Thursday, May 28, 2015

Late and forever late

I'm not sure if people are thoughtless these days, or they are just lack of senses.

Sure, humans make mistakes. I just don't get it because only people from here make this mistake. This in particular, being punctual.

There are people, that few individuals, and it's always them that are late. Late, late, late and late. It comes to the point where I don't know if I should brush if off or to really address the issue. Again, it's not that I have not. I have done so many times over the last 10 years. What else can I do? Nothing I know. What can I change? I know there is, which is, screw them and tell them that they should just stay where they are and not make it a point to meet up, ever again. That irritates me so much.

I'm not sure if it has something to do with my trainings, my upbringing or other misc stuff. Apparently, I am one in the circle that behaves this way, that highlights punctuality to the max. I must reiterate this, I despise people being late. SO MUCH. I don't get it too, why can't people be on time.

After being late, they have a million excuses why they're late. Traffic jam, dunno whose car breaks down, buy breakfast for someone, this, that and whatever. I mean common, I am not born yesterday. I do not accept stupid reason like that. So, they blame everything out there that can be blamed. Again, do I accept it? Obviously not. You can tell me your neighbor's insurance agent's uncle's far distant relative and what other ancestor stories. I don't buy it, and in particular if I know you long enough, I will jot every single thing down, in my brain. AND .... I remember it. I must say, when it comes to stuff like that, I have BRILLIANT memory.

Then, with them already being late, they don't inform. My lifespan is getting shorter each day. Since when that being late for one hour is acceptable, that it's okay, that people can just let it go because I can't. There's a limit in everything. If you do it all the freaking time, or at most times, please, just shut up. The moment you open your mouth, you seem even more stupid than you already are. Stop explaining, stop blaming. Just admit, and move on.

I am not someone that is patient enough to be waiting for you an entire day and yet still smile to you. Not over my dead body, really.

My plan now is, after 2 months, I will probably dismiss it and tell you, stay out of the way, do whatever you want because I do not need you to be here. I have my time meant for people who respect time, and not those who don't like you.

It's such an easy thing, yet so difficult for some. Or probably impossible. One thing I've learnt, no matter how close you are to me, if you are not punctual, prepare yourself. It might not happen this year, but I'm sure going to put it as the NY's resolution end of this year.

I do not wanna be a broken recorder, to tell people simple stuff like that. You don't even need people telling you common sense like this. So, if you think you're busy, so am I. Just because I know how to juggle my time, that doesn't make you taking advantage of my precious time. Thank you for reading.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

UK: Cardiff, Wales

Tadaa.... after the last stop, we went quite a distance away to Wales.

Wales, that's wheree Ryan Giggs is from. Voila. Like the football team. haha.

If I am not mistaken, this is Caerphilly Castle, located in the South of Wales, and surrounded by 7 surrounding hills.

Finally, we have arrived to Cardiff. It's the capital and the largest city of Wales. Cardiff is where the major football matches are being held. Damn!

We went to this mall and it was dead. Shops close early over there, unlike Asia.

This is ... Ebenezer Chapel, located at Charles Street. What else does it do? Worship and pray.

I can't believe that it's so peaceful, or did I go at the wrong time? I guess, it's the population. A reported of 350,000 in 2014.

We ended up at the bar, which played live band. It was good. We left early of course.

We need to prepare for an early departure the next day, and I will believe that we are departing back to London the next day.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Eyes

People hate others for no apparent reason. At times, they don't reflect their own actions if the blame is on oneself.

What I really mean is, the word, hate. There's a fine line between hate and dislike if one can't differentiate.

Of course, we as humans, we can't please everyone. The same goes to yourself, not everyone can please you. If you don't get along, move on, and be professional if it's work related. Otherwise, be courteous for social matters. At times, you hold grudge, vengeance and what not. Nobody is an angel or a saint. Considering the world is already cruel and stressful, by putting all these unnecessary stuff in, is that really worth the stress? I do understand that when you have many common friends, it's really difficult to break a friendship. If that needs to be done, then it just has to be done. It's not that I am breaking any of those friendship away anyway, this is just a justsaying statement.

