Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

So, yesterday, Feb 18th, was the day all the family members gather together to have a reunion dinner before the day of Chinese New Year. It's at this time that you see many shops are closed during the operation hours. This is in fact more important or significant than the first day itself.

This is the time we say goodbye to all the horses and welcome the goats. Sometimes, I see goats, other times I see sheeps, and I am confused.

Wishing everyone with abundance of joy, happiness and prosperity.
This was the family dinner yesterday. It isn't eating out anymore. It's home steamboat this year. It was so good okay. Of course, again, just like any other years, it's the alcohol again. Cheers!

A typical Chinese New Year has to start with eating lobak gou. It doesn't feel CNY if you don't eat it.

Apparently, this is the family's secret recipe that I didn't know about.

Then, the family lunch. Amazing.

Of course, a typical family will have this question of "when, what, why?" Thank God, mine isn't that. Others, good luck to you.

The first prosperity toss I had just a day before the eve of CNY. Many more to come aye? The higher you toss, the better, the more prosperous, the more happiness, and everything will be better.

As what the culture believes, there are so many things that the old folks follow with the forbidden things e.g. not to wash hair, not to sweep floor, clean stuff, wipe, and I don't even know what else. At this time of age, I don't think all those are important anymore. If you believe, it will happen. Simple as that.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Europe: Amsterdam Part 2

Voila. We continued the tour in the place from the clogs production, to the cheese production. It depends on one's preference really. It's either you like cheese, or you don't. There are many places in Europe that produce cheese and the Dutch is one of them.

It's a long process, hard work, time. But, that's how business goes.

The types of cheese they sell, together with the price. If I'm not mistaken, it's either 1 KG, or 500g. If you store it properly, the cheese can be kept for quite awhile. You don't have to finish it up immediately. At least weeks. Of course, with the correct temperature. Temperature is always important when it comes to consumption, just like wine.

Hello with the giant yellow clogs outside the production house with the mini windmill

That's how they produce cheese, they need the help of the cows for milk haha

We then headed for the cruise. Oh I love this cruise. After we have settled down, they started serving us pizza, oh our dinner! With all the interesting views along the cruise.

All the boats around, with the sun shining at the river.

This ship is called Amsterdam. It's a cargo ship of the Dutch East India company. It was wrecked in a storm sometime in 1749. The replica of the ship was built between 1985 and 1990.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

February the 14th, Happy Valentine's Day to all. The origin comes from a man named Valentinus who was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry.

This day is associated with couples showing love to each other, expressing their affections by giving flowers, chocolates and other gifts.

Only in Japan and Korea, it is practiced differently whereby the girls are the ones that give the guys chocolates on this day. The guys have a month to recuperate the love on March 14th.

Of course, as times pass, it isn't just about the boring couples. It's also meant for friends to celebrate with each other, or families. Love does not only define a couple relationship love, but also family love, friendship love and many others.

Even though you are not celebrating, that doesn't really mean that you have to go all against it. If you don't celebrate due to whatever reason, that's okay. Just forget it, stay home, and watch tv. Let the others celebrate. You're single? It's fine too, don't have to be too defensive. If that's to make yourself feel better, go ahead but nothing can change the fact that you're single. Remember that. Haha. Stop being so anti.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Europe: Amsterdam Part 1

After bidding goodbye to Deutschland, we say hello to Amsterdam. This is one of the most confusing country. So yeah, as what we have always known, Netherlands is Holland and vice versa right? In fact, it isn't. It's not the same thing. As a summary, the whole country is called the Netherlands, the people are Dutch, there is actually no such thing as the country Holland, instead there are provinces of North and South Holland. I hope that makes sense. The language is Dutch, which is similar to German or Deutsh. People are often confused with that. In fact, there are words that they share, or similar to each other. For instance, Goedemorgen in Dutch and Guten Morgen in German, means Good Morning in English. So, I believe the Dutch can understand the Germans, somehow and vice versa.

This is where the windmill was born. Eons ago, it was used to mill grain, pump water or both.

This is the land of cycling too. People there love cycling. I should live there!

When we talk about Netherlands, it is associated with clogs. Clogs are used to protect the feet from the heavy labor during the olden days. Now, it has diversified. These days, are used for tap dancing! haha. We used to wear this in the bathroom! I remember :D

That's how it is produced. In has been generations that the clogs are made here. Now, they have machines to expedite the process! But still, clogs are made from scratch here. OMG!

It comes in all shapes, sizes and colors! Oh some people use it for weddings too!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Oh My Ass

Oh I realized I haven't blogged about this.

Late last year, it was such a beautiful evening, I finished work, ready to have a great evening with Kyliie, nice, pleasant and quiet dinner with coffee. As I was driving towards KDU (where I need to pick Kyliie up), just out of the blue, I had a knock from behind, I mean, a bang.

If it wasn't too bad, I don't mind letting her go. But, it was bad. The bumper dented in. There's no way I am letting the woman go. Stupid woman.

Then, there's some dude, told us to go down so we don't hold up the traffic. I went, waited for this woman, 2 hours. 2 hours I can already go to the airport, back to KL twice.

After all the drama that happened, we went to the police station. Yada yada ... it is indeed frustrating, my whole night was ruined.

