Sunday, March 31, 2013

Flower Boy Next Door - Lee Seung Gi 사랑한다는 말

I am currently watching Flower Boy Next Door. So far it is a light drama, not as intense as When the wind of winter blows which is superbly melodrama.

The songs are also very light in this drama. This is the best song I can find though I am unsure if this is the OST or just a fan made video using Lee Seung Gi's song. It is most likely not the OST as I can hardly find it.

미안해 짧은 한마디로 전화기를 끊었어 
특별할 것도 없고 요란할 것도 없이 
그냥 그렇게 흘러 갔어 
한참 뒤 도착한편지엔 넌 너무 힘이 든다고 
나를 사랑 하는게 날 이해 하는게 
넌 너무 힘이 든다고 
이제 그만하자고 
사랑 한다는 말 그 흔한 한마디 말을 못해서 
아프게해서 내가 나빴었어 
서운했던 수 많은 추억들 이젠 뒤로한 채 
우리 다시 해볼까 우리 처음 봤던 그 순간처럼 
괜찮아 괜찮아질거야 몇 번을 되뇌보지만 
자꾸 눈물나는게 가슴이 아픈게 
너를 보낼수가 없나봐 
잊을 수가없나봐 
사랑 한다는 말 그 흔한 한마디 말을 못해서 
아프게해서 내가 나빴었어 
서운했던 수 많은 추억들 이젠 뒤로한 채 
우리 다시 해볼까 우리 처음 봤던 그 순간처럼 
사랑 한다는 말 그 흔한 한마디 말을 못해서
아프게해서 내가 나빴었어
서운했던 수 많은 추억들 이젠 뒤로한 채
우리 다시 해볼까 우리 처음 봤던 그 순간처럼
“I’m sorry” with those short words, I hung up the phone
There was nothing special, there was no commotion
And things just flowed on like that
After a long time, I received your letter
You said it was too hard for you
That loving me, understanding me was too hard for you
That you don’t want to do this anymore
The words “I love you”, I couldn’t say those common words
And I hurt you, I was so bad
Let’s put all the sad memories behind us
And let’s start again like the moment we first saw each other
It’s alright, it will be alright
I try to sai it over and over again but tears keep coming
My heart keeps hurting, I guess I can’t let you go
I guess I can’t forget you
The words “I love you”, I couldn’t say those common words
And I hurt you, I was so bad
Let’s put all the sad memories behind us
And let’s start again like the moment we first saw each other
The words “I love you”, I couldn’t say those common words
And I hurt you, I was so bad
Let’s put all the sad memories behind us
And let’s start again like the moment we first saw each other

한국: Day 4 Part 2

This is the continuation of the last part where we entered the National Folk Museum.
Look at this, so pretty! We couldn't see the cherry blossom in Jeju much, it had all ended there. Thank God, it can still be seen in Seoul. It was the end of the season when we were there for cherry blossom. Cherry blossom is actually originated in Korea, not Japan. :)

They showed how folks lived. They really did it well, put the places together. Like the train looked like, the dining table, and stuff like that. This, is a photo shop haha. 

Restaurant. Very simple unlike these days, there are the fine dining, the average class and affordable, and the very minimal requirements. Thinking bout it, sometimes it sounds ridiculous.

Tadaaa ... hey my ratty friend!

Finally, it's time to have a visit towards the palace. These are Korean Jars. If you notice it, you can see various shapes and patterns of the jars. The differentiation varies from the region of origins. All of them are classified as usage such as storage of fermented food, kimchi and wine, kept grains, salt, pepper and also clothes. These jars have different shapes and uses and were widely used for ages.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hotel Tales

1 Utama is having a Popular's book fair now at the Concourse area, old wing. Of course, it cannot be compared to the Big Bad Wolf. However, when I saw the title of the book, I immediately grabbed it.

Though it isn't the typical stories, but this is definitely an interesting read. A scroll down towards the life of the hoteliers based on experience of the individuals' lives. After reading it, I have my own share of experience there. I can tell that the stories tell are true. I can relate that to what happened during my 2 and a half years tenure in that industry.

During the interview, I was already told to be prepared as a hotelier's life isn't as glamorous as what people see as guests. It isn't all smiley, happy faces. It isn't a high class job. In fact, when I got to experience it myself, it's far from it. Sometimes, even scary. Apart from all the negativeness, we have our own share of happiness during those times. It's indeed a very stressful job. Being in that industry, I am really thankful that I have a hands-on experience there as my first job and that because of the trainings I went under, I am prepared to take on challenges in the future. It definitely made all of us stronger, every one of us there, in the mental aspect and emotional stress.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter

It's Good Friday today. Wishing everyone a good Easter. ^^

Today is my first leave in 2013. Again, nothing's new. I've been waiting for my car to be serviced since 2.30 this afternoon and it's 5.30 now.

