Friday, September 27, 2013

Konichiwa Day 5 Part 1

After leaving the beautiful ski resort, we did some exercise, some activity more like it. Of course, when you go on things like that, it means money. You need to pay additional cost from the money you have paid to the agent. This is a separate thing.
This is called the snow mobile. It's damn cool. You need to have a mini license to drive it. The guy will give a brief lesson on how to drive it, the do's and the don'ts. Though at other times there are still a lot of snow, but this place is only open for snow mobile in January and February.

Yeah, so after all the tiring activity, we were given Sake to drink from the cold snow we were in haha. It was snowing when we were driving it. Also, there's quite a breath taking view. Again, don't remind me I have lost all the memorable pictures. I feel oh so warm, like a burning sensation.

Tadaaa ... this is a musical shop and apparently it's quite famous. There are so many things there and the things they sell is really ooh la la.

Oh a snow man I saw

Ooh at the streets, they were selling cream puff that cost 160 yen. But, this is not the famous one. The famous one is down the street that cost only 80 yen haha.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 25th

This may not be the most happening birthday celebration for me. But, I for sure had a great time with close friends.

I came into realization a lot of things this year as it had made me think and reflect into my own thoughts for the past week or so. This year, I prefer to put away the candles. I know for some, this may sound overly dramatic. But, I think that this is absolutely necessary for me to show respect to April as she had just left us.

Anyway, so far, I am having a great time. It's nothing too hectic or anything. Dinners with friends, drink a lil, have scrumptious meals.

For one, they bringing me out and all, is really a good way to make me forget about the sorrow that I was having for a little while.

Thank you everyone for bringing the smile and laughter back to me. I know you guys miss that for the past week. I finally am able to stand again. I appreciate every little thing that you do for me. This birthday had been exceptionally meaningful.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Konichiwa Day 4

This is the time.Welcome to the beautiful ski resort.

OMG when I look at them? : wooo daebak! (awesome). It's so white, it's so cold, and everything was just great

There comes someone who doesn't know how to ski ooops.

There were quite a few restaurants to choose from in the ski resort. It was really huge I must say I am really really impressed. Oh btw, there's also a fountain musical thingy at night. Of course, the dinner. We chose the buffet dinner and oh my love with the crab is a must do thing. Look at the huge crabs I had. My gawd!! I was drooling when I saw the crabs okay.

That was where we stayed in - Rusutsu Resort Hotel. They have even a sports bar. You can get most of the stuff there and when you walk out, there are a few mini mart there.

And so, I walked out to get this - Sapporo Classic Beer. The size is bigger and nicer than the beer you can get back in KL. It's almost like a daily routine hehe.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Rest In Peace, April @ September 21st, 2013

It has been a very tragic weekend. It took me days before I can really take the truth that slaps upon my face. I know this day will eventually come but when it did, I just fell into depression right away. It's not something I can come in terms with.

This is my second time I fell into depression. The first one was in 2010 when Toby left us and we lost him to stomach cancer. This time, though we know that she wasn't suffering that much only on the last few days, it's all natural that it's something very hard to believe and accept. When Toby left, at least I still had April to hold me on. Now, I got nobody. Okay, let's not talk about humans, that's a different thing.

Anyway, it's very very difficult to accept it. And the result of it? I lost 2-3 kgs over the weekends only. It was really that bad. It was a major blow to my life. I hope that people will understand it, not to say or mention so much in front of me. It's really suffocating. Of course, for obvious reason, it's really heartbreaking and painful to accept the truth. Considering it already to be in that situation, I'll appreciate it if you don't mention it completely until at least months later. I know I have to accept it and let it out like some of you say it, but it's not as easy as that.

I know too that my great friends are always there to support me but time will heal. Please allow that to happen. Let me be the way I am. I know you guys mean well, but it's very fresh. I will be able to pick myself up soon and I am already in progress recovering.

Last but not least, it's my birthday soon. Which also means that I am not going all the way out to celebrate. No candles, definitely not. Thank you. :)

April, I miss you already muacks <3>

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Konichiwa Day 3 Part 1

2 night passed just like that. We left quite early in the morning. I mean, when you travel by tour, there's no way they are going to let you leave later. It's always hectic. But, thank God, they don't finish exactly that late. There's nothing to see or open when it's late anyway. Hehe.

