Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Logic?

I just don't know the logic behind a certain thing. Knowing that I don't freaking read, write, or speak a particular language, that person will type the character out, expecting me to understand what he's trying to say. I don't get this.

Why do you want to type in Chinese to someone who doesn't read it? What is that logic. Tell me. Unless someone is out of his sanity, then maybe it's understandable. Otherwise, it makes no sense at all.

It will not do any good. Instead, this will irk that person and the receiving person gets very agitated. So, why? The purpose? To promote the Chinese language? It's not necessary really.

In a circle, if everyone speaks one language except one, and they chose to speak their own common language neglecting that one person that don't understand, how will you feel? I feel that's an outright disrespect to that one person. It's the same in written, and that's even worse. At least, in verbal, there's tone. In words, there's none. Probably, these people had not felt in that situation before. Maybe, they just don't know how respect is shown. It's time to open up and be  more considerate. Honestly.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

2013 Seoul Day 8

This is the end of the whole trip. The last day was to Coex Aquarium and there were some mini concert on the street outside Coex too. Coex is the largest underground shopping center in Asia.

Samseong Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 5 or 6.
COEX is directly connected to the station.

You gotta walk further in before you can see the aquarium. If you see the walls are decorated with fishes and stuff like that, you know you're heading to the right direction. There's an entrance ticket which is quite pricey. But, for all that you get to see, it's definitely an experience and quite worth it.

This is the prairie dog. No idea what's that I just find them so damn cute. They live nothing like a dog, except that they are named "dogs" for their habitat and warning calls which sounds similar to a dog's bark.

Don't ever wish to have your hands once you put it inside here. It's the famous piranha. haha.

I remember there was a movie called the beaver where this guy had a very close friend, the beaver. The beaver is just a soft toy, not a real one. This, is definitely real.

Formation dancing of sardines. Omg the movement is so awesome. There are so many of them, having formation. I was definitely impressed.

Finally, we have the penguins. A real life penguin for once!

There are many other animals, fishes and etc around and in the aquarium alone, I have taken more than 250 pictures. There are just so many to see there. Oh I love the sharks, not to eat, but to see them. Do not eat sharks okay.

There were some mini concert going on out there. I was there just a little while then I left the place to meet someone. This is already the end of my 9 days trip. The next day was nothing at all, just get my ass off to Incheon Airport and there I was, headed back to KL and how I miss you people here! :P

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Health Reason

Since I was hit by the high level of cholesterol, and the minor sick I had last week, I began to cut down on stuff that doesn't do good to my body.

I am cutting down on my coffee a lot. It has been 6 days I have stopped coffee. It's something rather shocking that I have decided to take a step as huge as that. I am someone who cannot live without coffee. The first day was really torturing. I failed miserably. I started the next day, until now.

I am also trying to cut down on my 100 plus which I take it almost every other day. It's not as difficult as coffee.

Apart from all these, I am trying to do more stretching. Not vigorous ones, but just normal stretching.

It has also been 3 days now that I did not take any solid food for lunch. The effect you ask? It's awesome because I don't feel sleepy after lunch anymore. It really works! But then, I feel this is going to be only temporary.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Foreign Babes in Beijing

As sad as it may seem, this is just probably my second or third book of the year. It's so sad. Seriously sad. I need to accelerate in reading.

I don't know what strikes me,  but during the Big Bad Wolf end of last year, I grabbed this back home too. Partly because it's cheap, and partly because I am always very interested how foreigners live in a certain place, and this in particular China. When you turn it around, an Asian who lives in US or UK, is not as bad. But, when vice versa happens, my eyes lit up to want to read this book. When it's related to big cultural differences, I get very interested.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Anniversary 2014

So yeah, there were practices, lots of them before this. This is held every year, may not be the same date or day, but this is sure to be held yearly to help the victims in Japan. This is already the 8th year that funds were raised to help aid for the victims, in particular, those that had lost their parents.

People are only gonna help on the first year. Years that follow by are usually not aided anymore. After covering the cost of the MC, and rentals and etc, the balance goes to the victims.

That is me with my lion head. Oh god.

I don't know why, my hand looks a lil bigger than the usual size.

That was me outside Blackbox while the others were performing

Bonded through dance.