Yeah, when people distance themselves from you, one two followed by three four, maybe, just maybe if you are humble enough, you should do some self-reflection on what have you done? Or what could you have done better in certain situations.

Glaring, staring, all of those are not needed. In particular, if you are doing so with the eyes full of hatred, nothing is going to change people's treatment on you. They are still going to continue distancing themselves. Hating people as easy as that? There's really nothing else I can really say except God bless you much. They know, how dangerous it is to talk to people like you. For me personally, I cannot talk to anyone I cannot trust.

As they say, the eyes are one of the utmost sense of a person's body as it reflects his soul. I can see his soul, that's full of hatred and bitterness. For sure, I am nobody to say anything. Having lived for more than 3 decades and still being so bitter on everyone, like, really? Does he need to be admitted to a rehab center? Haha.

Monday, May 18, 2015

UK: Liverpool & The Birthplace of William Shakespeare

That was it, a night in Liverpool and we left the next day. It was a very quick stop. Well, there's nothing much to do there anyway. Before we left, we did a bit of a bus tour before we leave the city.

This is Radio City in Liverpool, an independent local radio station tuning at 96.7 FM and the first song they played here was Stevie Wonder's You Are The Sunshine Of My Life.

Then, to St George's Hall where they act as concert halls and law courts too. In this hall, there's an organ here built in 1855.

Liverpool Cathedral is the Church of England Cathedral of Diocese of Liverpool and is the seat of Bishop of Liverpool. This Anglican Cathedral is one of the two in this city. The organ here is the largest pipe organ built.

Moving on next is to the house of John Lennon where he lived when he was 2 up til 22 with his aunt. This house has been conserved and was bought over by Yoko, his wife as a remembrance.

There's actually a little history in a lane called Penny Lane. If you don't know yet, check out the song by the Beatles. It's a song written by Paul McCartney credited to the partnership of McCartney-Lennon. It was a street name where both of name would meet and take a bus ride down town.

The next, we took a drive down to Stratford. This is your place if you are into literature. To be precise, William Shakespeare.

Welcome to the world of the man who wrote 38 plays, William Shakespeare. That's where he lived and even until he got married.

I'm sure we somehow have come across his works. I did, back in school and just not sure how to appreciate literature back then. Perhaps, I got better now, still not very much though. His house is actually now opened to public like a museum, with an entrance fee. Look into the life of the man behind all those plays and books.

The design of the houses are so familiar, just like what I see in Genting. haha.

 As we walked further away, we got to Stratford upon avon, with beautiful lake and swans.

That's where I got tricked. I thought they were really caught in this position for the longest time, and then I was told, it's a chair he's sitting on, but we don't see it as it's in his pants. I'm that noob tourist, haha.

Tadaaa, it is almost time for our coach to arrive. Let's pose while we waited for Andy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

UK: Liverpool, England

After the Lake District, let us all cruise in to Liverpool.
Who don't know Liverpool? Everyone has heard or know about it.

Before the Liverpool Football Club, it's the local rivalry. Football fans should know this. Goodison Park, the homeground for Everton!

Just look across the road, there's the You'll never walk alone club - Liverpool.

It was actually raining when we checked in. We were given time to rest and stuff. It's actually a free evening/night and of all places, we ended up in China Town for dinner. It was raining, I was wet. Gosh, again? Then, we walked at the streets!

This is a very famous club in Liverpool. It was made famous by Beatles! They used to play their gigs here and they debut from here.

It's very stuffy as it's an underground club, just like the clubs I use to go in Swiss. The bands play the Beatles' song there, as well as dress up like them too!

Well, that was the street while walking back to the hotel. It wasn't late, nor was it early. It's summer, the sun doesn't go down like in winter!

