Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Happy Dumpling Festival

Happy Dumpling Festival :D

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

Take 5

Take 6

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Get it done for good please

It's quite frustrating when the phone I bought not long ago is giving me so much problem. It was sent to service once and the problem was not solved at all, it was still the same. My messages didn't go to the inbox, my name didn't appear instead it's just a random number. What else? I dont want to think so much. It's darn irritating.

Ali Baba can even ask me to trade in that phone? Hello? If I can get the same amount of money back to get a new one, I definitely will, but how much can I get for this? It's so damn bloody little okay! And ... I am not rich. Think money grow from trees? I am truly not satisfied. Stupid donkeys! It's not even my fault that the phone isn't functioning well. It's not mine! They took what ... 2 weeks to service that phone but it came back to me with just the same condition as it was. How many more times do I have to send my phone? Trading in means ... I am the one who did something to the phone. Fact is, I did not! Why must I trade in. I am so extremely not satisfied. Please get it done, please lar ... my patience is running out.

Monday, May 29, 2006

One Seafood Restaurant II

The rest of the pics are here ...

*jeng jeng jeng*

Noodlesss ... it was very normal for me

Venison ... with some spice there ... I like this :D

Omg ... prawns .. yum yum ....

Longan ... for dessert ... actually it supposed to be longan with sea coconut but I dont eat the sea coconut .... :P

Well, there were actually more but I was busy eating ... ;)

Alright that's all from me ... *darn full after that dinner*

One Seafood Restaurant

One Seafood Restaurant I

When? Last Friday
WHere? One Seafood Restaurant, Bangsar [opp. TMC]

Last Friday, I went to a seaood restaurant located in Bangsar. As for now, they are still having the Mother's Day promotion until 31st May 2006, whichby, 38++ per person. Eat all you want seafood, but certain things like crab, shark fin's soup only allowed to order once.

Crabbb ... not very tasty if you ask me .. but the sauce was fab, love it. As I was late, by the time I ate it, everything was already cold, not too bad.

I like this chicken a lot ... very nice ... naish naish ... thumbs up for this

If I am not mistaken, it's called kerap, the hard shell big lala. As I am not a fan of this because I find it very fishy each time I eat it, hence I did not even try it. Heard that it's not bad.

Lemon Chicken ... the lemon chicken that I ate in Muhibbah was so much nicer, so much tastier, nothing to shout about.

Since I upload the pics in Blogger itself, I cant fit every pic in in one entry, so I am going to do a Part 2. Stay tune ;)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Retarded Fugly Idiot

Yah, the other day while I was coming back from Bangsar to Kepong after the seafood dinner, it took me more than one hour to reach home! Yeah, it's darn bloody jam okay. And those buggers on the road, they are totally mad -_- Madness.

Well, it was not that bad until after the Kepong toll when everyone, rephrase, almost everyone wanted to cut queue. I queued up for so long and they wanted to cut in -_- Oii ... go to hell lar!!!!!

Then, there was this guy who cut my line -_- I was on the left, he was on the right wanted to cut in. He was the one cutting in, stupid fool ... and what a BABIly big bully. Retarded -_- He doesn't let me go instead, but then I didn't want to let him win just yet. When there's no more space, he knocked into my side mirror. Bloody jerk you. Cacated lame arse I honked him and ... he was so fortunate enough that the camera was just sitting beside me peacefully. Hey savior, flash it babeh

Seeeee ... that's the bastard's car ...
Car Plate : WFH 128
Color : Grey
Car : Wira
Driver : Fugly and retarded idiot

The second capture ... already zoom-ed in

Clear enough? Though a bit blurrish at the side, but the most important of all is the plate number.

Balik kampung lar lu, celaka bangang babi hutan makan tahi lembu cacat pontianak badak lembu drebar

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Lit Heong Restaurant

Last week, I went to his place to eat. It's called Lit Heong Restaurant located in Sri Bintang, just 5 minutes away from my house. Actually, I have been going there for quite some time already, just that I didn't have the opportunity to take the pics as I dont usually bring my cam. Not that I dont want but usually my pants are lose or no pocket.

