Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hair cut

Finally, I had a hair cut, a proper hair cut. How to define a proper or not proper. A proper hair cut is where I go to a salon and not-so proper is when I cut it myself or my friend cuts it for me. As you know, it costs 30 CH in Luzern to have a normal cut, and that is considered kinda cheap compared to the French part. So, students in IMI will usually ask their room mates or friends to cut for them outside of the room. If you are walking along the rooms in school and you if you see
one person sitting on the chair in the middle of nowhere, and one person standing, it's confirmed a cutting hair session. Ah Boi cut for me last year, middle of the semester.

I had my hair cut in Uptown and if it is not because it is good, I will not even go there. Why? I hate the traffic, I hate the parking. Double parking, triple parking ... anything. I spent an hour looking for a parking space. Totally insane. Nothing dramatic, still long but it is considered short if it is to be compared to the before-cut.

Before hair was chopped off ... those few inches hahah

Then ... now from the front ..

This time I really have a hair cut coz usually I just trim it, 38 RM wash and cut, cheapppp only 12 CH haha


Iwan Sanchez said...

wah... muka looks so fierce!!


jasonphoon said...

yeah ! i agree with iwan.

smile la :p

tIcKLe`Me said...

omg, u really cut liao!!!!! :O :O :O

Mochii said...

iwan: enggak =.= not fierce :D

jason: smile edi haha

sp: yah ... think i main main ka haha but it's not short at all :p