Ah this was with Land Slyde haha. We shall meet again next year haha

One last group pic when Misaki was still there before going back to Japan for good

Friday, April 18, 2014

2013 Seoul Day 7 Part 3

As this event was so huge, there were hardly anywhere to walk or stand. Everyone's there for the same reason, to watch the fireworks. Many of them are of course, couples. Those without a gf/bf will probably stay home, just like my dear monkey friend. haha.

They kept shooting it up, and they do announce the country of it. But, I didn't hear any of those. I was too busy.
There's Korea, Japan, France and etc involved, not exactly sure what are the countries that participated

Thank God the weather was good. Oh and they do have maybe 10-15 mins of break in betweens.

I like this

It starts mild, and ends with a bang each time. There are way too many pictures that I cannot put all of them here. So basically it concludes the whole night I was there. Another issue was when I wanted to get back to the hostel. It was overwhelmed with people all around. Another sandwich time. Oh god.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Black Day

Today, April 14th, marks a day called a Black Day which symbolizes a day for singles. For obvious reason, I celebrate this every single year. Haha.

It is observed in South Korea. To those who did not have the chance to receive and give chocolates and gifts during Valentine's and White day, will gather with the other singles to celebrate this day day by eating Jajjangmyeon. It's not really sad, but the way they describe this day is really sad. Haha.

Happy Black Day people!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Renew Passport

I have finally done my passport yesterday. Weee~ It will be with me for the next 5 years.

The process was quite fast despite using the counter. I have no idea where the kiosk is. I went to the Hartamas branch. It's very near to Publika. If you are coming whereby Publika is on your left, just turn right at the trafiic lights and it will be the grey building on your left.

Find a parking spot. Go in the building and it is on the first floor. There are no pictures required beforehand. In the immigration, get your picture taken at the place itself, before taking your number. They will not give you the number if there are no pictures. After your picture is taken, they will give you a green card to be given to the guy who gives out the number.

Wait for your turn, it won't be long. Tadaa your turn. No form is needed, just be there with your IC and old passport. The person at the counter will print out all your details and ensure everything is accurate and tell the person if you want it for 3 or 5 years. Money is not needed at this point of time. Then they will return you the ticket number, wait for it to be called.

Get your money ready, wait for your turn to be called to make the payment. After making payment, they will tell you how long do they need to get your passport ready. The lady told me, be back in 1 hour and the passport is ready for collection.

At the meantime, you can go loitering around and there's a cafe at G floor. Everything looks oily and not to my taste bud.  It may be acceptable to some, but I cannot swallow it. Urgh. 1 hour later, with the form given by person earlier, you need not get another number. Instead, proceed to the one row of counters on the left called "serahan." Give the form, collect it, walk out from the place and jump.

All within 2 hours. Weeeeeeeee~

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cholesterol Level

Yesterday, I had a shock of my life.

It was way much higher than expected. My cholesterol level went sky rocket from last year. It was at the border line last year and when I checked as of 2014, it was categorized under high risk. SERIOUSLY?

So, I need to gain weight and reduce cholesterol? How can I possibly do that? I feel controlling food consumption is the most difficult thing to do in life.

Lean meat, welcome to me. Vegetables, fruits, oatmeals, barleys, hi. Goodbye fat meats (nooooooo..), egg yolk, alcohol, seafood (nooo!!). I feel like a Saint.

Omg?! What's the point of living by limiting your food intake into your body? It's the most suffocating thing, ever. Geez!

People, please take care of my heart.

Monday, April 7, 2014

2013 Seoul Day 7 Part 2

I've never seen human attacks in a long long time. That was the day I was literally sandwiched in between people whom I don't know, seen, or whichever not. I was not able to move, walk or even breathe. Everyone's stuck in the subway station, also the train.

Human attack!

There were so many people that it became creepy!

Finally, with all the battle going on in the station, this is the place. The weather was perfect for an event like this. It was chilly, with clear blue sky.

The Han River people refer to is actually Hangang River. The best place is to be at to watch the fireworks was in front of 63 Building. People were selling food and drinks, tent, mats and stuff like that. I just don't know how many people attended the event that day. It was really very huge.