Anyways, as I was waiting the other day, I was so bored I went into the changing room and tadaa...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

한국: Day 4 Part 1

This is already the 4th day, which meant that we have left Jeju Island. We barely spent in Jeju Island as it was purely visiting. The moment we touched down to Seoul, all hell breaks loose. There's nothing that we can control. For obvious reason, we overspent on the very first day. What kept us a lil bit sane was the very bit of sightseeing there.

We visited the National Folks Museum which located not exactly far from where we stayed.

Look at them how fit all of them are?! In comparison, we just take the fittest one that we have here. It's really not something we can compare. They are tall, they are fit. We are just talking about cops. Damn!

This is an important place whereby we were prohibited further by taking pictures. It's not like I know who lives here. After that, I found out haha. At least, I understood what the police lady said. hehe.

That's where we went, the National Folk Museum of Korea. Throughout the country, I believe there are multiple Folk Museums. Even in Jeju itself, there were a few there.

The Korean kids, look much more innocent than the ones here

Tadaaaa ... here we come

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blood Donation

When I see a blood donation drive, I will usually try to donate except if circumstances don't allow me to.

I've started donating blood since I was 19. My first attempt was 17, in which I failed for obvious reason. I was underaged and underweight.

Yesterday was my 7th time donating. I failed once few years ago as the nurse rejected me as a donor as my blood pressure was too low. The reason being that I can think of was that my sleep time was so uncertain as I was on shift, my sleeping hours were screwed, and I just had my night shift the day before.

So yeah it's time to replenish my blood. ^^

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Taking Advantage

Some people really do take advantage of what they have or what can they get for free, don't just they do that?

Many that you see are mostly discounts in malls and etc, people take advantage I supposed it is totally acceptable though sometimes it may be a sore to the sight. What's not acceptable is that when people invite you for a dinner and despite not having to pay anything, you eat like as if you paid for everything there, or you drink like as if it you supplied.

No matter what, you did not pay a single penny and yet acted like as if you own the place, you paid for every single food and drinks.

Even though alcohol is expensive, and that you got it free there, you really don't have to max out. Where is the courtesy? None. What can you expect out of people as such. Well, I guess though you don't expect them to be all highly civilized, I do not expect as well them to be acting like barbarians. Thank God that some people are just meant to be acquaintance at the surface, which means, it can be as good as zero.

Sadly, we do have people like that. It isn't just one, but there are a whole lot of them out there. I am sure that you, somehow, would have met people like that around in any phrase of your life. You just feel so bad for people around them. Hmm.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

한국: Day 3 Part 3

After visiting Green Tea Museum, I remember that it was raining that day. Weather wasn't looking too good on us, especially for people like us who were travelling, and who do not have any tourist bus where we are sheltered. Instead, we were caught in the rain, again and again for the days we were in Jeju Island. Rain loved us. Just because I am not really fond of the sun doesn't really mean that I want the rain =.=

Anyway, we headed over to Loveland (제주러브랜드). It is an outdoor sculpture park that consist of 2 soccer fields combined, since 2004. This is not a 18sx place, instead a 19sx place. This is where "a place where love oriented art and eroticism meet," created by graduates from Hongik University.

These are the few ones that I took, there are many many others.

Few ones

The host and the owners too haha

We walked out, and there comes a mystery road. Saw the amount of people there? They were there to see the bus go up hill as the road isn't flat, instead, it is an uphill road. There comes a point when the drivers will stop their engine yet it can still go up. Well, maybe it isn't that mysterious, let's ask the scientific guys? If they cannot answer, then maybe it is indeed mysterious haha

This was the restaurant we walked out til. We wanted to ask for direction because we were told there were buses to go back to our place. But, after waiting and waiting and til the sun goes down, there doesn't seem to be any of them. Hence, we came here to ask for direction.

This is the time we have really felt we were so lost and we didn't know what to do. We were practically stranded out of nowhere. It's in the middle of nowhere, literally.

There were a bunch of tourist there that just arrived. The ahjumma there were not free to entertain us, so we waited for them to finish to ask them for direction. The Godfather sent from above came just at the right time to help us. He asked us where were we going, and told us that there's no bus there. If we want, we need to take a cab and in order to get a cab, we need to call. He said he will give us a number. We told him that we do not have the phone line there. In the end, he called for us, negotiated the price for us and in the end, he scolded the cab driver as it did not arrive at the given timeframe. Hence, he demanded for a discount for us. He even took coffee for us, and brought us to shelter as the wind was extremely strong. Guess who is he? A bus driver of the tour group. How can someone so angelic came into my life just to help me to get home? Can you believe there's someone THAT kind and nice? He's not even getting any penny. Damn, I've never met anyone THAT nice, ever in my life before him. Right until now, I still remember how he looks like fresh in my mind. That's how memorable it had become. That's how much he has done and despite being lost here and there, he had made our trip a really memorable and not something we can forget for a long long time to come.