This is the place I have been looking forward to, the Bear Museum! It's called the Noboribetsu Bear Park. I actually have SO SO SO SO many pictures. Unfortunately, due to some really unforeseen circumstances, it had all been sacrificed. It's casualties. I fell in love with the bears. There are apples sold and you can actually buy them to feed the adorable bears.

Oh of course, like anywhere else around the world, there's a souvenir shop. They were selling ice-cream so I grabbed it. The chill went down my spine. Woolala. Oh btw, horse cream is really popular there. I don't know how effective is that but it is said that it can be used for athlete's foot, as a moisturizer for your skin, sun block and so forth. Reviews are actually pretty good that I saw online. But, no I didn't get it.

Oh it was Chinese New Year. We had the normal "lou sang" there. In fact, I don't find this enjoyable. But, following the chinese tradition, this is something people do during the Lunar New Year. Wishing everyone with abundance of happiness. Unlike in Malaysia, HK, China & Singapore, Japan does not celebrate the Lunar New Year. However, Korea does though and it's known as Seollal New Year.

Oh the lunch. I have been eating and eating there. There are quite a lot to eat. It's great to eat stuff like that when it's so cold out there :D

OOh ... it was actually freezing but I thought I can survive with just the vest haha. It's not exactly bad, only when the wind attacks, it's when you will feel it. Otherwise, it's fine.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


DisorderYour Score
Major Depression:Very Slight
Dysthymia:Very Slight
Bipolar Disorder:Very Slight
Cyclothymia:Very Slight
Seasonal Affective Disorder:Very Slight
Postpartum Depression:N/A
Take the Depression Test
I have done a depression test and it is confirmed I am normal, without any symptoms of depression. Depression cannot be taken lightly and it must be referred immediately. I must say that I actually do not know what are those terms, except bipolar.

This deserves to be seen again and again until people get the f**king message.
Anyway, I have taken this from 9Gag. I am sure majority of us have gone through this if not all of us. It's a crude crude world out there, that you cannot please everyone. Regardless of how perfect you are, in no possible way, you will  be able to please everyone anyhow.

Whether you are thin, short, fat, tall, smart, weird, single, attached, whatever you are, you will anyhow be condemned from the way you look to what you do. The only person that you need to please is yourself. Stop wasting them to make others happy. True, it is sometimes necessary to make people around us happy but not with our own expense.

Having said that, it does not mean that you can truly neglect and ignore others too. It does not really mean that everyone else has to please you and you can be as self-centered as you wish to be. Let's be honest, we live in a world where moderation is the key. Anything too much is bad. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, whether it's physical or mental health, we keep everything in moderation.

Of course, we be true to ourselves and I believe others will follow naturally. Quit trying too hard to be a people's pleaser and at the same time, don't be too self-centered too.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Konichiwa Day 2

Right after the departure of the hotel, we headed to the airport. It wasn't any grand hotel we stayed in for the first night as it was merely a sleep over there before flying off to Hokkaido the next day. Nevertheless, the hotel was great.

Finally, we have arrived in Hokkaido. The land of seafod!

Despite months after I have left the place, I manage to google out the name. We stayed in Hotel Taisetsu, Hokkaido whereby we stayed in a Tatami. It's the aspect I like the most, staying in Tatami, the Japanese traditional house. We don't get that back home. It was awesome indeed. I have been watching Doraemon ever since I was young and finally, I got to stay in one. Needless to say, the hotel was grand. They have the the onsen there in the hotel itself too with both genders separated. Onsen is a japanese term for hot spring. It is said that they have all sorts of minerals that they acquire healing power.

Apart from that, those with tattoo like myself may not be able to enter these places though. I've heard from Sinsei (teacher) that tattoo is related to Yakuza, the transnational organized crime syndicate in Japan.