This is located in Yeouido Hangang Park. Stop at Yeouinaru Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 2 or 3. This is a metropolitan city, politics, media, banking and finance all in one area. This is the place where they have the Cherry Blossom festival during Spring and the reason I went there was for the World Fireworks Festival during fall. Fireworks from all over the world will gather here to show the best fireworks from their own respective countries.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

2013 Seoul Day 7 Part 1

Ahhh Day 7. Today's plan is a visit to the place where Spring festival is celebrated widely. But, the festival ended just the day before. So, no cycling. But, before that, Monkey told that there will be a huge fireworks festival happening there in the evening. Therefore, might want to reverse the plans.

Hello good morning. My breakfast. I miss the banana milk.

Went to Itaewon. Stopped by at this shop and I am surprised how many Malaysians had stopped by. If I don't tell that I am a Malaysian, people wouldn't know that too, do they? :P

Welcome to Itaewon or 이태원. Itaewon is like a foreign land in Korea. You get to see more foreigners than ever before in South Korea and they outnumber the locals there. Of course, when there are foreigners, the stuff there will not be inexpensive. Take Line 6 subway. Oh also, there's the red light district there. Just not exactly sure where is it located.

It's lunch time

You get to see this Convenience store CU. Previously, it was Family Mart. Nowadays, it has been replaced by this. For that whole 9 days, I probably saw only 1 Family Mart.

Friday, April 4, 2014

2013 Seoul Day 6 Part 1

It's already Day 6. After the lovelocks in Namsan Tower on Day 5, I actually went to see Cheonggyecheon stream that connects with Han River in Dongdaemun.

It was not managed well, and it used to be dry and dirty. They have then decided to restore the whole stream that it's now that clean that it is said to be able to drink it from the stream. Every night, couples and friends will spend their night here chilling out. I wish I have it here. haha.

The starting of Day 6. It's breakfast time. A soya and a sandwich.

Ah, that's me. Right in front of YG Entertainment! Weeee~ That's where they are, oh Big Bang :P It's not as complicated as what you think. Just take the green line to Hapjeong Station exit 8. It's not right in front of the station and it's not visible enough from the station itself. It's just about 10 minutes walk from there. You will walk pass a gas station, some shops and etc. I walked through worldcup-ro-1-gil and Huiujeong-ro-1-gil before I arrived. Yay! There's a mini mart right in front, it was GS25 if I am not mistaken.

Then, it's time to meet the monkey. The monkey introduced this bossam or 보쌈. It was heavenly. It's a pork dish whereby its center piece is pork belly, boiled in spices and thinly sliced. You eat the meat wrapped. The combination of everything goes perfectly well. There's no other food I will ask for.

That's the monkey! Weeee~ I'll wait for you here.

And then, after shopping in my favourite place, Ehwa Women's University, here I was for dinner after all the carrying.

Hanging out with boys

I was reading an article of the pros and cons hanging out with only guys.

It's not a bad thing to be hanging out with guys only, in fact I really truly do enjoy their companions. It's a fact a very much more at the surface level. But, then again, these days are not anymore like that. If you're one on one with them, the conversations can go to quite in-dept too.

See, you can hang out with them, discuss about sports, your problems and you won't be judged. They will probably insult you. Just that.

Come to think about it, just the other day, I was reflecting on the girls I hang out with. The ones that I am close with have certain similarities.  All of them grew up with boys, or guys. The one surrounded with girls, and all girls, have some kind of dysfunctional in them. I can't point out exactly what, but there are. Of course, it's not all. It's just the ones that I know are being in that kind of malfunction state.

I will prefer to hang out with either guys or girls that act as such. The way they see things are different. First and foremost, you don't have to worry to offend them and being overly sensitive about it. Otherwise, you need to watch your words carefully. Initially, of course it's fine, but at a later stage, you will find yourself burdened by it. Me and princess-y people are not friends. Therefore, having a princess friend is reallyyyy overbearing. Why stress yourself out, right? They can be very inconsiderate and they really don't consider about a lot of things and are very demanding. Sounds scary. No doubt, they are. haha. Again, the ones I know only. When patience run dry, you get agitated with them. From their appearance and attitude, you can never tell if they are one of the typical ones. At times, it doesn't show. If you think just because someone is loud is unfeminine, you are just wrong. It shows in situations they are caught in. It really does. I have seen them unfold the inner them. The truth will eventually reveal. Weeee~