Thank you to the woman who banged my car, I truly appreciate it as you made me involved in an accident, for the first time ever.

Oh, after I have done the reporting, she came in, and she asked the guy how does she fill up the details of the incidental report. Seriously? Are you really that dumb? IF, you do not know how to fill in these kind of details, the most simple details ever, then don't try using your phone while driving. Common sense. After you have banged someone car, human's sense is to apologize. Oh she didn't even apologize in the beginning.

What a screwed up human. She was speaking Mandarin to me in the first place. Of course, I looked at her one kind, and being so annoyed, I went "WHAT?!" only then she switched to English, with some difficulty. The dude who was helping her to fill in the form asked what's her occupation. It's a horror really, she said she's a lecturer. Lecturer, and not a teacher. University students? Really?

Now I know the answer of the young's generation quality deterioration. I have the answer now, right upon my eyes. How can we expect the kids to behave well, to have basic manners, to have all those that you thought all humans should when the lecturers are behaving in such a way, acting so dumb and irritating, right? It's almost game over now, the next generation.

I had to go being all dramatic, I gotta say that if I ever faint, the reason is because I need to go through this sick procedure of an accident rather than having a nice dinner somewhere. STUPID. Then only, she apologized. Annoying species.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Europe: Rhein Valley Day 1 Part 3

So, it was a continuation. Right after the cruise, we were brought to this shop. Just 10 minutes walk and we arrived at this small town area there along the river.

What else? Hehe. It's the wine tasting time! And, the next question is, what wine is Germany known for? It's the Riesling of course. Though as a whole, that's what Germany is known for, but the Rhine Valley called Rheingau, is very distinctive for its quality and this is where the German fine reds are produced here.

The different types of wine available at the shelf. They actually ship wines worldwide. Maybe not worldwide as per se, but many countries. They ship to USA/Canada, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Norway, and Switzerland. Of course with a charge. Nothing comes free.

That's the town area. Many shops are available, at least enough to get the days by. If you turn right at the junction, it will lead you to something called Klettersteig. It is like some ropes and you climb through a fixed route. Just like mountain climbing, with a slightly different concept.

Visiting other countries which put dogs as their family members! How cool is that? The furry friends. Generally, dogs in Germany behave very very well. These can be shown by the owners bringing their pet dogs to almost everywhere like the bookstores, department stores, trains and etc. Ah, this dog's name is Gina. She's so so adorable and lovable!

Then, the group picture after dinner.

That night, we stayed at Rheinlust. It's a very nice place if you are in Rhein Valley. 10 minutes away from the shops and you can see the nice view, out from your hotel room. Sunset, sunrise. Incredible!

That's the end of our Germany trip! So we say, Auf wiedersehen Deutshland!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Europe: Rhein Valley Day 1 Part 2

We finally got up to the cruise. Feel the wind. Just feel it. You should feel the chill down your spine. You can't get it in a tropical country.

This is what tourists like doing, to go on a river cruise. You get to see many things along the river. You don't need to walk, just sit and see, and enjoy the breeze and of course, snap pictures.

On the cruise, beverages are sold there, both alcohol and non-alcohol. Announcements will be made when you are able to purchase it. They can't be selling it to you just 5 minutes before we stop, right?

I will believe that this cruise will be no different from other cruises. A standard cruise lasts about 45 minutes.

We departed from Burgenfahrt to Ruedesheim. Earliest leaves at 10:30 AM and the latest at 5:15 PM.  Tickets priced at 18 EUR for adults and 8 EUR for children. Children's age differs from one place to another. So, please check.

That's the ladies haha

Well, the wind was blowing away and it got chilly, the sun was going down, and I was feeling cold. Yet, I didn't wanna go down. How often do I get this, right?

Many European countries' architectures are influenced by Romans, Gothics and many others. For all the different ages and eras, you can see how the buildings are designed. This I think it's Gothic? Usually, it isn't just one influence, but many had come and go and it shows in the buildings. Like footsteps.

Green-eyed Granny

I wonder, why is my life so dramatic. It's not only these days, but it has always been very dramatic. It's not only drama, but I think I am a weirdo magnet too. I have always been teased with that. Sighs. Why, tell me why.

I was at a wedding few months ago, and with just that few hours we were there, so many things happened. I am very sure I didn't do anything. Or, is my existence so powerful? Haha. How could it be, right?

The moment the trio arrived at the table, we were starred and glared, from up to down and down to up. That look at that pair of eyes were so irritating that you feel like slapping that specimen. It has been such a long long time I've not felt that way. We were innocent saying hi to the people we have not seen in awhile. It's only normal that you say hi to people you have not been keeping in touch often. As a friend, as a girl friend, as a whatever you wanna be, stay out, you ass.

Just because you are supposed to be someone's girlfriend, it doesn't serve you a right to stare at us. Remember granny, jealousy kills every relationship. You can freaking bang your head there til it bleeds non stop. You moron. Who cares even if you are the girlfriend. Continue being that and you will be ditched. I'm sorry but, we have known each other for 7.5 years. Granny, wake up. We don't care if you sulk the whole night. It only makes you unhappy and we will still laugh away. Hehe.

Beneath a happy wedding that has 2 hearts united as one, is a very dramatic dinner table. Haha.