Saturday, June 29, 2013

Complete yourself

There's a quote I read online transpires me and I find that is something we all can relate to by nobody else but the great Oprah herself.

"Never look for someone to complete you. Be complete on your own. Then when you find someone to share your life with, they don't become your whole world, they just make yours a little better."

A relationship whether it's a friendship or a romantic relationship should not have a party that is fully dependent on another person. How that person acts and reacts should not affect your own happiness. Of course, it's always about the romantic relationship.

If you are that person that says "I need to have a partner and I cannot live without one" is best that these people start reflecting. When you get into a relationship, the focus should not be on that person and only that person. If you do, your world will go crumbling down anytime as you do not have anything to fall back on.

It has been proven that we all should have a balance life. You should have your own interests, and personal space. Otherwise, imagine the horror awaits you when that person leaves you.

If you have your own life, a complete you, there's nothing to worry about. It's always good that you look into your life first, complete yourself before having someone else in your life.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Haze Attacked

Just like any other years, for as long as we can remember, we have been attacked by haze. It's more like a man-made haze due to the open burning at the neighboring country which is held responsible for this every freaking year. The next thing you know, you were then accused of being childish for complaining over the haze. Wth? You did open burning and instead of taking responsibility, you blame us of complaining. Wow, time has definitely changed.

Let's just see how is Klang Valley. It's like one of the mildest compared to other states like Melaka and Johor which API had reached 700++ and it is already categorized as being hazardous. This was on Sunday.

Things were looking really bad then, it got worse I can't see my car any longer. This was taken on Monday morning.

This is then Tuesday before the rain. We gotta depend on the rain. For the first time, everyone's looking forward for the rain. It feels like the harvest festival now.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Authentic BBQ

I went to this place called Authentic BBQ at the road side of Taman Bukit Maluri.

Even at road side like this I'm surprised that there are uniforms supplied to the employees. This is definitely a very very hot place.

The portion is rather small I must say and the service is relatively bad. Though it was obvious we were calling for a water, 1 2 3 of them ignored us.

It's a definite first and last time there.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Man of Steel

A man was stolen that night

Just like any other Monday nights, we have changed the place to Cineleisure. It has been 3-4 weeks now that Monday has been our movie night. This time, it's Man of Steel. Reviews had been bad, that the movie sucks, that Superman is not superman, this and that.

Personally, I like the beginning of the movie. It's a very different approach instead of the other typical Superman movies. This Superman superhero had been here for as long as we can remember. We practically grew up watching Superman.

It's only when Lois came into the picture, that things started to get bimbo-ish. In other words, her character there doesn't reflect her being the smart character we have always known her as, instead, the bimbo one. There are quite a few of commercial breaks in between, the electrifying eyes of Lois & Clark in the middle of nowhere. HAHA! That's like a romantic comedy we were all watching.

The actions of course get very ridiculous as it approaches the movie closure. This will be no different. I have no complaints about Henry Cavill though.

This superhero has been here all our lives. But, one thing for sure, not to have any expectations when you watch this movie. Do not expect this to turn out like the other ones because obviously, it isn't. Walk in with an open mind. haha.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It is really important to stay healthy. Health is wealth. You may not realize this when you are much much younger, but when you get older, your body system works differently.

It is not only the obese people that should be aware off, in fact just anyone. It does not matter if you are obese, fat, thin, skinny. I feel the thin people should becareful. Just because you are thin does not really mean you are healthy. If you are someone that eat like an elephant yet don't get fat. Well, at least fatter people who eat and get fat, they tend to be more conscious of what they consume or that they know where the food goes to. The thin ones just gobble up and think that ah they are thin, they can eat anything. That's when problem starts.

I'm not talking about people who work to be thin, or fit. I'm saying those born as such. Live in a country with great food, without any good transportation available, we tend to get into the car and drive to the desired destination. We rarely walk. Even in the parking lot, we tend to find the one that is nearest to the entrance.

I've been searching for a good exercise. No, not running. I can't run. I have been dancing again after a year of hiatus, and that feels really good. But, that's not enough. I wanna go cycling now and I should continue swimming when my weekend day offs start. Apart from that, I have started my stretching regime at home. Haha.

Fast food is really bad for your calories. I was advised only once a month. Thank God, I don't really enjoy fast food anymore. haha.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Now You See Me

It was last Monday when we went to watch this movie since that we have watched Fast & Furious, and Man of Steel has not released here in the cinemas yet.