 So, here I was back in the hotel with that whatever face.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Being rude is a crime, learn to say "Hello"

The longer I live, the worse people are. More uneducated and uncivilized they become. It come to a point there's no more humanity.

I have encountered this many years ago, probably 11 - 12 years ago. Certain things don't change. I was so irritated back then, and if the same happens now, I will just be the same, an equal irritation, if not worse.

There are some things that you don't have to be told. It's human's basic manners. If you hang out with that person, regardless how close you are with each other, you cannot leave being courteous aside.

Back then, it was a female, came to the car, sat like a queen, without a word of greeting. She does not know that I am not ali (driver). haha. I did what I do best.

Fast forward, same stuff happened. This time, a guy, came to the car, and didn't greet, not a word. Well, despite doing them a favor, it's only common you say hi. I am not expecting like a formal greeting, but hey, hi, what's up, is that so difficult to do?

The difference now and then is ... I got more pissed now. Why? Being 30s and not know etiquette? I do not tolerate, considering I am doing a favor already, not asking anything in return. The other difference now is, I had to teach this person what basic manners is. OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS DUDE? I gave him 5 secs, and he didn't say a word. Automatically, I exploded. HELLO ARE YOU DUMB? Therefore, I told him that when you enter someone's car, it's only polite and courteous that you greet that person that pick you up and do not be rude by just sitting like as if that person owes you. What I got as a reply? A sarcastic hello. I was on the verge of throwing him out from my car. But, patience pays off, right? I was brought up to be kind and nice. The reason I held on.

Then, thinking, he learned and it is instilled in his damn brain. Apparently, I was wrong. He came in the second time, and it was well forgotten. I swore by myself that it was the last time I was picking him up. There's no more a next time. Why? I had to be cool like that. Haha. 

Do you expect to be taught manners at this darn age? Hell no and in particular if you're older. Stop the crap and start learning manners. It's way too late to start learning but late is better than never.

The people around him may not have an issue with this, but I am really very particular. He should even thank me for teaching him manners. Who in the world would actually teach him, an older person manners? Ass.

Wait! Send yourself back to school please.

Friday, May 8, 2015

UK: Lake District, Keswick

Next, after Scotland, we went to Keswick. When we left Scotland, we didn't stop at the border. It wasn't prominent enough and there's no indication if you have already left Scotland. Only when you enter Scotland, a small tomb stone is there.

That's the Lake District. Fun-filled lake. Some water activities you can do.

Or, you can do some picnic, chill out, take your dogs for walk. I'm sure they will be really happy.

There's even a dog-based accommodation. How dog-friendly it is here! I'm so happy for the dogs!

This is Keswick's Market. It's not exactly that near to the Lake District. You can definitely reach by foot. But, it's just a matter of time with the pace you take.

Since there's not much we can do there with just an hour or two, ate the lunch, see and look around and we left. Next stop, Liverpool. Say hi to the furry friends.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Learn to zip

We have met different people from different background throughout our entire lives. There are people who are there for some time, some not, and some are just there.

There are people whom you really wish from the bottom of the heart to stop talking so much, or stop talking altogether. It's impossible as a third party to stop what they say, when they talk, and what bull shit that comes out.

For some reason, they can really talk from the time they open their eyes to the time they close their eyes. I am not sure if I am amused with them, or I am so disgusted with it. Why don't they be teachers then, right? They can talk all day long and the students wouldn't stop you. According to a survey done, a woman speaks about 20,000 words a day. I believe I do not have 20,000. A guy I know, I strongly believe, he has 40,000 words at least. He talks that much that it comes to a point everyone is so irritated.

If you love listening to crappy stuff, maybe he's the perfect person. I do not know why do I deal with these kind in my life. It may not be a daily basis kinda thing, but it's frustrating. It's like an allergy. Like, ewwww.