Ooh, of course, no matter where am I in the world, this is a must-do-stuff. The alcohol. Haha. This is the famous Santory beer with the perfect fragrance and it's so easy to drink it down. I've heard of it, but I've not tried it. This is just the perfect time.

Well oh well. You can see almost everyone walking around the hotel dress in this way. It's provided in every guest room. OMG! I love this so much.

Voila! One night had passed. It's time to move on to another area. Look at the snow man. I love it to bits.

Monday, September 16, 2013

We are who we are

I have seen so many these days. People go into relationships thinking that they can change their partner into something what they want.

Seriously? I don't know who are they trying to kid but this will not work out for sure. You say, change is good. No doubt it is good for a certain change but not a 180 degrees change. It's more like you want him or her to be someone they are not. In this instance, they will be someone you want them to be, and not because of who they are in the first place, not because of what you have liked in the beginning.

Before you get into a relationship, you know how they are by nature. At that point of time, you can accept of how they are, how they act and whatever they are is something so sweet, so beautiful and so cute. The moment you commit yourselves together, everything change. Was that really necessary? It is important that you know and can accept their flaws. Accept meaning you can live with them being in such a way and not complain about it. If you find something to complain about them, it really means that they are not meant for you. Therefore, time to move on.

There are too many break ups occurred because they cannot accept the change after committing. Before committing, ask yourself. Can you accept them being like that? Nobody can change you except yourself. Force does not bring happiness. Instead, it brings resentment if it's not from within.

You cannot expect people to change for you. Maybe, they should ask themselves, can they change for you? Most of the time, it will be no. Even if they are willing and they can, it does not really mean that everyone else are like them that they can and willing to change for the sake of others. I know I am not one of them haha. As stubborn as I may seem like, indeed, I am. A common mistake globally.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Konichiwa Day 1

I thought of not blogging this, but then again, if I don't then it's a waste. I went to Japan during CNY this year and as depressing as it is already, please understand my daunting moment as all the pictures were burnt as the memory card that was given to me to use was actually a counterfeit card. It has been a verified counterfeit. Practically, not a single picture can be recovered. It's counterfeit and I didn't know that. Best part was I was accused of not knowing how to use it. Like how technical can it be when you just insert the card close it and start snapping. Oh wow, I guess that needs a really skillful person to use it. Anyway, thank God that I have used my iPhone to snap a few. Just a few. Damn. I should have used it all for the entire trip then. :( Boo!

As we have just arrived in Japan, we had some hiccups of where to wait and where the bus was waiting. Clashes happened, drama happened. Eventually, everything had been sorted out.

Ahh, we are having a white Lunar New Year instead of Christmas. This was at the airport.

The first night was in Marroad International Hotel Narita. Haha ... I love the bath robe.

Ohh, you know this is Japan when there are vending machines all around. I am really impressed with all sorts of vending machines they have there.

The Emotions

Of late, I have been surrounded by emotional people, both girls and guys. Everyone has emotions, and some has more than the others. This isn't entirely a good thing. They probably act upon something based on their emotions and how they feel towards a certain something.

Honestly speaking, I don't quite fancy hanging out too much with overly emotional or sensitive people. You gotta watch your words, you gotta accommodate and tolerate their emotions. The whole point is, why should I? They succumb to their emotions. They don't think, they feel and that's annoying. So, we have to understand them all the time, I see.

Some of them feel that others should accommodate them just because they are some emotional creatures. They don't think about the consequences. Even after all that had happened, they just don't realize it and maybe, they can never see things from our eyes. It's logical thinking, if you feel sorry for you being in that way, all you need is to rectify the situation should has damage been done.

I feel that it's only acceptable when you are in your late teens and very early 20s. After you have reached to an age where you are responsible for yourself, this should not even bother you. Only now, I realize that this isn't the case. If you have a reason to be, fair enough. But, if you are always being down and all just for whatever reason it is, then you got yourself to blame.