This is it, Lit Heong Restaurant. They are famous for their crabs, prawns and fishes if I am not mistaken. I have not tried myself.

This was from where I was sitting, yah the tables are on the street as well

Yeah this is the air cond one ... and they even have upstairs ...

There comes the food ... fried tiny sotong, very crunchy and nice ... but then eat until jaw pain ... :s

Pork ... nice nice ... I like it pretty much :D

Since it was only two of us, it was more than enough, darn full haha. There's more review in Fooxion about their specialties, their food, and their efficiency. Will update when I'm done there.

I have written the review in Fooxion, and here is the link
Lit Heong Restaurant

Friday, May 26, 2006

Please welcome ...Ali Baba

I was chatting with Nyakk yesterday and as usual we were doing some cathing up and what we usually do, update each other about gossips and everything that comes to mind at that time.

See, it's actually Papa and so sudden there comes the word Baba. And when it's Baba, there's only 2 types of Baba. One is Ali Baba, and the other is Baba and Nyonya. Since there's no Nyonya, we stick to Ali Baba.

Nevermind if you don't understand it. Just take a look at the pic. I'm so proud of Nyakk.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome ... *drums rolling*

ALI BABA!!!! *applause applause*

Enjoy~ Dora version of Ali Baba

HAHAHHAHAHAHHA .... Papa ... HAHHAHHAHAHA .... Baba .... HAHAHHAHAHHAH!!!! *audience laughing hysterically* HAHAHAHHAHAHAH

Papa ... we are so proud of you :D We are so honoured to be your daughters .... *wink wink*
This message is brought to you by Nyakk, Pali Pali and Nyokk.

Insane fool

People nowadays are totally insane. They are being so ridiculous, they are acting like a fool, like an idiot, being very nonsensical and whatever that is.

I had this friend who called me, erm ... in fact, I was assuming it's her because her name appeared on my screen. She have not called me before because she's someone I am not very close to and we know each other from the net a couple of years back. So, I was actually quite taken aback.

I answered the call, and a guy was on the other side instead. Like what I always do, Hello? He replied me by Hello? And I replied Hello? He replied again Hello? I got fed up and I hung up. I don't know which idiot is that. Is he mentally deficient? Argh whatever since he doesn't say anything else. I mean it's terribly stupid, isn't it?

He called me up the second time. Ewww ... it's that disgusting fellow again. So, I answered normally. He said something DIFFERENT this time. He said

"it's so rude of you to hang up the phone just like that"

For goodness sake, you did not say anything, and you said that I am rude? You got to be kidding dude. You are such a pest. I know that I don't have the BEST attitude and I might have an unruly behaviour, but that's because you are such a pesky nutcase. Wake up and face it. People like you most likely are just another ugly bush located at an abandoned river where people just don't take notice of you, that's why you are doing all this rubbish.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Piccies of food

These are the pictures from two of my recent outing ...

*Jeng Jeng Jeng*

Yeah fish and chips, I had this in KLCC's foodcourt before I went to watch Grease.It's not bad actually, it's not a lot. As long as I can finish it, then it's not a lot haha. It costs around RM9.90 but it comes up to 10 something, if included tax.

The next thing ...

I ate this after celebrating Darren's birthday. One of my favourite food in Murni, SS2. Not sure how much this is, maybe 4 bucks I guess. The sausages is wrapped with the egg. Yum Yum ... I love it. More about Murni here. It's a place for food enthusiasists to gather and talk about food, what to eat, where to eat and so forth.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I got my lenses!

Where? Optical 88, The Curve
For? Collect lenses

This optical shop, called Optical 88 located in The Curve, supposed to call me on Monday to confirm that my lenses had reached. But, they didn't. Since they told me it's Tuesday, so I just went to get it straight away.

Ahhh ... as I entered The Curve from Tesco as I parked there [haha it's free parking there so why not], wow ... to my amusement, it's the opening day of Metrojaya if I am not mistaken. I saw so many people with blazers walking around, tables on the upper floor with some food there. Haha, anyway not my problem hehe.