We do not know what was this movie about, we did not see the trailer, read the synopsis or anything like that. We bought the tix and walked in.

It's about a group of magicians who apparently robbed a bank for real and gave the money to the audience. That's all I can say and it's a rather cat and mouse race. The guy in the movie reminded me very much about The Social Network as Mark Zuckerberg. It turns out to be the same guy, Jesse Eisenberg due to the way he talked.Morgan Freeman is also there haha.

I love this quotes from the movie

"The closer you think you are, the less you'll actually see."
"The more you look, the less you see."
"First rule of magic: always be the smartest person in the room."

This is totally unexpected and it was an awesome movie. This is definitely recommended! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

한국: Day 5 Part 2

It was after the last post that it rained heavily after that. It was mad crazy. I do not wanna reiterate how heavy the rain was.

We didn't do much that day, except for shopping, buying stuff, walking and we finished up the day with a trip to Namsan Tower.

Anyway, this is a place for couples. People like us, go there just to take pictures haha.

These are the famous love locks. Variety shows came to film it too.

Ah I love you. 사랑합니다.

Look at the rain geez! To add on to that, the wind was also relatively strong.

These are the love lock trees. Pretty amazing. Look at the messages it's very Romeo & Juliet haha.

Tadaaa ... hahaa .. the message. So Shakespeare.

Be Kind

I have been reading and seeing so many of those relationship issues around. Betrayal, cheating, etc. Now, there's even a viral Facebook post too.

Well, really, why cheat? If you're not ready to commit, say so. If you no longer feel that way towards that person, be frank. Leave, and start another one. Not leave when you have been caught red handed. It's that simple. If you want both, then dream. Simple, right?

I believe that someone deserves a second chance. But, when you have been betrayed, I just don't think that person deserves it. It should be given to those who earns it, and of course you see that there's a change and that person regrets it. Otherwise, no.

If you think that everyone is the same, they allow you to do such immoral act, forgive you, give you another chance, I suggest you people to think again. What I'm saying does not refer to only one gender, it's actually both. Not everyone are kind like that to you. Some chose to be kind to themselves instead. That will be the best. Say no when you have to and that will benefit yourselves.

It may be kind to people, but you need to think of your own sake first. If it rips you up and eats you gradually, you'll die a kind person to them who in the end, do not appreciate it. It's better you die a mean person but a kind person to yourselves. You live happily and you die happily. Isn't it better?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


End of last month, a colleague from my batch had resigned. It has been one and a half beautiful years working together. Now that she had left, I wish her the very best. As we are in 2 different teams for as long as we can even remember, we don't work together. Only during weekends, we do hang out and such during work hours. haha.

She was the first that left, and followed by another one, probably a week later. This was one of the last photos we had together. This is a partial team. Please don't bother about their facial expressions.

That's us, the complete us. Now, one left us. Til then, we shall cross path again at some point of our lives. :D

Sunday, June 9, 2013


It surely cannot be denied that when a person is intelligent, they become attractive regardless of race, gender and age.

It shows from a conversation. People can tell too if you're just acting smart or you're really smart. You don't have to talk about science, medical or any of that sort to show but what comes from your mouth in a conversation is sufficient.

Crappy things that you say will not impress people. Not everyone has the intelligence and develop it. If all you ever have is crappy stuff in your head filled with lame lines, then you may find other things to be attractive such as being humorous.

Personally, I feel intelligence beats all and comes in second is being funny. That person automatically goes to a higher level when he or she is intelligent. You look at them differently. Of course, that includes not being narrow minded, that is related to intelligence too. :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Music Unwind

Last Saturday, I attended this music recital in Centre Point whereby people got together to play music, to sing, and whatnot together. People from all age groups, all walks of life took the time to organize events as such, to perform for us.

Credits to those who has the guts to go up there to perform. Just appearing there deserve an applause.

When made that night so meaningful was that all the money was to be donated to the autistic children. There was a boy with autism performed with the piano. I just don't know what do you call that except for being a genius and gifted. Apparently, he can memorize the whole notes in minutes. He doesn't need to look at the notes when he plays. Throughout the whole performance, he was just looking at the crowd. He is one that deserves a standing ovation. It was a very moving scene. It's not just the normal song, but the speed that he's playing was absolutely splendid. No fault found. What's more, I even thought that it was a recording! That was how perfect it was.

These kids may be socially impaired, but they are no different from us. They breathe the same air, and all they ever need is to have the love and support from family and friends. It's very sad to see these special children with the situation they are in. Hold their hand and walk them through life.