Friday, February 28, 2014

Why She Does Not Reply?

A common issue that has always been raised, that people don't reply texts. Usually, that is always said by girls towards the guys who don't seem to reply their texts.

It's a common issue, guys are more visual creatures and girls are more social creatures. Hence, the reason why guys love to communicate in person, and the girls love to be hogged with their phones.

Of course, this is the common one. Then, you get the unusual ones. The opposite happens. The guys keep texting the girl but receive no reply.

Dude, you know what's the indication? The girl has no absolute interest in you, and this is particularly true when you are a creepy species. You don't text the same person every single day with the same kind of message. If you keep on texting, it will only chase her away. What's the point really?

Not every single person love having someone beside her, or having someone to call or text her all the time. This is serious, not everyone enjoys that kind of companionship. Personally, I feel that is rather suffocating, unless I really love your companion then it's a different story. Otherwise, it's an agony altogether.

If that person wants to text you or reply to you, you don't need to keep texting. A reply will arrive at your doorstep. But, the problem is, if you don't get any replies, you know where you stand. That most probably you have been acquaintance-zoned. It's always nice to have some mystery.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

2013 Busan Day 2 Part 4

After Shinsegae, walked quite a bit to this place called K-Pop 3D Cinema which has opened in Busan. Isn't it awesome?

It shows like live recording concerts, all in a 3D theatre. It is mainly for Japanese and Chinese markets. When I was there, there were no shows I have forgotten why. Tickets can be booked online in their website.

BIFF ... familiar? Haha it's the Busan International Film Festival and this is their place in Haeundae-Gu. It's probably the biggest event in Busan.

Haha .... awesome.

Next stop was to Gwangalli Beach (광안리해수욕장). This is another famous beach there and they have very fine sand that it makes it so nice to walk on it. Another place for cultural events, water sports and stuff like that.
Take subway line no. 1 from Busan Subway Station and transfer from subway line no. 1 to no. 1 at Seomyeon Station. Get off at Gwangan Station(subway line no. 2, exit 3 or 5) and walk 5 minutes.

There are so many restaurants, bars, cafes, all along the beach and you will never go hungry there. Problem is, you don't know which to dine in.

Monks are happy when they drink :P

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

That Jealousy

I have been thinking lately due to the recent events that had been happening. I don't mean to be on anyone's side but, jealousy had been way over-used.

According to, jealousy is a resentment of someone's success, rivalry or advantages. So, if you are concluding that one's actions are due to the fact that the person is just being jealous, it's really very sad. It's just an immediate conclusion. How can you conclude one's behavior of being jealous when you don't even try thinking of other possibilities. I am no psychologist, but not all humans are just jealous.

Personally observing it, I really do not think that the said person is just being jealous. From the very beginning, I can tell it wasn't jealous but it's something else. I cannot point out what exactly but it's really something else. It could be that he or she is just annoyed with that other person. Why must it be always being jealous, right?

It sounds very cliché and it's definitely a very easy way out to have such conclusion. Sometimes, people do not have much thoughts of pulling your legs. It's not always related with jealousy. Why must it always be that way?

Therefore, am I wrong to say that you are also being jealous when the attention is not given to you? I am beginning to think it that way. I know for sure, it's going to be denied, but again, it's the same thing. You are just jealous then when you are not being given the attention you wanted. It's the exact same theory. It isn't fair for you to be concluding in such a way, but was it even fair for that other person in the first place?

When one is great at something, you may not be good at other things. Try accepting it maybe? Whatever you say, there comes an opinion "she is just jealous," "he is being jealous." Isn't that sickening to be hearing it over and over again?

Friday, February 21, 2014

2013 Busan Day 2 Part 3

Here goes. Okay, there are many many pictures as I have visited quite a few places that day. I was out from morning to night, so what can you expect, right? Batteries don't die. There's a camera, iphone and ipad. Haha.

This isn't like the ones we get here in MY. The beach is so nice, so calm, so white, so clean. Unlike here, we have so many stalls around, food and etc. But, it's just so clean there. OMG. I really love it. Cultural events and festivals are held here. It's 1.5 KM long. The weather was so hot though it's already fall.

From Seoul Station(subway line #1 or 4 ) take KTX to Busan station( 2hr 30 min travel time) >> From Busan station walk 172m straight and take bus(# 1003)(04:20 to 22:20 / every 9 min / 31 min travel time) >> get off at Haeundae Beach stop and walk 169m to Haeundae Beach

There's an aquarium nearby the beach where tourists can go. But, the entrance fee is really way too expensive.

Zooraji recently opened a rooftop outdoor theme park of Shinsegae department store. It is a reminiscent of the Jurassic era. It's pretty darn cool. I have not seen that many dinosaurs in my life.

SHINSEGAE Centum City, it's the largest departmental store. Worth a visit. If you're loaded, shopping here is not an issue.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Skanky Girl Walking Down The Street

I was watching ANTM on Sunday and I was horrified literally. I wasn't sure which season was I watching previously. It's either last season or the last 2 seasons and I don't remember it was this dramatic. The dramas, the tensions, my gawd, by watching it, I felt the stress. Man.

It's between the 2 neighboring countries. From a third party point of view, tho J is the so-called problematic one, I see N as one too. It's not about overly emotional or that kind of crap, it's just merely dramatic. Both equally has attitude problem. I'm neither a fan for any of them.

If this happen in my life, I will prefer to stay away and distance myself as far as I can. I have enough things happening in my life and I don't need all these crappy stuff surrounding me.

Recently, I got to see a woman 3-4 times a week. I do not know her personally, but as long as you are not visually impaired, you will be able to see the way she dresses is so skanky. The way she dresses is like going for a wedding or cocktail dinner with full make up on. The way she walks, gives out the impression that she thinks she's some sort of supermodel. To me, she is a big time failure in that. Please, people don't walk like that with that kind of darn face. If all she wants is attention, I guess she got it. It just not the kind of attention she wants I supposed. Honestly, she really looks damn hideous and disgusting. Oh, and the way she acts is like as if the whole world owes her. How about no? Nobody got time for that.

I can assure that after awhile now, she is just some insecure troubled female species. That is really unappealing and repulsive with an obnoxious attitude. Great combo. I don't know why nobody says it, that the way she dresses is really not swanky and in fact, it's superseded. Not sure if she realize it. That's very sad. :(

Monday, February 17, 2014

2013 Busan Day 2 Part 2

I just can't believe it, that right until now, I am not completely recovered. Once again, like since when was I completely healthy. It was 3 years ago around June or July. I was healthy before that. When I fell sick on that day, I have never really recovered. It's so annoying to be coughing. Now, I need to clear my throat every now and then. Seriously, what went wrong?
The scenery is really breathtaking and the sound of it is so refreshing. I have always liked hearing the sound of the water.

 Ohhh the pigs!!

I have skipped quite many such as the Buddhist statues. People pray here too. In the Asian countries, I guess the ways we pray are similar to each other with 3 bows. In Korea, I supposed they have 2 types of bows, one is the half bow which usually people don't do, and the other one is the full bow. You need to kneel down, with your forehead touching the cushion in front of you with both your hands on the ground too. With the forehead still on the ground, you need to turn your palm facing up and raise above your ears. Get back to kneeling position, onto toes and up you go. You're done.

Next up to Haeundae Beach. See how wasted is this. They were all doing the setup for the event of the year. Busan International Film Festival. Missed by just a day. What a waste.

As I was walking at the streets, oh god, I found the English courses and right above it, plastic surgery. Haha.