So, okay I entered the shop, gave this guy the receipt as I had paid 130 bucks the other day.

Yup, I bought 2 boxes as I have 2 different powers at both of my eyes, it's 150 on the right and 200 on the left. Quite high for a first-timer. Erm no, actually I have been wearing for the past year haha.

He was searching high and low for this, he could not find, finally he found ... but I asked him to do my specs for me as the right side of the nose piece dropped out dunno how long ago and it already left some marks on my face due to that sharp thingy.

This was before it was fixed ... quite a torture to wear specs, that's why had to rely on lenses but still ... most of the time I dont wear or get hurt by the specs, yeah I know it's damn dede .. but then could not help it such a lazy bum like me

See, it's done yay!! But, the nose piece is bigger now as he could not get the same size, my specs is quite erm ... different. Previously, one of the screw came out and so many shops I went, they do not have the same screw as my specs, dont know why maybe because it's smaller? and now the nose piece, they dont have the size either. Weird. Now I can become a nerd yay! erm ... is it really yay? I dont think so LOL

and later he said "Have A Nice Day" before I left

Did it turn out to be a nice day for me? I hoped I did but I did not, well ... nothing to talk about haha, nothing horrendous though.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Delicious savoury or sweet dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves mark the celebration of the "jung cheet" festival. Celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month every year, the dumpling festival, or "jung cheet" in Cantonese, is heralded by grand dragon boat races in Penang and with the wrapping and cooking of rice dumplings, or "jung".

The dumpling festival commemorates Qu-Yuan, one of China’s greatest poets and patriots, who protested against a corrupt government. Wrongfully dismissed, he protested against the injustice and drowned himself in a river, They sought to recover his body from the river he drowned in, but it was never found.

So that his body wouldn’t be eaten by fish, the people then threw dumplings made of rice into the water for fish to eat instead of his remains and boats raced throughout the expanse of the river to find him. Through the ages, the celebration has evolved to become two rather distinct, albeit related festivals, namely the Dragon Boat festival where teams of rowers led by a drummer race a dragon-headed boat to reach the finish line, and the Dumpling festival. The Dragon Boat festival is normally held from the 15th to 16th of June in Penang. The dumpling festival usually lasts throughout the month


Ba Chang ... mali mali .... time for dumplings ... :D one whole bunch of ba chang ... special request from me is with the red string consists of 6 changs coz I only want the meat and egg, no mushroom, no chestnut

Not salty enough but once a year, of course it's nice haha, my grandma did

The above article was taken from some sites online, trying to look for the origins of this festival because I know nuts about this. All I know is to eat. Anyway, if you want to know more, please click on the title itself, because I put the link there.

Thank you for reading, now let's eat

Monday, May 22, 2006

Dancing in front of McD

Yesterday I ate in a mamak in Kepong, in which I have been eating since I was Form 2. Back then, it's because it's located near my tuition centre.

Then, there's a McD directly opposite this mamak. I have encountered some mentally disbled at McD's over the years. There was this woman that has been there for few years that I studied in that centre. She would sit by herself at the table, talk to herself and laugh and whatever. I don't feel fearful because she would not harm anyone at her surroundings. She was there almost everyday and usually at noon and evening.

As I was having my dinner, I head somebody shouting, very loudly. It's as if something had happened. Then, I turned to look. Ahh ... this guy must be insane then. He was shouting something, and he was dancing away outside McD. He was dancing like a mad guy there, almost knock into Ronald and fell.

Aiyooo ....

My nose is better now, before it was bleeding .... boohooooo

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hey Hey Hey video

I got this link from Natalie, so thought that I will just share it with you guys. At the beginning, it's Japanese but just continue watching.

Hey Hey Hey

Enjoy :D

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Geisha aka Darren

Event: Geisha aka Darren's birthday - 23rd birthday
Location: Wong Kok, SS2
Who: SP, Quack, Papa, Darren, and me

I think it was 12 something in the afternoon when SP messaged me in MSN, asking me to go to Tesco to do her grocery shopping for a last minute farewell party tomorrow. You know what? OMG! From 2pm until 8pm, nothing was done. Grocery shopping and a souvenior, but .... but ... 6 hours LOL ... and she got a pair of shoes ... erm ... SP ... oh SP. Oh I got the cake when we were just about to leave.

