Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saya udah pulang

After 8 days, I am finally home from the first travel in 2014.

Thinking that maybe 8 days was too long for a place like Lombok, but it's not. Have you forgotten that time flies? That's exactly how it happened. It flew by without realization and when we finally got up, we are already back here.

We practically did not do anything outrageous but we surely enjoyed ourselves there. Food was awesome. Though we felt like we were scammed, but everything was cool.

Gili Trawangan was an island just across Lombok and that was more of what I have expected, not so much of Lombok itself. Lombok was really dead.

The weather was really not in our favor as out of the 8 days, only 2 days were sunny. The other days were cloudy and raining all the way.

Again, when I go for holidays, it means, me, myself and I go to chill and go for a vacation. That really means I don't buy stuff for people. If you're lucky, you get. If you don't, then just assume you're unlucky. I can't spend too much time, money and energy on others that will probably not do the same if our roles are switched. Please understand if you don't get anything. Thank you. :D

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 Busan Day 2 Part 1

The actual trip started on the next day where I was not drained from the flight. I was fully charged! Woot woot! The weather was just the perfect day!

First, before you can even go anywhere, you need to know the name of the station. Traveling in Korea, is not like Malaysia. We can depend on their subways so much and it is affordable, unlike cabs. I mean, what's the point really in taking cabs when subways are so easily accessible? Our station was Kyungsung University. It's very common there where stations are named after Universities.

After a stop, we took a bus over to the place we wanted to visit - a temple.

Hae dong Yong Gung temple. Haha, I know the name is kinda long and this place is quite isolated, far away from the city or the people. Traveling time was quite taxing though. If you wanna know how to get there,
Haeundae Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 7.
Take Bus 181 and get off at Yonggungsa Temple (용궁사).

There were the 12 animal zodiacs there

Of course, I chose my own kind - the rat. It's called  or jwi in Korean

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Making Decision

I thought that my decision making was bad. I'm a Libran and being indecisive is one of the dominant traits that I possess. It's not something to be proud of, but it's so bad that I need to admit it uprightly.

Having said so, in recent years, I notice that this is something that others had too. You know it even more if you travel with that particular person. There are things that you should take charge, and not ask everything. This is especially if you are a guy, it hits even harder if you can't decide.

I know that you wanna show that you respect the other person by asking opinions. Sometimes, given the circumstances, it does not allow us to ask. Instead, time is gold, you need to decide there and then.

Many guys I've realized can't decide simple stuff. It's not just one of two, but there are just so many that it just gets on my nerves. Being a guy, not being able to decide, asking every single stuff, God, why are you even a guy? It's about taking charge, deciding, and take the necessary action. Sometimes, it just requires common sense and nothing else. You don't have to ask every single thing.

I know that I don't like someone who takes charge too much too. It seems that it is so difficult to please me. But the fact is, I'm not. It's really easy. Don't ask something that is obvious, don't ask something that don't need opinions. Certain things are not even difficult to decide, and they still can't. No wonder I've read so many stuff that chivalry is dying. Indeed. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 Busan Day 1 Part 2

Alright, so there's nothing to do really after the visit to the place where the BIFF is going to be held. They were just setting up the place and it's not like the event is held that day. Opposite of BIFF, there's something called Jagalchi Fish Market

I know that it's so not me to be visiting a market, a fish market to be exact called 자갈치시장. There are various types of fishes there and this is in fact the largest fish market in Korea. They have fish market and I'm not sure if this is done here. I doubt it though. I have seen a documentary before of auctioning in a fish market where sellers will bid for the cheapest one, and if so, the fishes that day will be affordable to the customers. They are more for mackerels. The direction:
Jagalchi Station (Busan subway line 1), Exit 10.
Turn right onto Jagalchi 3(sam)-gil Street.
Walk for 5min, then turn left to arrive at Jagalchi Market.

It was in fact a great idea to be there at night whereby they have closed the stalls. What was left then was a few of them doing the final cleaning up for the day so I don't have to smell all the fishes.

This place is definitely huge. It's an eye opener, as I have never seen a market this big before. Of course, it's even greater if I can experience and watch them in their business. It's gonna be so interesting even though it's a known fact I am not a market/fish person. I am only the end user. I eat after it's cooked.

