Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Eiffel Tower 2

It was mamak yesterday again ... but yesterday was different, in fact very different. We were chilling out, like what we usually do and out of the blue, we heard one sound, in fact 3 loud bangs at the opposite road. Bang! Bang! Bang! and it was really loud and it's far worse than a bang and I am not exaggerating. Everything happened so fast, so fast til the next time I know is ... the car was already lying on the road upside down and it's a Myvi. I overheard the next table saying that the girl was okay. So, I thought she's the only one inside the car. Quite sometime after that, I realized some people were looking over at one table at the walkway few doors away from Murni with a guy looking quite depressed. Then only I realized that the guy was the driver and I supposed the girl is the passenger. Both were alright. Apparently, the car knocked into the tree and that happened and we overheard one table saying that they wanted to buy numbers -_- typical. 10 years after that accident happened only the sound of the police siren can be heard. Umm ...

Anyway, close on that and Eiffel Tower time :D

So cloudy ... -_- rained like mad

Yeay we take ourselves :D haha

Night scene ... reminds me of the night scene in Venice, Italy

All the pics came out were quite blur

We can actually go up to Eiffel Tower but we did not, as it was already late, weather was bad ... so we just stood here to look and take pix, I forgot how much is it to go up to the peak


Iwan Sanchez said...

wah.. so good..
i have never see eiffel tower in real life..

so envy!!

So whats the season there??

tIcKLe`Me said...

omfg, you went to paris?!!!! *jealous*

Mochii said...

iwan: it was summer that time and it's still summer now ahaha

sp: hehe but not that good la