Next, they talk about themselves all the time. It's not that I have anything to tell about myself. But still, sometimes, they need to realize it's not all about them and their emotions that I need to know. I know, they just wanna lay off and to tell someone so that they feel better. But, I don't feel any better listening to all those stuff all the time. It will enhance negativity. It's always about them being down. In anyway if they are not down, then it's something about them for sure. Is it really that great telling your stuff to me? OMG! I don't feel it. I must be missing something. Hmmph. It's time to grow up and learn to handle it internally.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome to Langkawi Day 2 Part 9

Okay, this is the final part of our Langkawi trip. This is the whole closure of the trip. Though it was just the 3 of us, you may think it's sad and it's pathetic with such small number of people to an island. You're wrong. It really does not matter how many people I go with, but most important is the companions. It was a great trip for sure.

After the beach, we hopped into a restaurant for seafood and man, were we cheated. It was not fresh at all and I can get that anytime better in KL with that price. Honestly.

It was already our last night there and if we don't drink up what we were supposed to, then when can we do that?

We drank the cheap wine first but it was bad and it was so hard to drink

Then we decided, take pictures are better maybe

Creating memories of our 7 & 8 years of friendship respectively

We have been through a long long way

And it will continue our journey together

No doubt we are all busy with our own things as we grow wiser

It is when you take the effort to spend time. It's not everyday that you need to talk and meet each other, but the moment you do, you can't stop. Everything feels like back in the days when we just met.

Then, it's MOET time for breakfast. We call that the power breakfast. It's an instant enhancer to wake up. haha.

Right after that, we did spa, we did a lil bit of shopping then off we went to the airport. 3 days was definitely too short. I wished that I could be there longer. Well, next time.

Langkawi, see you again :D 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Single Life

People had been asking all my life where is he? To be really honest, he's far far away in the galaxy. Haha. Bleh :P

I do not see a reason to search and find someone to fill in the non-existent space. We should embrace being single in the 20s okay?!

After countless people complaining about all the unnecessary stress, after all the break ups they go through, after all the dramas that had been happening, I'll just leave as it is, being happy and single.

There are so many things you cannot do when you are in a relationship. Maybe, it's the wrong idea I am getting. But, there are definitely some truth in it.

At this age, it is the best time to focus on yourself. You wanna travel? Do it. You wanna drink til die? Do it. You wanna go out til late at night? Do it. You wanna go camping? Just do it. Oh you wanna cut your hair short? God dammit, just do it. You just have to be responsible for yourselves. You get the idea, you get to do whatever you want in the world and nobody is going to stop you, nobody is going to give you the tensions. Imagine if you are in a relationship, there will be so many questions raised if you say you wanna go travelling. Sometimes, you need a break, and sometimes you are not given that opportunity. Don't have to face someone who is going interrogate you or question you with a whole long list. Of course, if you say you are going travelling with your platonic friends, heh that's it, literally.

At this time too that you can build friendships. When you reach 30s, it's really not easy to get new friends. You will then realize you are slowly losing friends instead. Of course it's not entirely true it depends on what industry you are in, and how often you meet people on a daily basis. I don't mean meeting passing by people at the streets or the malls. What I mean as in real and true friends that will stick by you until we get older in which we can laugh what have we done during our 20s. Haha.

Friday, September 6, 2013

New Specs

Well, last weekend I did my specs for 2013. Haha. Oh it's time to be nerdy

I quite like this specs except that even though they had made it tighter, I still feel it's a tad too loose. Ahh~ I was in a rush so I could not fix it to the right feeling. 

Heh :D haha.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Welcome to Langkawi Day 2 Part 8

Damn, I am getting so long winded. Either that, or I am snapping anyhow anywhere anything. Now, I have too many pictures. Heh! It's all just pictures, we were there at the beach until the sunsets.

After the sunsets, we went to have dinner and back we went to pack stuff and of course, drink! haha. Let's wait for the next part for that then. I mean we were already there and not drinking at all is crazily insane. At least, one night.

OMG! I like this!! How often can I see this. Only when I travel, literally. When I don't, urgh?!


That's Sugar. Check that out at Pantai Tengah.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ideal Type

Have you ever come across people telling you their ideal gf/bf and what they look for in a partner. The next thing you know, they come telling you they now have a gf/bf with the opposite characteristics of what they have told you.