Beside of Jalgachi Fish Market, lies the contrasting building. Lotte Departmental Store. It's not a place that is meant for me. It's those places where bargain is not accepted. I always go to places where I can bargain and negotiate prices, not a fixed one. :P

There's the indoor musical fountain that is held at G floor in Lotte itself. This has also been recorded in the Guiness World Book of Records of having the largest indoor musical fountain. It's a very calming effect it has on you.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Friend Zone

Sometimes, the signs are not clear, sometimes, it's in a grey area. Feelings can fade, but it can also develop. It usually does not seem conspicuous initially, but if you take a step back and look, it then will start to look more apparent. But, that does not mean that what has been thought is what's happening.

For one person, it really seems like friends. But to that person, it may not seem like it. If someone can say that they may have feelings involved, then it may or may not be true.

Anyway, girls love to friendzone guys or vice versa, and it's a fact. There are a few type of guys that have always been friend zoned. The nice guys, or sweet girls for that matter. The guys or girls that have always been there for you, from your darkest days to the brightest days. You have just appeared to be too available, which is also the cause of the friend zone stigma. Also, he or she is there when you need someone to listen to your sad sappy stories, your heartbreaks or even some love advises.

When you're being friend zoned, it's sad news. It means that the probability for that person to reciprocate is just low unless you detach yourself from being friend zoned. Sometimes, it cannot be avoided and sometimes, people manage to pull themselves out from the platonic relationships. You just gotta know when to pull back I guess.

Personally, I have friend zoned quite a number too hehe. It all comes so naturally. It cannot be otherwise.

Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 Busan Day 1 Part 1

This was last year's trip back in end of September to early October. Since that I have tried Spring, I shall now try during Fall, except that Fall came late last year. Boo! It feels so summer. Damn!

Arrived at Gimhae airport in Busan.

It's very important to have subway maps in Korea. I'm not sure about other places, but Korea is a must. You're practically travelling around with subways, unless you are rich and loaded, then cab that is.

Then, subway to the hostel too

First meal of the day isn't too bad, except, I don't know what I ate. This is the first time they did not cook for us. Usually, the employees will cook and we as the customers just eat what we are supposed to eat

As I was there in Busan, they were preparing for one of the biggest event in Busan, if not the biggest. The Busan International Film Festival. I just missed it by a day. How distressing and tragic.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

서현 (Seohyun) of 소녀시대 (SNSD) – 아파도 괜찮아요 (It’s Ok Even If It Hurts

I was listening to this song the other day by 서현for a song in a drama tho it has been quite a long time since its release.

눈이 멀어도 괜찮아요
nun-i meor-eo-do gwaen-chanh-a-yo
숨이 멎어도 괜찮아요
sum-i meoj-eo-do gwaen-chanh-a-yo
한번만 그대 볼 수 있다면
han-beon-man geu-dae bol su it-da-myeon
내 맘 모두 줄 수 있다면
nae mam mo-du jul su it-da-myeon

내가 얼마나 더 그리워해야
nae-ga eol-ma-na deo geu-ri-weo-hae-ya
그대 내 맘 알 수 있나요
geu-dae nae mam al-su it-na-yo
내가 얼마나 더 울고 울어야
nae-ga eol-ma-na deo ul-go ur-eo-ya
눈물이 마를 수 있나요
nun-mur-i ma-reul su it-na-yo

그댈 사랑해서 아픈건가요
geu-dael sa-rang-hae-so a-peun-geon-ga-yo
너무 사랑해서 벌 받는 건가요
neo-mu sa-rang-hae-seo beol bad-neun geon-ga-yo
비록 내 모든걸 잃는다 해도
bi-rog nae mo-deun-geol irh-neun-da hae-do
그대 하나면 그거면 되요
geu-dae ha-na-myeon geu-geo-myeon dwoe-yo

그댈 사랑하다 마음을 베어도
geu-dael sa-rang-ha-da ma-eum-eul be-eo-do
그댈 기다리다 가슴 다 헤져도
geu-dael gi-da-ri-da ga-seum da he-jyeo-do
괜찮아요 사랑하니까
gwaen-chanh-a-yo sa-rang-ha-ni-kka
난 아파도 괜찮아요
nan a-pa-do gwaen-chanh-a-yo

그댈 잊으려고 돌아설수록
geu-dael ij-eu-ryeo-go dor-a-seol-su-rog
보고싶은데 어떡해요
bo-go-ship-eun-de eo-tteok-hae-yo
자꾸 안된다고 막아설수록
ja-kku an-dwoen-da-go mag-a-seol-su-rog
그대뿐인데 어떡해요
geu-dae-ppun-in-de eo-tteok-hae-yo

