Saturday, March 31, 2007

fun sial

Goodness ... yea really omg. Damn fellas no life -_- I only signed out at 1.05 am and that also not like all of them left, there were still 2 tables =.= and supposingly I work schedule 3 for the whole of next week .. who knows?????? They just have to change me into schedule 4 ... sigh, dont have to check schedule already ... coz will be 4 anyway. Dang! How much "better" can it get? Yea I'm damn "happy" to be getting that shift, oh man :D I'm so deeply touched :D haha.

2 days ago, I bumped into Nadia after work, my goddd ... so happy lei .... :D :D :D then who knows ... after few minutes I bumped into DJ o.O same place as I was standing there talking to Nadia :D :D

anyway ... continue ...

hhaha ... siao

this is my beloved room - before me was sujeevan, then me and now Arm and Ivan

sorry, editted til bit blur


finally ...

AND ...

for those who wanna know the link from where I got the horoscope from, here it is --> Buzzle. True or not I dont know, I simply googled it out. If you go to that page, it's not a horoscope site, if you wanna find out bout yours ... type in "sagi" "capricorn" or whichever applies to you at the top right corner. From there, choose whichever you want, danke shoen. Ciao.


Kim said...

dang i just typed a comment and it disappeared. =/
rite. so i said i know vassil. but its the kenal muka kenal nama but tak kenal orang case. lol. i suppose he's working with you too?
btw. i cant help noticing how nice your room in Geneva looks. how'd you find such a good place? my friends on internship in Geneva all staying in cheapskate rotting rundown scary-looking places. you're THAT lucky? =)

Mochii said...

yea he's working with me too and .. dont wanna comment further haha :D at least ur better, linda kenal muka, tak kenal orang, tak kenal nama haha
erm actually that isnt my current room, that was when I was still studying hahah geneva's room i didnt post it up at all :p I have my own place now not bad but there's a price to pay for it ahha ... so consider lucky too for having an own place, own bed hehe