God, help me. My tolerance cannot go any deeper. It's so bad for my blood pressure. Oh my lifespan. What I cannot take it is, people who love bragging though they are bad with it. Please. How can someone be like that? WHY?! And, I just have to meet them. WHY!

You will realize there are certain things you don't change, whether you're much younger, or you got older. This, is something I have not changed over the years. Tolerance towards people who brag has a tolerance of 0.001 out of 10. I am taught to be humble and I still live with that til today.

Learn to shut up maybe. Yucks.

UK: Arrochar, Scotland

After the whiskey tour, everyone were all feeling warm, we drove all the way to Arrochar. That's where we stayed that night.

When we just left Ben Nevis

As we arrived there in Arrorchar

Nobody's there, no shops, nothing, just the hotel.

Oh there's still cherry blossoms during the summer.

Performance by the boys in the traditional costume

Then the girls, with their traditional Scottish dance

The audience, first to go was la grandma, surrounded by all men. Haha. Had few rounds of beer, then, it's good to sleep. Goodnight all, it's going to be an early morning as we leave Scotland.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Truth to be told

I was just browsing through websites and articles and I found this, the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I think it affects many people.

Though it may seem like a social and cultural problem, it's still a mental disorder. Self-love is important, but having it til the extent of NPD is too extreme.

We need to face reality, but those with NPD overestimates their own capabilities and has excessive needs for affirmation as well as admiration. They are self-absorbed, self-centered, vain, selfish and everything is about them.

Probably, they are just an insecure bunch of people deep down. Look at the people around you, whether they are your friends or not. I am sure there are names that automatically pop into your head, or at least one. I know I have.

It's tiring and draining to have people like that. Like, why so self-absorbed? Even people are just being friendly on a surface level, they tend to think that everyone is in love with him/her. Really?! Honestly, there are many people out there who are better in every aspect, so why would people choose you, right? Think it logically. But again, they will think they are all that great, and on top of the world from physical attributes to their whatever it is.

Humans are generally nice and kind. Even though you are really ugly, you will be told you looked nice.  When you look lame, people will say you look great. I'm not sure if they are just trying to be polite, or they are trying not to hurt you with the truth. Either one, I guess a person with NPD should be happy having people as such around them. Likewise, you think you looked really cool or good looking, which of course not, they wouldn't tell you.  Or, you think that you are really good in whatever shit stuff when you're not, people don't really wanna break the honesty with you too. It's not a complaint, I am just impressed.

I pity them. At the same time, I cannot be the same as the others. I cannot lie to you, I cannot lie to myself as it's against my conscience. I need the truth to be out if I am being asked. When you're caught in that situation, all your human nature wears off. You will no longer pity them. You will feel really frustrated with them, their attitude, behavior and all that comes with them. Annoying, yes. Ignore? Please. Leave me alone, out of my sight if one is able. I beg you. Haha.

P/S: Do not try too hard to fit in, we are not in high school.

Friday, May 1, 2015

UK: Ben Nevis, Scotland

After the monster, this is a must-do thing in Scotland. How can you not visit to a whiskey house if you're in Scotland, right?

So, we were briefed on how is the process to produce a whiskey. It takes lots of time, lots and lots. 

There are 5 stages of a whiskey production process. Malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation or some call it aging. There are only 3 ingredients that you need. Barley, water and yeast.

Barley is the base and it depends a lot on the quality of the barley, it affects greatly on the end product.

This is maybe, the fermentation stage. This is when the yeast is added here. The task of the yeast is to turn the existing sugar into alcohol. Sounds good here.

Probably, this is the distillation stage. They will need to go twice for this process and apparently, fatter stills will produce a fuller, richer spirit.

That's the maturation process. Of course, it has to end up with bottling.

Then, it's time for whiskey tasting. When you're cold, this is good. It really keeps you warm.

That is, me. To whiskey, with love. A very productive session we had. I have always wondered how alcohol is produced, at least now, I know how whiskey is. It's a terribly long process with gigantic machines.