of girl that will PDA all day long and night. That is really really unattractive. Maybe, you would have thought that's okay, because she has a bf already. That's not how it supposed to be. She having a bf or not doesn't matter, but, it's really disgusting and unappealing.

I do know and I do understand your position that maybe, you really want the whole world to know that you are dating and that he is your bf and he is not available anymore. I understand your current and difficult position you are in now. But, you will need to understand others' position as well, like how awkward it feels like, like how disgusting it feels like, and definitely how irritating can that be.

Everyone has every freaking right to decide anything they want and I know, that includes you. You have every the freedom to decide, you have the freedom to do anything you want in the world as long as you don't go against the law. I totally understand that. But, please understand my frustration too, and be more considerate about how others feel.

No matter how you act with him nobody ever cares, but please behave decently in public. I know that it's an open world and that we should be more open on things. But, certain things are ought to be remained private. At least, act your age, be a bit classy won't kill you. Don't throw yourself to the guy because eww ... that's just a complete turn off and tawdry.

Therefore, I will really appreciate it that you could just mellow it down and learn to respect the people around you because for me, that's an insult and disrespect.

If you are afraid that he will leave you if you don't do this, please don't waste time thinking because if he wants, he will leave you eventually. No point thinking as such. Then, you go on being depressed and cry every single day and night. What's the point, right? It makes no sense and please don't be a retard. So, let the crying come naturally and right now, do you part and be someone with pride and dignity.

From my personal observation, those who goes PDA all the while, ends up in tragic. Hence, my very sincere and genuine advise, don't. Do anything you want whenever you are alone with him. Nobody cares. I will be indebted to you.

Breakaway to Bukit Tinggi Part 3

Here we are the Japanese village with our kimonos. They made me wear pink despite knowing I am phobia to pink. Sadist friends I have and that's a known fact. They do rent out kimonos for photo taking sessions and just to have fun with it. It's 20 bucks for 20 minutes, so basically 1 buck per minute and every second counts.

Just four of us that fits in perfectly. The kimono makes me look so bloated.

The sun ... ahhhh

My buddies ... and I love them ... haha. Omg I just put on maybe 5 kgs with this kimono.

Omg ... imagine how hot was the sun then, I endured it

Then, the last shot before taking it off

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Malaysia Day

Today, is Malaysia Day, September 16th which falls on a Sunday. When it falls on a Sunday, it means that Monday is automatically a public holiday.

And here I am, working on both days. Sad, I know, thank you. But, that's fine. It's good. Just look at the brighter side.

So yeah, this is the day to mark the formation of Malaysia. It's not Independence, but Malaysia. It's only on this date in 1963 that Malaysia was born. Before this, it was just Malaya. So, it took us 6 years to rename ourselves Malaysia from Malaya. haha. Back then, Singapore was part of Malaysia and they separated from us, which they then developed by themselves. Though we were one before, but we are now two very different countries.

Kids, it's not all about holidays. Please remember a very important date as such if you are born in Malaysia. Before this, not many knew that today in 1963 is when our country was born. Many thought that it was on Aug 31st, 1957 which was our Independence Day.

It's 2 different dates and how can they not know about this. I honestly knew this. It's all taught in school, how can you not know basic things like this. Basic knowledge of your own country! This is not about patriotism or anything, it's general knowledge that is expected from every citizen of this country. Certain things you can choose to ignore, but not stuff like this. If in any case, a tourist happen to ask the formation of Malaysia, and as a citizen of this country where you were born, raised and lived not know about it, how embarassing can that moment be. Just imagine.

Anyway, if you don't have to work, lucky you a very Happy Malaysia Day to you. If you do have to work, come and join hands with me.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City

I have dined in a Japanese restaurant that I've never been to before lately. The name of the restaurant is called Sushi Tei. If you are in Tropicana City and if you have the cravings for Japanese food, you will most probably walk into the same restaurant as I did.

I'm honestly not impressed. When I usually go to a Japanese restaurant, I will most of the time go "woah." Do not be mistaken "woah" with "wow." it's just different.

The selections they have is relatively limited. The price is definitely not cheap, it's slightly above average. The hygiene isn't on par. I do know that in a restaurant, there tend to be unhygienic things happen in the kitchen but please let it stay there and don't allow it to be seen by the customers because it isn't a nice sight.

If you wanna cut some meat on a dirty card board, please do it out from customers' sight. Please? Most customers are not keen to see you at one small corner, but you've been caught. Thank You.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

History of My Hair

For so many years til the day that I can remember, my hair has never been nice. It has all along been frizzy and trust me, that isn't cool at all.

In comparison to before, maybe it has improved tremendously but still it isn't on par with others because it's just disgustingly frizzy. It isn't even manageable.

During schooling days, it was short all the way, and I've never had straight hair and I thought there must be something really wrong with me. Why my hair isn't like my peers??!! WHY! It's just not right!! Grr!

Then, for the first time in my life I wanted to grow my hair long at age 18, OMG! That was a real nightmare for months and months! From one side it grew outwards, the other side, it just grew weirdly, and everything goes haywire. It's like the end of the world, nobody can save my hair anymore. No choice, did rebonding twice or thrice then I stopped.

Years passed, and I have also cut the rebonding out. But, it isn't as bad because it had passed the shoulder length level. I can sleep at ease but it doesn't mean that my hair was even near beautiful. Maybe, beautifool.

I chopped my hair off once til the length I love most in 2008. Yeah babeh .. it's boy short. I love that! Then, the pain started when I have finally decided to keep it long in 2010. Started growing my hair and Thank God, I have a pair of magic hands to save my horrible hair. The growth of the hair isn't as bad as the first ever time. At least it's stable. Hence, moral of the story, a frequent visit to a salon is essential!