그댈 사랑해서 아픈건가요
geu-dael sa-rang-hae-so a-peun-geon-ga-yo
너무 사랑해서 벌 받는 건가요
neo-mu sa-rang-hae-so beol bad-neun geon-ga-yo
비록 내 모든걸 잃는다 해도
bi-rog-nae mo-deun-geol irh-neun-da hae-do
그대 하나면 그거면 되요
geu-dae ha-na-myeon geu-go-myeon dwoe-yo

그댈 사랑하다 마음을 베어도
geu-dael sa-rang-ha-da ma-eum-eul be-eo-do
그댈 기다리다 가슴 다 헤져도
geu-dael gi-da-ri-da ga-seum da he-jyeo-do
괜찮아요 사랑하니까
gwaen-chanh-a-yo sa-rang-ha-ni-kka
난 아파도 괜찮아요
nan a-pa-do gwaen-chanh-a-yo

내게 독이 되고 가시가 되어도
nae-ge dog-i dwoe-go ga-shi-ga dwoe-eo-do
그대를 향한 사랑 거둘 수 없죠
geu-dae-reul hyang-han sa-rang geo-dul su eob-jyo
언제까지라도 기다릴게요
eon-je-kka-ji-ra-do gi-da-ril-ge-yo
아프고 아파도 나 견뎌낼게요
a-peu-go a-pa-do na gyeon-dyeo-nael-ge-yo

내가 그대를 사랑하니까
nae-ga geu-dae-reul sa-rang-ha-ni-kka
눈물나도 괜찮아요
nun-mul-na-do gwaen-chanh-a-yo
아파도 괜찮아요
a-pa-do gwaen-chanh-a-yo

While to understand the lyrics

It’s okay even if I can’t see
It’s okay even if I can’t breath
If I could meet you only once
If I could give you all my heart
How much more do I have to miss you
So that maybe you could know my heart?
How much more do I to cry and cry
So that tears could be dry?
Does it hurt because of loving you?
Is it the punishment for loving you so much?
Even though you say that I can lose everything
It’s okay if I just have you to be with me
Even if my heart is broken when loving you
Even if my heart is separated when waiting for you
It’s okay because I love you
It’s okay even if I get hurt
The farther I turn away so as to forget you
The more I miss you, What can I do
Even when you keep telling me it’s not right just
to keep me away from you
You are the only one to me, What can I do
Does it hurt because of loving you?
Is it the punishment for loving you so much?
Even though you say that I can lose everything
It’s okay if I just have you to be with me
Even if my heart is broken when loving you
Even if my heart is separated when waiting for you
It’s okay because I love you
It’s okay even if I get hurt
Even if I get poisoned and pricked
My love for you can’t stop
I will wait for you until forever
I will endure even if it hurts and hurts
Because of loving you more
It’s okay even if tears fall down
It’s okay even if it hurts…

Friday, January 3, 2014

Low maintenance guys

Okay, I've just read the 11 signs that your bf is low maintenance. Oh my gawd. I really know guys like that.

I feel that it really shows and the worst of all is when you wear the same damn shirt over and over again. You see the same shirt every single week. I see that as a turn off, like as if you do not have any other shirts? C'mon, a shirt is not exactly that expensive, right? It cannot be costing you hundreds for one shirt. It's fine if you are not into brands, or fashion, or shopping. But, I believe, when you need to shop, you just need to. You don't have to go to a shopping mall to shop. You can do it online. I know guys who are way too lazy to shop in a mall. They do everything online.

The other one is, not having a facial cleanser. Like, seriously? I can never accept this, no facial cleanser. Then, how the hell do you wash your face? Either they do not wash, or they use soap to wash. Saying things like it's just gay to be using. Let's see in the end of the day, whose skin is better? The ones who use facial cleanser vs the ones that use water/soap. Yeah, some individuals actually pass that kind of low derogatory remarks. That shows how narrow minded people can really be. People can tell.

At this time of the day, of this era and generation, you are just so far lacking behind, dude. Buck up. Nobody likes people like that. I know I don't. :D

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Emily Giffin - heart of the matter

I have bought this some time back only started to read recently. A book called heart of the matter, the same author from Something Borrowed - Emily Giffin. I honestly feel I should have read this book first before Something Borrowed because I have expected more. It's quite a disappointment and the story was rather dull and boring compared to that other book.

This is one of the few books I don't know what I'm reading. It's more like I read for the sake if reading not so much because I'm interested. I am dragging myself, forcing myself, to finish the book. It's that difficult. When the book it's uninteresting, even a hundred over pages matter.