Once again, thank you Godfather!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Dysfunctional Family

At this age, you will have many friends who are already married or in a relationship, colleagues, acquaintances and etc. There bound to have issues with their partners, and yada yada. That's perfectly normal.

This is the first ever time I encounter this. Someone who are already married, kept telling people how bad is the wife, how horrible she is, how uncalled for. This is not a friend of course, but he has been telling all the bad stuff about her. What the fact is we don't know.

He isn't a perfect guy at all, in fact, he's far from it. With the personality that we know, he flirts around like he's single. Yet, he dares to say all those negative stuff bout her. Mind you, nothing good comes out from his mouth. Then, he introduced his wife to everyone. Ahh, this is just ridiculous, right? If you're so unhappy, why don't you just give everything up? You can't right? SO, shut up and continue with your sad life.

It's so awkward to know everything and finally meeting the person. Of course, you don't know what is truth and what is not either. This is one very dysfunctional person that I know. Dude, you should be ashamed of yourself, terribly. The victim of all? The kid.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

한국: Day 3 Part 2

After our visit in the museum, we went over to the Cafe to have our tea time. It's all in green tea form, whether it's desserts or beverages. Afterall, it's a green tea museum.

This is green tea Latte

Green tea ice-cream. This is awesome. It isn't too sweet, just nice.

Since there were so many people there, you don't have to wait in queue to have your food or drinks ready. Find a place to sit, and this black thing will ring. It's much more awesome than the ones here.

Not to forget the green tea cake. Texture is just perfect. The ones we have all tried isn't too sweet unlike some cakes you have tasted sometimes may be a lil too sweet.

We then got caught in the middle of nowhere because that's where O'Sulloc is located. We tried catching a bus but the bus that passed us were all tourists bus. Oh and not to forget it was drizzling.

There we walked out and saw a bus stop. Of course, being as blur as we have always been, we asked Ahjussi who were nice enough to tell us where to stop and told us he's also going to that place and asked us to follow him when he gets down from the bus. How nice people there, right? The term of do not talk to strangers don't always apply. haha.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pink & Blue

People around me know very very well I dislike pink. I think I only have 2 pink tops over the years and nothing more.

The color is very distracting. I've always been a black and blue person. It can be any other colors except pink. It's against my principles in life.

Pink has always been associated with girls and blue has been stereotyped as a boy's color. That mentality has got to change now. We are in the 21st century and we don't welcome stereotypes.

Go to a mall and you see only 2 colors, pink and blue in the kids' section. Even from before, I took blue over pink. I've always been attracted to blue. The manufacturers are so irritating.

Those people I know who love pink are either self-claimed princesses, fragile people or anything similar to that. Just practically a feminine person whether it's internal or external. I'm neither. Hence, I love blue.

Instead, I love pink on guys. Did I say that one of my fave past time is to do things the opposite of the norm? Haha.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

CNY Dinner

Chinese New Year had just passed a week ago and we had a dinner for ourselves on the eve of Chap Goh Meh. The dinner we had was so awesome, we were all really really happy.

It's the time of the year when people usually get together with friends and all. We have not done this before during Chinese New Year. This is the first time, ever, we did this after probably 8 long years we know. Okay, most of them are 8 years long, one is probably 7 years and the other is already 15 years.

This is one of the best dinner I had. Honestly.
Of course, us. May the friendships prosper in the years to come.

2 Types

There are two main types of couple around, the distant one but stay together, the PDA one but dramatic.

So, I believe the normal one is the distant one. They don't show it to the public but we don't know what happens behind, right? That's absolutely not important because we are all taught to be civilized and to know how to behave in public.

The second one is the one that we call the 이상한 커플 (weird couple). The one that you feel you are watching some dramas because honestly, it's a non-stop drama. The girl of the couple will usually be an insecure, dramatic girl that needs attention a lot and the guy probably doesn't give that enough to her because maybe, she's expecting too much from it. You can see they argue and get back together like as if you take a shower and get out from the bathroom. It's so often that when she seeks attention from him via the social networking site, you just don't wanna know what happens and you don't even feel that's abnormal. This is the type of girl that will tell the whole world what happens without being asked.

There's actually one resolution to this, to break up for good and never get back together, ever. It will do yourself good, the guy, and the whole wide world. If you are arguing so often, it shows that the other person is probably not meant for you. Arguing may be normal only to a certain extent, but if that is always happening, it is not acceptable anymore.

If breaking up means unfriending that other person in FB and having all his friends on your list, you are so damn freaking pathetic. Showing the whole world your problems is not going to change anything. Whoever you are, you are not a Queen and you can't do anything as you please. If I am the guy, I'll definitely ditch her for once and for all, get lost as it will not benefit me instead it cause me lots of stuff for having this kind of relationship.