I went back, fed my car, went back online and it was already 9.05pm. Papa was still ONLINE, sounds so relak. Hmmph ... finally he left his house at 9.18pm, that was his last goodbye and I'm sure by the time he starts his car, it's around 9.25pm. Then, he went to fetch SP only then to Wong Kok, SS2. Oiii ... I said 9.50pm, not 10.50

Quack was already there at 9.50pm, and by the time he called me, I was already parking, just that need to clear some stuff rom my bag, then get the cake and the BBQ thingy he left over previously at Hartamas. Then, Geisha called!!!! Panic station. Erm well, actually I called SP when I reached ... very nicely they were in Puchong, I called again when I was in Wong Kok, only in KJ and that time, Geisha was already looking for parking. Thank God, Papa was faster if not I am so going to kill him. Quack and me were actually hiding LOL. Sigh~ stress-nya. Snowie didn't turn up btw.

Then Geisha came, he was supposed to fix the laptop for me, and so he asked where is my laptop. I took out ... yah the laptop is the cake HAHA! The wind was quite strong so, it was quite difficult to light up the candle.

Chocolate Banana cake from Secret Recipe, Tesco. No, I would not buy it from The Curve, I have boycotted.

Finally, they did and take pics first, only then Happy Birthday to you, some photos, eat and ciao, as he needs to ... to ... go to KL as his friends were waiting for him. Oh, and Quack gave him a wireless keyboard and a mouse, in which he actually has it already!! Potong stim!

Whoa .... wanting to kill the cake :P

Ahhh ... this is the real cutting ...

Papa attempting murder on Geisha. Definitely he will be jailed but considering the Form 2 kid, probably, he will be released earlier, I dont know.

SP with Geisha ... :D

Wah ... what's up with the plastic knife? Haha...

Happy Birthday Geisha aka Darren

Then, we went to Murni, ate my dinner or supper, whichever you want to call it, then ciao as SP was feeling sleepy, Papa needs to send her back, Quack needs to go to studio while I was feeling tired. SO, goodbye.

Friday, May 19, 2006


My mom was supposed to pick me up around 4 something, but then I didn't want to because it will be 2 hours in Hartamas, instead I drove over to her place. Well, I can actually reach in 15 minutes but a bad day for me because all bastard drivers in front of me. Either they dont know how to drive or they purposely go at such a slow pace. It was in the kampung road from Segambut to Hartamas, and I can hardly reach the speed of 40. The most I went was 30 km/h. It's damn pathetic, and I was rushing for time. Arrrghhh!~!~

Ok, there we reached in KLCC, met with Aunt Irene? [I think she was the one who fed me with porridge when I had dengue at the age of 8]with her daughter and another colleague of my mom's, Aunt Raj? Makan makan makan ... then went for Grease

Hmm ... we waited waited not long then it started. It started off with the host called out some people to go on stage to dance. Prolly about 10 I could not recall. Then the guy started dancing away, followed by the girl, oh my. The crowd roars! LOL! Quite entertaining actually .... in the beginning.

This was set in the 50s ....

Then, blah blah blah the show went on and on. As it gets longer, I felt bored already. Just after the first scene, I got bored and had to stay there until it finishes. :s Helpppppp!~!~ They had 10 minutes break after an hour and finally finishes around 10 plus almost 11.

The review: Hmm ... this is not what I expected it to be. It's way out of my expectations. Singing wise, they are not that good. There are too much conversations throughout the show. At some point, yeah it's funny but still it's not impressive. Most of the time, I think the girls really talk edtoo much until it can be quite irritating. Sound system not THAT good either. I dont know if the guys are cute, because I can't see from the place I sat. So, I kept looking at their style only haha.