That's not all, my hair had became more frizzy lately and I found out why. It's not because of the shampoo or the conditioner that I use. It's not because I have dyed my hair. The unmanageable hair came recently. I have skipped that 2 months visit to the salon. That's not all. I wash my hair usually in the night before I sleep and when I blow dry my hair, it wasn't entirely 100% dry. It was probably just 50% or lesser and that's really terrible because that is the cause of the frizziness of my hair. What I mean dry is outside and inside.

Moral of the story Part 2 ... wash during the day, and if it cannot be helped, ensure that hair is superbly dry before you lay on your bed. Maybe, I need to do some investment soon. When I dried my hair 100%, my hair looks so different. Though it isn't WOW ... but at least, I can accept it, unlike before.

I have also accepted this, I've never had straight hair, and I will never have straight hair. In fact, I do not intend to have silky straight hair. I like to have some wave and that's what I have. haha.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

강남스타일 Gangnam Style by Psy

For the past month or so, there was a video of Psy that went viral all over Youtube and Facebook. If you have not heard of it, where have you been, dude? Gangnam Style is awesome. It's a mix reaction when you mention the title of the song because some will go bananas like ... damnnn ... that's an awesome songgg... and the others might go ... stop that! It's so annoying. I have chosen to be the first group haha.

He is a controversial singer way back to his 1st and 2nd album. He's not a singer that was born overnight. He was here since 2000 or 2001. He had just reached his peak now.

Gangnam is actually a high end district in Korea, likewise of Pavillion here in KL. I had visited that area and damn, it's superbly beautiful. His video had hit more than 100,000, 000 and is now standing at 147,844,067 viewers.

That's the original. It's so damn addictive. People will think that the dude should be tall, rich and handsome and with this, he's trying to break through that stereotype.

Then, it's the version featuring Hyuna from 4 Minute.

OMG!!! Seungri of Big Bang was dancing to that! He looks so darn cute haha.

And ... the latest one, he even taught Britney, the dance on Ellen's show, and she looks so funny there with her heels. But he said "mindset of this dance is dress classy and dance cheesy" damn, he's just amazing. haha.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Breakaway to Bukit Tinggi Part 2

It was already back in our room. It was early, we had nothing to do. Thus, all we did was to put on mask, drink beer, then sleep. The beer came from KL. haha.

Yeah a claw =.= in the middle of nowhere

Right after breakfast, I went for a nap, checked out at 12, and tadaaa ... Japanese Village, here we come.

The place is kinda cooling ^^

Then, we just love stairs haha

And damn, I don't know what's this but yeah, anyway, a picture haha

While we were walking heading to the place where they rent Kimono out, there was a girl who was having a MTV session there. Singing her lungs out, and I honestly can't figure out what songs were she singing. Her father was taking a video, and the audience were her other family members. Duper awesome haha.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I did not know about this before, and I just found out as well.

For, it makes no difference whether you put a dot in between your gmail ID or not. For instance,, or, you can still sign in with the same password.

:O shocking for me. haha. So yeah, hi.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Feel Good

It was yesterday that I started doing things I did before. For almost a year plus, I kept away from it. It's not that I do not want, but time and work constraint had prevented me from doing things I enjoy the most.

It's a whole new level. I have things to look forward to. It's not just hey, it's Tuesday. Or, hey, it's Wednesday, which is my day offs at the moment. I'm happy with it because I will be able to work out, which also means, goodbye taufu, hello tone body. haha. I wish that I can get that.

I have enjoyed it so much for so many years and never have I ever felt bored or dreadful in any way. I have always loved this. Well, going to a gym is an entirely different feeling. I don't find the intensity going to a gym, Afterall, perhaps I'm just not a gym person. That's the reason I stopped too, I no longer felt interested and I can no longer motivate myself.

Things had been stressful lately that it's just great to get my mind off for a lil' while. Now, my whole body is aching which is good. It means that it's effective, that my body is finally working out, instead of the normal routines eat, sleep, work. I have not felt so good in a long long time. Ahh~

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Breakaway to Bukit Tinggi Part 1

We had a short breakaway to Bukit Tinggi somewhere in August before Raya. There was supposed to be 6 of us but one did not turn up. Anyway, these are the pics. We didn't do much there, just hang around, do nothing.

Tadaa ... first stop, the white beautiful swan

This swan is like duper funny, the moment I stop by at its place, it went like "Heng" and I don't know what the heck was that =.= The fur is damn nice!

Bonjour! Bienvenue! haha. Yeah the French village. Nothing has changed since 2 years back I was there, except that the weather was very much hotter. It just feels like in KL. After this, we didn't have much to do, we ended up playing bowling which nobody goes to. Haha. Like, yeah we had to go all the way up there to play!

The night view from upstairs. It was windy there. As you see, there's no life during the night. If you're looking for entertainment, the only one is to entertain among yourselves. The street is practically dead.

Then, that's us.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Big Bang & FT Island

Guess what? Weeee~ I finally got them! I bought these 2 albums online. I know that I can get it from the stores here, but no, I'm not gonna get it there. There are 2 types of packaging here and it's definitely more worth it buying the original packaging.

It's just too bad that I didn't get TOP or GD. But, that's okay. STILL ... at least, the album! Weeeee~ I have been listening and .. the song is stuck in my head and even went into my dreams. How awesome. WOW ... Fantastic Baby! haha.

Then, I got this since that I was already gonna buy Big Bang's Alive. Add to my collection, FT Island's Grown Up. Though it has been quite awhile since it was released, but then again, better late than never. Furthermore, in order to qualify for the free shipping, you need to purchase up to a certain amount. Obviously, I rather spend a bit more for free shipping. RIGHT? Apart from these 2, I got a pair of ear rings too, that has been worn by Yoo Chun and Yeobo. ^^