"Ooh I want someone who is sporty, who has attitude, and preferably short hair." The next thing you know is they come telling you they like otherwise. How things change in just a split second. Haha.

"I like someone who is matured, I like someone who can take care of herself." The next thing you know, "I have a gf now, and she's very young and we have a huge age gap."

OMG?! But, we all know why. It's because these girls so conveniently appear in front of them. Not because these girls possess the characteristics that those guys had put in their mindset. More like, they are in front of them at that point of time. So, why not? It's because they cannot ask for too much. Otherwise, they end up forever alone. This is, reality.

I've read a few articles before, that if we do find someone outside from what we have pictured, it is most likely that it will not work out. So, it's advisable to stick what you have put in mind. Seek validation of someone who suits you. Of course, it can change from time to time as we grow as a person.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome to Langkawi Day 2 Part 7

Haha, well I knot this is already the 7th part but please bear with me. The last time we were in Langkawi, we somehow could not manage to catch the sunset on time. It's either we are out to town or we are elsewhere that we have planned the time wrongly that we have missed it. This time, we make sure that we witness it. There's no other choice or option or any other days to replace it, 2nd day is a MUST see sunset.

I love the view like that, a typical beach but I love it. You have the shed and the sun shines through it.

That's us of course. Nice to have a beer to chill out with together with some snacks. This was Sugar, fatCUPID's sister bar. Great place to hang out along the beach witnessing the beautiful view at the beach.

This is a mistake, I should have waited for about another 10-15 minutes to go just above the water.

Ooh ... the breeze


Monday, September 2, 2013

Basic Etiquette

In a society like us here, we have people around us, behaving very inappropriately. I really wonder, what is the cause of this.

Every now and then, I get irritated with these people. I certainly cannot condone such improper and unethical behavior.

What we are speaking of here is what every child even know but as adults, we don't practice it. How embarrassing. It's basic etiquette but don't be surprised. There are umpteen number of people who don't do this.

Well, I just despise it when we are on the phone, the other person starts munching throughout the whole conversation. I do know that you love eating, but let's just stick to being polite. Is that really that difficult? This is already categorized as being rude and showing some kind of disrespect to the other person.

Ooh, through conversations, you can vaguely know how is that other person you are speaking to. If looking at one person under the rain, as normal human beings, you should have a little bit of compassion and empathy. If you get replies such as it's their job and all that crap, you just know this person is not someone you wanna be close with. It's the thoughts that count. If in the mind, you are thinking such things, man, we all know what will you do in difficult circumstances. Man!

It's actually a rare sight to see people around me being polite. It's like as if polite is something very difficult to achieve. Common people. Being rude is not something attractive. It does not make you a "bad boy" if that's what you want to show. It just makes you rude, disrespectful and intolerable. Of course, not to mention very unappealing and an absolute turn-off.

Ooh since that we are in this topic, I really really totally loathe guys or girls who call the waiters/waitress or anyone else like as if they are sucking their mouth in. That is undesirably unacceptable. They should be banned and it should be treated as a crime! Very unfortunate of me, I know people who behave like that! Crappy!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Welcome to Langkawi Day 2 Part 6

After our waterfall session,we were just cruising away in Langkawi heading back to our "home." Just as we were voyaging along the road, we spotted "Pantai Kok." It looks just so divine then we decided to have a pit stop before we headed back.

As you can see itself, the sand was definitely whiter and cleaner than Pantai Cenang. The water was certainly clearer. Yeah, we do know that Pantai Cenang had been flooded with tourists around and it's the main center for tourists both local and foreign. Not many would actually travel all the way here for the beach. If you would like a calmer, quieter beach, this is definitely the place. It's about 12KM from Pantai Cenang. So, it's quite a distance to travel. Along the beach, it's dominated by a more high-end upscale resorts.

We then changed and hopped to this beach called Pantai Tengah. It's just 5 minutes drive away from Pantai Cenang or La Pari Pari. There's nothing much really to see here. In fact, so are the other beaches. There are island hopping activities, more restaurants to have your stomach filled. Well, that's the whole point of being on a vacation, right? Here is the place for night life nevertheless.