Now, the most important part, it's the dance part. The dancing is not so good, creativity wise not good either. There's no impressive steps. All I saw was simple steps. Nothing impressive, which is quite a sad thing. Choreography is just normal too. Very dissapointing. Still, I prefer dancing from the guys.

Oh finally it's finished .... yayyy balik rumah :P

So, for those who have yet to go, please please and please ... don't expect anything from them if not you will be like me, dissappointed.

I love Saturday Night so much better. The singing, the dancing, the dressing, everything is so much better and not much coversations. A lot of singing and dancing, yeshhhhh dancing the most important part. They have a very impressive choreography and routine. Fantastic production they have. Overall, extremely satisfied.

Oh, and yah .. usually I have the urge to dance when the song is being played, especially for Saturday Nite Fever, backside itchy wei. But, for Grease, I dont feel a single thing, I was not tempted at all, I dont have the urge. OMG! Either something wrong is me, or something wrong with the songs LOL.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I called Skynet yesterday and they said that they will send those stuff around 12.30, I waited waited and waited until 1.18pm, and I called them again and they said it's on the way. Finally, the guy came at 1.35pm, whoa ... waited more than 1 hour for him.

Rayleen, this is yours ... it actually reached last week, on Thursday but I was not downsrairs, so it finally came today, that also I had to call them.

Which means, I have to pass Charles 10 bucks.

Ooh, it was Teacher's Day yesterday. Hehe actually I could not be bothered by Teacher's Day, even during schooling days haha. I see, mostly everyone damn semangat to buy the teachers with gifts, flowers and etc but then for me, it's a waste of money and time haha. I remembered when I was in F4 and F5, there was this teacher whom many people are not fond of. He's a guy btw and he got totally nothing for Teacher's Day, absolutely nothing. He went home empty-handed tsk tsk tsk ... sedihnya. Haha.

I was listening to the radio yesterday and there was this caller who called up and said
"teachers make better mothers than the mothers"

Why? Because a teacher can put a class of 45 students to sleep while a mother can only put a baby to sleep. HAHA!
I'm going for Grease tomorrow :) Ooh ... and I put 43 pics up in Multiply ... next week probably going to put more for Friday's outing :D

Happy Birthday Wind Wind

hope you are doing fine over there in SJMC

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

All for fame

Definition of fame: A state of being famous

Is fame really important these days? As far as I have seen, it seems that it's VERY important these days to loads of people. I have seen so many people who has changed because of fame.
From the normal and plain school girl, to a so-called famous person, they have completely change from a nice person to a bitchy one. AND ... those who had forgotten their peers in the name of fame. These people, they just pretend that they don't know you any longer, it's as if you don't exist anymore. You have been deleted from their dictionary.

If you have become famous, and you maintain your nice personality, then you deserve it, you deserve everything you have or get. However, if you have changed to a snobbish, arrogant, stuck-up attitude because you are so-called famous now, then it's so pathetic. I noticed that many people, not to mention names, only talk to people who can make them famous, they don't bother those normal people, who can't bring them any benefits, as in, making them famous. Is fame all they have in mind? Are they really THAT shallow? Some people will go all the way for fame, no matter what the sacrifices are. It's a shame to them, it really is. Where's the dignity? Have they lost it? Honestly, I don't respect for this kind of people. There is no need to respect, coz it's just not worth it.

Furthermore, fame can bring anyone down if it has gone to their head. Conclusion, some people just don't deserve to be up there. All for fame, I don't think it's worth it after all. It's better for you to be a normal person with good personality, rather than famous with sucky attitude.

Monday, May 15, 2006

what age do you act?

You Are 21 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Sushi sushi sushi

Since my cousins were down here and my dad had to send them back to USJ, we ate somewhere in Subang.

Name: Don Sushi
Location: Carrefour, Subang
Who: Family

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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That was what others eat


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is mine ... I ordered Sushi set ... I didn't eat the toufu though, gave it to my dad

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Haha ... plain maki

That's all ... enjoy the food :D
Actually, the food there isn't that nice, it's just average. I ate the first sushi but ... it was not cold at all.
Fresh but not THAT fresh.